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Last exit - part One

By OmeN2501
Book cover I did for [link]
Few photos mixed with some painting on them. Part two in a while ;]

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is this a painting?
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 have sneaking suspicion that he wouldn't care, judging from his condition, about how much radiation there is.
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Someone is trying to claim this piece as theirs... Radiatstststststs by BundeskanzlerRFSD
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Thank you for doing the right thing by removing the artwork that isn't yours. :heart:
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Having burns like this, I guess, this man won't care about radiation level anymore.
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Hey I know this, this is in romantically apocalyptic. Very nice drawing  ;) (Wink) 
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are they checking for radioenergy?
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That's really scary, I feel like this is the way every survivor's story in a fallout would really go and eventually end. 
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You know, you have a point. So many people would inevitably die of ARS in Fallout. Like, the lifespan of everyone would be half of what it is these days.
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Pineapple tester! Engineer Emoticon small 
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I figured I should share the wealth
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No one can say no to a picture of a Victoreen :)
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:D you are amazing
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Reminds me of the Game STALKER. Whats the name of the book?
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a gieger counter is useless for this guy
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Unless he simply spilled some coffee on his hands :P Whats to say those blisters are from radiation :lol:
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Is "Last Exit" the name of the book?
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Look forward to part 2:)
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"Nope, nope, not this way... Shit I always lose my car."
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Very well done photomanip.
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Reminds me of the movie, The Road.
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