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My entry for CGTalk challenge "EON:Worlds within worlds". basically it was about creating illustration for featured book "EON".
For me Greg's Bear book is all about finding your way home. Under all of this sci-fi technology future plot is a basic need for everyone to find their own place in life. And so I wanted to capture that emotional message in my picture, don't know if I was successful but i tried :]

Photoshop and a little bit of 3d studio ;]

Hope you like it
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Awesome! Where I can get the book?
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Amazing piece.
Considering for use as cover artwork at
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Wow, I was searching for this piece for months. (Once I saw it but forgot to put it into favorites). :-)
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You succeeded I believe. Massive ship, engines, two well crafted humans, you did a great job.
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She looks similar to FemShep
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One of my absolute favorite!
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I always listen to the soundtrack Davy Jones when looking at this. Perfect song for this.
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The emotion is captured! Bravo! :clap:
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Wow it really does capture an emotion of the end of a journey and the start of another. Great work.
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Yep. The emotion's definitely there. Her face is just haunting.
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I just finished reading Eon and Eternity not very long ago, and they are up there very high on my list of favorite books. I was so happy to find an illustration for it, particularly one as fantastic as this. I'm more of a literature person myself, so I can't offer much in the way of thoughts on the artwork. But I can certainly say that the feeling you convey through the movement and expressions really do justice to the feeling of homesickness that permeates the stories. (Not sure if you have read Eternity, but this picture actually echoed with me even more for that book than with Eon.) Thank you so much for doing this.

(If I had the money I would happily commission you for cover work for my novel. I will begin saving up now.)
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Manifient dear OmeN...!!!
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Cool lighting as always.
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this is probably one of my top 5 pieces of all time. It's not just that the rendering is beautiful, but it's really all about the emotion. You are a master of capturing emotion, but in that regard, this one tops them all.
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Holy... How long did it take to make this?
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Very nice, impressive scale!
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NEver read the book but I like the piece. The tired, relieved, almost hopeful look on the girls face is what sells it to me. Great job.
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You certainly did capture it. Great piece.
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this is so realistic! It's amazing!
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LOL she's my very actual character in Mass Effect 2. Really funny!
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This just dropped my jaw in shear awesomeness
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You're featured in my journal [link]
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