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Grid Girl

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Cover for ImagineFX magazine issue 65. Visuals loosely inspired by TRON: Legacy movie ;]
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really nice! did they commission this for the cover? or did they pick an existing piece and decide to put it on the cover?
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Nova Irasa. (Asari spelled backwards.)
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I was just looking through your gallery and found this; I remember it as the sci-fi cover for the imagine fx book! Cool that you did this!
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Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
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lovely work, knew that cover, because my work was also featured in this issue, pity I never got a copy...
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Amazing, reflections and lighting, love the subtle textures too! How do you do those light flares?
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This is just epic. She looks real. Awesome job.
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Sick! This is freaking awesome :#1:
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Truly EPIC work wow wow wow wow
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Just plain awesome.
Good work!
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its okay for me to use this on my front of my new cd to be released on jamendo? its uncommercial. Com on dude, dont be boring lol :D
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This is just absolutely amazing. If she was in the movie it would have done better in the box office cause she looks like she'd kick ass.
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powerfull and nice!! I like it!
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Makes me think a little too much of Mass Effect 2, and I thought I was over the addiction!
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Grear piece of artwork on the cover of ImagineFX magazine made me want to buy it! A strong colour palette, wondering if you could please tell us how long it took you from start to finish?
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I love this art work! saw it first on the cover of ImagineFX magazine issue 65 and jsst hd to buy it.
looking forward to seeing more. How long did it take you to render it? looking at the face and the rim lights effect works well!
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haha, yeh. tron with some iron man thrown it :P
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Looks amazing, though my first idea was Iron Man when I saw that power core thingy in her chest.
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Awesome colors :heart:
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Brilliant effects and costume design what a look!!!
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