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Escape from NeonCity

Another book cover for publisher "Fabryka Slow", something Blade Runner inspired.
Background is kinda mattepainting, characters thou are made from scratch. Few references used, nothing significant thou
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very great artwork - love it
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All the details... an visual enjoyment.
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First thing I thought when I saw the picture: Blade Runner!
Anyways, cool job. :)
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Wow, this is so amazing! I thought it was photo-manipulation at first! :wow: Stellar work on all of it; the characters are so well done, they look real! :la:
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the detective looks like till schweiger :D
JohnSavite's avatar
Tough detective, pretty girl. What's not to like? Excellent craftsmanship.
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Stunning is all I can say. ;;
looks bloody awesome 
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Incredible work :wow:
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Te okładki klimatem wyprzedzają powieść :D I cudownie wyglądają na półce ^^ 
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Bonnie and clyde
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wlasnie ogladałam amerykanski dokument na Discovery Science o Phillipie K Dicku, i umiescili tam tę ilustrację, yaaaaay! :)
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Blade runner? Do androids dream of electric sheep? :) (Smile) 
I like the Noir. 
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so theres a book about this? where can i find it?
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really well composed scene! =)
Did you draw that background? I recognize many elements from the streets of Hong Kong. Stellar work. Just stumbled on you!
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Yo, this is familiar to me. I think I dabbled across your work before. This is all very familiar, and pleasing that I glanced at your incredible art, again.

Fav'd, as you should know.
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-Illustrator ''Hey you know about that shot you told me about, lets put a city background at night with a cool robot landing in the back!''

-Client ''Alright ...but what about my two main characters?''

-Illustrator ''mmh... I'll just put them as the main focal point, but they don't need to do anything really. I'll make them look badass and no one will notice'' =P

Still, cool picture. Fav. :clap:
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