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Another book cover for "Fabryka Slow" , second part of this image [link] . I was trying to create post apocalyptic mood without destroyed-city-in-the-middle-of-desert look, because I did it already and I don't like to repeat myself :P Dunno if I succeed thou... you will be the judge

Crit and comments most welcome!
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Impressive and Cool!
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This is what I was talking about, the rain, the mood, the wet tarmac reflecting the environment. Hands down!
Like I said, interested in video tutorials.
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Stunning!!! And them some!!
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Stunning piece, I love alllllll your work! They are all amazing! Hug 
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Cheeki Breeki

Nice job! love the game to
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hey chief, dunno if anyone's brought this to your attention but someone's put this up on here.

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You most definitely did succeed in your goal. Worn down architecture and infrastructure, torrential rain, and darkness, all garnished with fascistic totalitarianism; these also say "post apocalyptic" without doing the bombed out city in the desert. After all, nukes are not the only way the apocalypse is likely to happen. Bio-warfare, or perhaps engineered environmental disaster, or just an unfortunate (large) meteor / comet strike in the ocean. all could lead to a future like you portrayed here, or what I like to think of as the story behind your piece "Rain".
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Cool, I like the x-ray scanner.
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I recall this incredible work, as well. Too, you are very skilled in you gift of drawing.

Fav'd, as you should know.
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Stunning Arts, keep up the good work!^
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Totally amazing
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Amazing artwork, good job!
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I wonder if he passes...
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This piece of artwork is just stunning in every way~~ The amount of details are breathtaking and all of them are simply brilliant : ) The atmosphere and setting of this picture is so intense and great, I can totally feel myself sucked into it. It's really rocking my world in an awesome way. Love it : )
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Напоминает фантом.
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Very dystopian. It immediately made me think of the BladeRunner universe.
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featured in my journal [link]
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post apocalyptic? CHECK!
creepy and slightly tech? CHECK!
Sheer awesomeness? DOUBLE CHECK!
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Took me a while to see all those guns. Blew me away, bro
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