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Apocalypse Please

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"And it's time we saw a miracle
Come on it's time for something biblical
To pull us through it all
And pull us through it all

And this is the end, the end
This is the end
Of the World"

Apocalypse Please - Muse

Another book cover for "Fabryka Slow". A little post nuclear greetings for our military saviours :]

As usual - comments most welcome

Edit: For everyone wondering about her forearm and feet - yes its radiation burn, and its bad :/

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Hi, I wrote this story inspired by your image:

Jul 17, 2037 Outskirts of Lothlorian. Eastern Europe:

Southern forces rampaged through the front line defenses, The Greek unit - my unit - fought at every control station we lost. Of the 32 men only I remain -Ferro Lieutenant demoted from the Greek Units. After 3 days I have reached the outskirts of Lothlorian. It's crazy, I know, this area is the next to fall, but I'm here for my Katya, I have to get it out before the first wave arrives here. The front line is about 50km south but the enemy is moving fast. It's already getting dark. I will stay in the sewers on the outskirts, I dare not enter the city in low light, people are afraid. I don't want to die being so close. Even Katya herself or her father could shoot me if they were on guard tonight.

Jul 18, 2037 Lothlorian. Eastern Europe:

I enter the city and little by little the wind scares the mist and the scars of the city begin to become visible. I feel very apprehensive, apparently the enemy has been here for days. The gun with subsonic ammunition has helped me to get to the Katya neighborhood by killing without being noticed, I have almost exhausted a magazine and I still have to enter the building. Everything is desolate and there are many bodies hanging from the windows and staircases. My heart is pounding and my legs are shaking. I'm shuffling when I reach the 3rd floor where Katya and her father live. She is not there. There is no one in the whole house. No one is alive I sniff carefully and see a piece of paper written on an open wooden box lying on the floor. I recognize Katya's handwriting:

Ferro: the rebels arrived 3 days ago. They have crossed the defense line, did you survive my love? Something inside me says yes because I still have a spark in my soul that won't let me fall. They have killed everyone, my father the first because he did not want to trust them with the hiding place for the explosives. They took men and boys they said to dig trenches in the north. Later they returned at night to torture the women, they burned my face and arms. Then they raped us including little Sasha and Baba. In the end they hung them from the windows I don't know if to end their suffering or because they still had evil. I have saved myself from the massacre by immersing myself in the water tanks on the roof, I took Miska with me but she drowned because she could not hold her breath. Now I have no life left, I have nothing left for you. I put on that red dress you sent, I kept it for when we met. I have brought out the explosives that they so dearly want and I will bring them to the one who killed my father. I will take him to hell that has taught me. Love, I know we will see each other again ... meanwhile kill all you can.

Your Katya

History: Rafael I. Farfán

2020 JUL 15

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Exceptional work. Griping. 
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Edwardv17Hobbyist Photographer
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I've had this piece in my favorites for a long time and I keep coming back to it. It moves me in ways that I can't express. Thank you for sharing it. 
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I feel just the same and wrote a little story, I hope you coud read it and share your opinion

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RommieJrHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel the same way.
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kopofxProfessional Digital Artist
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Ryan-ZenProfessional Artisan Crafter
sacrifice for freedom.good work.
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poor Girl. but a very impressive Image...
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Very beautiful
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ZippokeHobbyist General Artist
absolutely stunning piece of art.
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does any one else find this kind of deep.....some how??
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*raises hand*
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This is a neat picture. There is something interesting on almost every part of it. I also like the focal point, the girl, because our eyes are instantly drawn to her by that bright red dress she's wearing.
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Simplemente magnifica
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SEVIR04Hobbyist Digital Artist
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gkhnsolakHobbyist General Artist
A classic of deviantart. Never gets old :heart:
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PaladiumEarthHobbyist Filmographer
what uniform are those soldiers wearing? and what place this piece takes place in?
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Ukrainian I think.
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CatsperriHobbyist General Artist
So beautiful….  Your artwork is always a inspiration to me.
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Absolutely brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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