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Age of Ra

By OmeN2501
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Part of book cover "Age of Ra" created for Games Workshop ans Solaris Books
Some elements of the background are matte painting. All done in Photoshop CS2

Comments and crit most welcome ;]
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*Starts playing Stargate theme*
*gets gear on*
*grabs rifle*
*bashes "Dial" with fist*

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I'm reading the book for a second time. :)
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Awesome! It's got a Call Of Duty vibe. I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! 
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this is a beautiful piece of art, i love it
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Godspeed, David Westwynter.
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A thumping good read! Definitely gonna pick up more of the author's stuff.
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I'll consider it...
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They have their Ba staffs so they are well in with the gods..... This illustration attracted me to the book.
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Makes me think of Stargate Command in the near future.
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*whispers* scroll up and find me
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Amazing... I love the intricacy, and I actually got to visit Egypt a while, long ago, so I've been to the pyramids... I have to say, you absolutely nailed the look, it's perfect I feel like I'm standing there again.
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I can see U.S. soldiers looking like this 30 years down the road.
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I give it 80-100 before everything you see is operational for the form it was intended.
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This is quite incredible work OmeN2501!
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Wow. Damn. just awesome!
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this is really an amazing piece you did, without the use of words I can feel the epic nature of this universe, the unnamed conflicts, the history of violence that this world is steeped in to such a fantastic degree... shaping it into a cynical, throwaway sort of reality. Yet it is not without hope, there is still humanity within this world shaped by ever growing conflict and military complex.

Without knowing anything about the milieu I can see a very anachronistic styling to the more exotic weapons... reminds me of stargate: sg1.

End of Gibbering.
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right now it was at 666 comments
now its at 667
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those helmets and headsets are super cool. You should use them in another painting.
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saw this picture
went down and bought book
looking forward to read it
nice picture yo
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Now, if only Halo looked like THIS!
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