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No. Its not this time of a year. This is emergency journal system ;] This special journal entry is because something amazing happened. I'm making a note here, huge success! Many of you probably heard about Expose book series. In short its a periodical collection of best digital art around the world in one amazing album. I remember when I saw one of earlier editions few years back - I was simply blown away by the quality of images included. I also was proud as hell when one of my images was featured there. But this time its even better. My work is on a frikin cover!!! You have no idea how awesome it feels me when I look at it. I know I shoul
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Top That !

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HELLO FELLOW DEVIANTS!!! HOW ARE YOU DOING? (single voice from the crowd) Get some new lines! YEAH I KNOW.... So in short: Last. Year. Was. Awesome! Its really hard to overstate my satisfaction ;] It went through scary fast but other than that it was truly epic. First of all - my wedding was... well something I wasn't really expecting ;] From what I heard before there is so much things going on during the ceremony and after party (which in Poland tends to last till morning next day) that you don't really have time to enjoy yourself. But fortunately it wasn't the case this time. Everything went smoothly, everybody had fun, and most of all
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Life in Stereo

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So its bee over a year since my last journal update.. Yeah I know... I suck :P I'm just not too big on that "online journal" stuff, and yet I wish to stay in touch with all the ppl out there checking my art every now and then. And men.. over 650.000 visitors O___o Never thought I'll see the day. Thank you all so much! Its your comments that makes my hart warm and hands full of positive energy - ready to drop some digital lines ;] Keep on doing what you doing - you are the fuel people! So my life right now is in stereo mode - on one side I'm finally doing some art for major games developer, and boy oh boy I love it so much! There is something
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can you do commissions?

Your "Queen of the blades" inspired me to do something myself. Please use fullscreen

Older One:

Queen of the blades

Actual Version:

Infested Kerrigan

Thanks for the artwork

Ah, it was you who made that one picture I used as a wallpaper long ago. Your art is amazing, you just gained a new watcher :)
Stunning works! Truly a magnificent marvel. Quality is very fiercely formidable. New favorite!
Świetne prace !
Fantastic work ;)
I love your art I have wanted to be an artist since I learned to hold a pencil and you have inspired me to try my best, arigato * bows*