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Yuri foot massage

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We've got an art thief zero

Yuri Foot Massage
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User uploaded that pic here without credit:

Yuri Foot Massage
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Yeah he's been doing that for a long time. and when he does respond to people calling him out, he responds with "I didn't claim it as mine" like that justifies what he's doing is right. It pisses me off more that he doesn't even make an attempt at hiding the water mark.

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Me: Um, do you mind if I.... Give your feet a massage?

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I love Yuri so much. She looks so cute! And another thing That is tons more adorable, I assume she's very very ticklish because she looks like she's trying so hard not to laugh. Great job!

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shes really enjoying to relax while she get a foot massage
She looks like she's trying not to burst out laughing
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well maybe at if she gets ticklish, then she laughed really loud, or maybe she can just relax at getting a massage for some reason
That's what I'm saying,that look on her face suggests she is holding back a burst of laughter
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oh i see what you mean
If only the massage was a bit harder
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it takes some time to practice for how to do with the foot massage
I'm sorry,what did you try to say?
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If this were part of the game I'd totally buy it xD
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