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Three Houses Crests - GBA Sprites

With how big Three Houses is and all of the hacks (with the Self Randomizer for Sacred Stones being the main inspiration), I thought I'd actually try and do some basic sprite-work and try to do a rough version of the Crests into what they'd look like with a GBA version. They probably would've looked a bit better if I hadn't limited myself to 13x13 boxes like what was used for the Skill icons for the FE8 Randomizer. I admit they're rather rough (especially the Crest of Lamine and Flames especially) and I should've gone with a 16x16 box. Added a version that looks like the item/inventory version of the Crests and an enlarged version below so it's easier to see along with a 17x17 Crest of Flames, too. Might still keep working on this but we'll see.

First Row: Crests of Riegan, Dominic, Fraldarius, Ernest, Gautier, Gloucester, Goneril, Blaiddyd, Charon, Daphnel, Lamine.
Second Row: 'Mystery' Crest, Cethleann, Cichol, Indech, Macuil, Aubin, Noa, Timotheos, Chevalier, Seiros, Flames
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