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The first of many 'quotes' and mugshots for each character in Shadows of Troria. Of course, I'm an awful artist so...yeah. People with talent can apply to draw the cast if they wish.

...Who am I kidding. No-one will offer. >_>

Anyways, first off is Wren. The protagonist.

Wren, Shadows of Troria are (C) to me, obviously.
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you're, not your. 'After o'?

Oh God. I must copy this, it needs to be spread around oh so very much.
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...I wasn't paying attention to what I was typing. *sighs* The AC's been acting up, so...yeah. I'd also ask as to WHY it needs to be spread but...
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'cause the writing and the picture, they're just perfect.
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...Y-You're being sarcastic, right? I'm not exactly good with taking praise for something I feel is medicore from my standards.
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Well it's not great art, but there's something about it that's just perfect, the writing and the picture mesh together to give a mood.
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Mmmm. It'd probably help if I got around to posting the whole thing. ...Although it'd be a toss up re-working it to make it 'kid friendly' or simply leaving it as it is.

Let's just say it's than anything I've written before and leave it at that. I just wish I could upload the bloodly thing without Deviantart being a jerk about the format. >_<
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Why? What kind of format is it in? Did you paint it in your own blood or something?
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Hah, hah...very funny.

Anyways, it's in .rtf format so I've had to use the 'Insert Text' feature to get the chapters uploaded. Speaking of which...I've uploaded more. Yay.
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