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Well, let's see...

Once upon a time on another world where things weren't exactly normal...there was a blue horse. Pony, whatever. It didn't last for very long since it ended up like all the giant red dinosaurs that wore scarves. What's that, you may ask? Well, give me a few minutes and I'll tell you, don't be so impatient! Haven't you heard the saying 'Good things come to those who wait?'

Anyway, getting back to the story. A long time ago when there were silly things like blue ponies, red dinosaurs and giant snakes that walked on two feet while wearing a top hat and a cane, there was a scarecrow...clown. Every day it sat with a giant orange flower in it's hand. ...I think it was a giant flower, in either case, it didn't really matter. ...And apparently roast chickens walked around as if nothing happened despite being cooked.

As I was saying, the scarecrow clown...thing just stood in the same spot every day, staring into the distance and looking rather silly. Well, when you have a face that's like a clown's, including a red nose, goofy smile and being made out of straw, you'd look rather silly too. In any case, one night when the stars where in a circle in the sky, shining brightly, it turned into a LIVING scarecrow...clown....thing...

It wandered around, rather lost since there were no buildings or farms, just green grassy lands in every direction. In either case, it stumbled across a tiny chicken and a blue wren. ...Or was it just a blue-bird? I don't really know the details that well.

Both the birds simply stared at the scarecrow for a moment, confused as they tilted their heads. Pointing to the starry sky, the blue ponies and red dinosaurs with a scarves gathered around. Obviously, because the scarecrow had no mouth, he merely grunted and tried to jump up and down, pointing at the sky.

...Silence. Everyone just stared at each other, looking rather puzzled. The snake in a top hat and cane walked over, sipping from a tea cup and looking incredibly bored. As all of them turned to leave, something fell from the sky. A giant BANANA. But it wasn't a normal banana!

It was a space-ship! Eagerly rushing forward and climbing on board, everyone followed, looking rather confused as they zoomed off into space, never to be heard from again.

...Why else do you think there's no red dinosaurs and blue ponies or living clown...scarecrow...things? That's just silly.
Exactly what it says on the tin, guys. Items this time...

Blue Horse/Pony, Banana, Clown Scarecrow, Snake, Wren, Roast Chicken, Red Dinosaur with a Scarf and a Halo/Ring of Stars.

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