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Disgaea 2 Sprite Edits: Part 2

First of all, I have to thank to thank for having these sprites I stumbled across, otherwise I would've never gotten around to this. THANK YOU and all credit goes to them and NIS for making the sprites in the first place.

Deciding to re-color them to look like some of my characters from my fics, this only HALF of them. We have in order...(Oh, and case your wondering, I just copied this from the first half.)

First we have Seb, Joshua's other childhood friend. Hylesa, a harpy girl with both arms AND wings (but was lazy and didn't add them.) David, Joshua's rival and hot-shot pilot. Kathy, an upcoming character to be added and Dark Joshua, the far more evil and sinister version of the original.

Oh, and ignore the 'category'. I couldn't get it working properly...Urgh!
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The Laharl edit, Dark Joshua looks friggin' Bad-Ass!!
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Thanks. I like messing around with sprites a bit. I'm hoping to get some more done soon.