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My Bio

Current Residence: STILL on a country in the center of the sun. The summers REALLY suck.

Favourite genre of music: Yeah, still prefer most music from Video Games.

Favourite style of art: Literature/Writing.

Operating System: Windows 7. I'm stubborn and have a bias against Microsoft after bad experiences with Windows 10.

MP3 player of choice: I still use my DSi to play M4As. Even now.

Wallpaper of choice: I seem to enjoy things involving crystals/crystal formations.

Favourite cartoon character: Felix the Cat was one.

Personal Quote: "...I'll put something here eventually. Maybe."

Favourite Visual Artist
Everyone on my 'Watchers' list? I haven't really been paying much attention as of late.
Favourite Movies
Well, Tron's one of them. And Titan A.E. And Treasure Planet. Mouse Hunt...yeah, gonna need to make a list.
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I can't REMEMBER the last time I listened to normal music...
Favourite Books
The Thief of Always. Kinda liked Dragonlance when I was younger, as well as Keys to the Kingdom.
Favourite Writers
Unexpected1. Sean Williams.
Favourite Games
I'm...probably gonna make a list.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Anything that ain't an XBOX. Haven't quite got the room.
Tools of the Trade
A bit of wit, my Multiple Personalities.
Other Interests
Gaming, Writing, Drawing, Reading, TVTropes.

Summer Tiem.

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So, it's been quite a while since the last journal and I must say...that's what happens when you get distracted by the thing we call life. But, hey, it ain't necessarily a bad thing, am I right? Anyways, obviously this stuff doesn't get read half the time, but that ain't a big deal. Might as well make a reminder of things that have happened lately. For example, summer's finally here, which, in case anyone is wondering, is kind of a bad thing when you live in Australia. 'Cause, y'know, with all the horrible poisonous snakes out and about, the possibility of bush-fires popping up which leads to a lot of damage. ...And that's not just because
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Well, okay, I will admit I've probably been a bit doom and gloom as of late. But considering life being an unrelenting...THING...which is truly hard to put into words, I guess I'm kinda justified after you almost crash the family's new car because you couldn't see a stupid rock because it had blended perfectly into the dirt road. Heck, I was shoved into the driver's seat because I need to get 70 hours in by January next year if I wanna hope to get to my P1-Plates. And even then, there's the TEST which I will most certainly fail because I'm from the country. Driving in a busy city/town. With traffic lights and speeding cars. But I suppose if
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Well, it's been a while since I've bothered writing a journal entry. Of course, considering very few, if any people care, so, who gives a damn, right? I'm pretty sure anyone who clicked on this by mistake doesn't and I know that those who didn't merely shrug and go 'Meh'. So, yeah. I'm not going to bother caring either. ...Anyways, let's see. Summer's been a long pain of annoying fail, with the one bright spot of it being the appearance of someone turning up for a visit. Apart from that? PSP? Woo, who cares, it's going to be outdated and useless soon enough anyway. Or, wow, new clothes for going out to social places. Yeah, considering I'd ra
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Thanks...even though I'm a bit late in replying. There's too much things I've got to juggle. *is struggling to keep afloat in a sea of paperwork*
Hey man, hope you're having an awesome day! You've got a great attitude and personality, keep it up!
Coming Soon...An epic short story where a young man goes on a brief journey before being flung into an epic battle...where the dullest parts of reality are more deadly than they seem...

Joshua Wren stars in...

'Death Before 20...'
Hey Alpha n' yourself. Has yourself a gifty that can't be posted here: [link]
THAT, I did not expect. >_> Did you draw that or what? *glances around for a few seconds and saves onto USB*
'course I drew it, does it look good enough to be by anyone else? (I think I made the wings too arm-like though. I should've gone for more of an armless angel.)

It's to cover for my chronic lazyness everywhere else.
Ah, touche. The problem is what am I going sort of thing am I going to write to thank you...? I'm a lousy artist.

*looks over at half-finished re-written R.Joshua x Hylesa fic...along with countless others that are partially done* Erm...