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Saix sprites belonging to CNA by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE Saix sprites belonging to CNA :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 5 5
Mature content
sexy taco song :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 0 12
The darker story
[This is a time of a dark story. A story were the hero's story is at rest while the villian's story is at an opening. Here is a story of a guy name Zexebriel. Zexebriel is a villian that created mass terror like Xehanort did. His powers were unbelieve and his skills are amazing. The story involves about him and three beings.]
*Zexebriel: this world... its nothing.
*???1: but can you feel his presence.
*Zexebriel: yes. The windy boy and his weapon, the keyblade, is the answer to heal everything that was broken.
*???2: how do you know if it is him. Didn't he split into two beings.
*???1: if you payed attention, he became whole again a year ago. Pay attention next time.
*???2: eh...
*Zexebriel: quiet Ceya. Let's split up and gather what can we find.
*Ceya: fine with me.
*Zexebriel: now SPLIT up.
[This story involves another villian. It's powers are unstoppable. It was once a normal human but before the 3 blades attack the 2 blades, it absorb enough darkness into his oblivion and was rebor
:iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 0 0
April fools avatar by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE April fools avatar :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 0 0 MW2 fanmade wristbands by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE MW2 fanmade wristbands :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 0 0
The History of Ceya
*During the time of Kingdom Hearts 2 when Sora and gang enters the castle'The world that never was' after Roxas' defeat. Xemnas and Saix were having a conversation that was about a "toy" they made, other than Xion. What's special about this "Toy" is that it was created after the battle between the "light wind" and the "dark wind". We could say the the "toy" is the first creation of its own kind.*
*The conversation between Xemnas and Saix in the room "where nothing gathers"*
SAIX: lord Xemnas, care to explain about the "toy" you sense after 13's demise. What's so special about it.
XEMNAS: this toy... is the evolution that develops after the use of the keyblade. It all started after a friend of mine's heart.
SAIX: his heart?
XEMNAS: if memories serve correctly, my friend fought with his darkself in an Awakening. The creation of that awakening began to evolve after the same events that happened earlier.
SAIX: you mean Sora's battle with Roxas.
XEMNAS: exactly. The hero and the past hero h
:iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 0 0
The Beginning of nothingless
After the events of the chosen hero that woke up
from long sleep, a turning point began on a different
boy's life. This boy has the same qualities as
the chosen hero. After the great collision of the
hero and his darkness two keyblades; Oathkeeper
and Oblivion, have began to react after the defeat
of the Dark hero. The two keyblades began to glow in
a simmering light. Another reaction of the boy's life
change after losing his heart and body. He was revived
after the destruction of the biggest Enemy caused by
two heroes, their names are represented as Air and
Earth. The hatred and Sadness caused by the Nothing Enemy
created a energy reaction to the Dark air's keyblades.
Probably cause of this Nothing enemy is also a keyblade
hero as well? Anyway, This boy also changed cause of the
heartless taking his heart away. The heart may be gone,
but the body respond as if it has its own heart. The name
of the new hero is called Roe (Roey). He has been chosen
by the keyblade as well. After his tur
:iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 1 3
Xero Doll by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE Xero Doll :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 1 5 Kh BbS Command Deck expand1 by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE Kh BbS Command Deck expand1 :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 12 5 JackMoonWard Mugshot by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE JackMoonWard Mugshot :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 3 5 Keyblade Storm by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE Keyblade Storm :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 9 2 KHBbS Deck Command by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE KHBbS Deck Command :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 18 7 Master Xehanort Attacks by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE Master Xehanort Attacks :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 8 3 Vanitas other forms by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE
Mature content
Vanitas other forms :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 9 6
Xero Station of Awakening by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE Xero Station of Awakening :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 10 5 Infamous Xero by OmegaSlaserdude-EXE Infamous Xero :iconomegaslaserdude-exe:OmegaSlaserdude-EXE 2 1


Kingdom Hearts Movie No.1 by DJ1NNsGR1MO1R3 Kingdom Hearts Movie No.1 :icondj1nnsgr1mo1r3:DJ1NNsGR1MO1R3 137 52 Sonic Sprites by Sk8terRaiderJXN Sonic Sprites :iconsk8terraiderjxn:Sk8terRaiderJXN 270 84 Twins in Panda Suit X3 by CrystalViolet500 Twins in Panda Suit X3 :iconcrystalviolet500:CrystalViolet500 7 42 chibi master eraqus by ps2105 chibi master eraqus :iconps2105:ps2105 6 4 PC usage by MAX786 PC usage :iconmax786:MAX786 7 14 Oni's Station of Awakening by Eus-mylus Oni's Station of Awakening :iconeus-mylus:Eus-mylus 12 10 ZXAF by Keichan411 ZXAF :iconkeichan411:Keichan411 311 116 Kampfer - Shizuku animated by arya-Hime Kampfer - Shizuku animated :iconarya-hime:arya-Hime 275 8 Kampfer - Mikoto animated by arya-Hime Kampfer - Mikoto animated :iconarya-hime:arya-Hime 242 5 Kampfer - Akane animated by arya-Hime Kampfer - Akane animated :iconarya-hime:arya-Hime 303 19 Kondou Mikoto - Kampfer by guillecaballero4 Kondou Mikoto - Kampfer :iconguillecaballero4:guillecaballero4 386 8 Aki Izayoi - Sad Icon by AkiIzayoi Aki Izayoi - Sad Icon :iconakiizayoi:AkiIzayoi 14 6 Happy Valentine's Day 2010 by semokan Happy Valentine's Day 2010 :iconsemokan:semokan 4,937 371 Got it Memorized? by semokan Got it Memorized? :iconsemokan:semokan 3,706 579 Gabrielle by Keichan411 Gabrielle :iconkeichan411:Keichan411 173 38 AlicePyxis B-day gift by BLACKRACHEL AlicePyxis B-day gift :iconblackrachel:BLACKRACHEL 17 19

Journal History


I know I've been gone in a long time, but I'm back with important news!!!

Sopa (a possible law created by Congress) has a high chance to censor most of our stuff in the internet if passed. That means our work here and videos on youtube are going to be taken out if it doesn't pass by SOPA standards. So if you are singing a song and post the video on youtube just hope to be recognize, you will lose that video if SOPA says so. Same goes for the artwork here if by SOPA standards as well

Sign up to:

since most websites are closing down just for this strike, I hope that you guys are going to do this as well. It will only be for one day, but that can help in the long run for the future. Just read the website for more info.
  • Reading: none
  • Watching: how the future will go down
  • Playing: playstation 3
  • Eating: summer foods
  • Drinking: summer drinks


Dark model of two combine rules!
United States
I'm just 14 years old and most call me "Romy" for some reason. I'm using Xero to describe me a little. My game is complex and can't be understand to most people. I sprite and make mugen chars for others to try. I try to be creative, but hard to do now a days.
I also can try to digital draw (like above) and maybe make music videos with Windows movie maker and Sony Vegas

+CoS Store munny+
Munny = 100

Current Residence: US
Favourite genre of music: rock and rap
Favourite style of art: many stuff
Operating System: Windows xp
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: huh?!
Wallpaper of choice: anything
Skin of choice: dark red or blue color
Favourite cartoon character: bugs bunny
Personal Quote: "life is like a chess game, only the winner will move foward in life"


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