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This is it!  My triumphant (?) return!!

You may have noticed, I have chosen to return to Deviantart by pulling my biggest peeve: Submitting a ton of stuff all at once and flooding your message box.  .... Sorry bout that....

Well... where to start?  I guess first and foremost let me just start by saying this does not mean Property of Gwen is coming back.  There are far too many reasons to get into here as to why I stopped and why I will probably never start again.  I would just like to say though that the four years I spent working on PoG were wonderful and to any fans who inexplicably still follow me on here, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, support, and kind words.  Gwen still holds a special place in my heart and you might see a doodle or two pop up on here if I can remember how the whole "drawing" thing is done.  Lately my sketchbooks are just full of cosplay blueprints, designs, and eye-balled measurements.

And that was my horrible and clunky segue into what I'm doing with myself these days. Along with my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend :icondianabunny: all my creative juice (ew...)  is going into cosplay and figuring out how the fug to make cool armor and weapons.  Recently uploaded has been pictures of my work so far and any questions comments and concerns (poking my eye out?) are welcome!

It's good to be back guys, be nice to me please!
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Woah. Hey, it's good to see you're still alive!! :D I'm gonna have to check out the cosplay awesomeness. Welcome back!!
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Course we be nice to you! I just want more Gwen. But I totally get the whole not-doing-publicly-creative-activities-for-long-periods-of-time thing.
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But seriously-- good to talk at you again, man! I won't deny I'm sad to hear you probably won't throw your hat back into comicking, but you do some amazing cosplay work! Makes-a me SOOO JELLY.
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I'm glad you like what I'm doin, I'm just trying to live up to the Hotka legacy!
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Gwen. I need Gwen.

Gwen me!
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Weeeell, I haven't tested the theory yet but I'm guessing my skills may have stagnated over the last four years.  I literally haven't drawn a damn thing.  I think my tablets in a box in the closet... not sure....

I might (miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ) draw out some doodles, but I'm pretty confident I'm out of the comic game.
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Holy crap, he lives!  Welcome back, man!

I suppose I'll be the one to ask and get it over with.  Since you won't be going back to PoG, is there any chance you'll answer all those unresolved questions you raised back in the day?

Also, sweet Auron costume.  Looking forward to seeing more cosplay from you in the future!
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Hmmm, probably not. To be honest I think my resolving certain things would either be worse than or diminish what people have set in their minds.  I might sketch out a snapshot or two to clear up one or two things, but at this time I don't see myself doing anymore comics or updating the PoG site.  For one  thing, I don't remember how!

Auron was my first cosplay ever so thanks so much!  I want to post a close up picture of the sword but it needs some repair work.  I beat the hell out of it during the con!

Good to see you again bud, thanks for not forgetting me!
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Dang, that's your first?  I've been cosplaying for 10 years and that's already way better than anything I've done!  Now I'm even more impressed!

And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed that we'll never know what happened on October 1st, where the mark came from, what Gally's implied connection to Gwen was, or why you left poor Gally sitting in the rain the last time we saw her, but I totally understand why you'd be reluctant to pick that stuff back up after over four years (Seriously, Gally's been sitting in the rain for four years.  That's just mean.).  You gotta do what feels right to you!  You should totally try drawing again, though, even if it's just doodling.
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I'll probably doodle up some stuff here or there...  at the very least get poor gally out of the rain
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Holy shit the prodigal has returned! Wassup, man?
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Missed you man!  Thought I'd jump back into the light, see if the world cares about my new medium.  How ya been!?
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I've been good. Been writing, hope to further my skills there. Work-wise, I left the greasy spoon resturant I was at and got a full time thing at a retirement home doing dishes. I get good pay plus benefits there. I also found a job at a dental lab making 12.50 an hour for starting wage, and should be going there full-time in around a year.
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So, what are you planning to do now that you're back?
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Probably post a lot of my cosplay prop pictures, works in progress, designs and such.  Thought about starting a whole new account at first, but the prospect was a little scary! Haha, also good to see you're still around!
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You know, with you being gone all this time, I have one muy importante question for you. And I need TOTAL honesty here.


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I meant to tell you sooner..... jim died..... in a horrible youtube accident...
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Whaaaa??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;__________; NOT JIM! Worst way to go.


I'm just gonna go curl up into a ball and just sob.

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