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Shower Scene

Okay, two main reasons I submitted this comic:

1. I really like how it turned out and Gwen is totally hot

2. I really needed something to get that picture of Dawson off my main page.....
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xD [[stares anyways]]
NyQuilDreamer's avatar
Your computer-coloring skills get better and better! This comic looks spectacular!

::everyone stares at NyQuilDreamer::

What? Oh. You all thought I would be perverted, as usual. I'm reformed. I don't do that anymore.

. . .

((oh hell. i hope that fooled 'em))
OmegaRain's avatar
He has seen the LIGHT!!!
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Don't mind me, I'm just waiting for the next page.
What? A delay? No problem, I'm patient. ^_^
OmegaRain's avatar
Nay I say thee!! I'm done with delays!!!.............for the next month or so at least.......
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Aww man! (spots Gwen) Uh, I mean that's good news. ^^;
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XDDD;; nice reason :3 she does look hott :drool: i mut keep staring :3 again i say to you that the colros ar great~! sepically the water effect :3
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Yeah, I went into it wit no clue how I was going to do the water... just had to wing it and try several different approaches before I found one that worked...
mewmewpower's avatar
XDDD well it did work perfectly~!
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