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Rejected Poster Haley

Maybe "rejected" is too strong a word...

So, most of you know I've been working on a PoG beach poster for a little while now. I was struggling with the layout just a little, and I finally realized it was because haley just didn't fit. I took her out and it all fell into place.
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I'll resume everything in these 3 perfects words:

Best Art Ever!

I'll join the manifestation, why is it one of my favorite character isn't good enought to fit in? Carlos is right all the way!

Is it more because she was making the others characters not fit with her? :P
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Ah, you can't say best art ever until you see the whole poster! Heh, and if I worked her design and pose a little different I probably could have made her fit in, but I suddenly realized summer was almost over, and didn't want to waste more time ^^;
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I imagine the reason Haley didn't fit was more due to the fact that she inadvertently became a character in this story arc than initially being intended as a main character. My best guess is it's more a matter of belonging than anything else.

As for the picture, she really is quite lovely. The hair flip is a nice touch.
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Like MR.T said "I pitty the fool that can't fit in a bikini girl!"

Dang, the colouring is awesome!

*goes back to jacuzzi with bikini girls"
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don't worry, I fit in the other bikini girls in the final product! and this year I got the bikini pics done before october!
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haley so purty =3
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HEY!! SIS!! :glomp: I'll be back online soon m'kay, then I'm gonna hunt you down!
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*poke* You online yet? hehe...
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T_T noooooo.........
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heheh, but you're out posting macho dev IDs, huh? ;) heheheh~
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lol, i have to keep myself entertained somehow, right?
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No room for Haley? Aww, that's a shame. She's becoming a very interesting character in the story. But how exactly didn't she fit? Not enough room, did her position break rythm or something?

BTW, it's good to see you again.
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But the coloring is...GAWDLY~! I would like to see why Haley didn't fit in the poster when I talk to yew if I'm not too much in the way to talk to ya XD.

Btw, Scott gave me an xbox 360~ And eventually I'm buying Halo3...we cans pray prease? I've gotten better! My KO spread is only -17 XD. I've gotten a lot of ninja awards though lol! ADD MEH.
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DAWNIE!!! Haha, I haven't been avoiding you!! heh, I just don't have internet at my house, and I never have enough time on other peoples comps to get aim downloaded... I'll be back soon though!!
heh... and um.... I traded halo a few weeks ago....
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*drops to knees*
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okay okay, I'll scrap up a copy to play with the Dawnie
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nah, it's cool :3. Just add me agains so we can maybe one day have a game to play together ^^
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Another very strong display of work that has yet again shown that you have explored many new traits within the digital realm and shown good traits of skill.

What you express through anatomy is excellent for it allows us to see that you not only understand the female form well, but also know how to express charm through it with the posture. It's simple, but effective and has allowed her to feel vibrant and lively.

The anatomy is strong here, but what really shows us your potentials is the excellent addition of colour you show. The graceful touch of warm tones and addition of faint shading on the skin and swimsuit is simply outstanding. It's clear that you know your colour theory well and with what you have shown here it is only getting stronger.

Keep it up.
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awww, no haley sexxiness?

*shrugs* oh well
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