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PoG Beach Poster

**Download for fullview to get the full experience!**

Well, figure I might as well quit hoarding this. It's available as a 16x20 poster on the PoG site (am I allowed to say that here!?)
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well drawn and coloured looks fun ^^
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I love the vibrant color palette that you used! This is really great. The poses of the characters are awesome too, They look like they are having a lot of fun!^^
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Small flaw on our planning, Scott. It looks awesome, no doubt about that, but this means that anyone can print it off instead of buying one like you want them to. ^^;
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Haha, aw c'mon, gimme a little credit, I got more brains than that! :love:

I know they're able to, but sales have slacked off, and I'm planning on taking it down for sale soon anyway. I never did it for big profits, just wanting a little justification for spending so much time on it. Lol, besides, the same holds true for any print being sold by anyone here on dA right?
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Not if they want high quality.
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Still looks neat. The shading seems darker than the one I have, for some reason.
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You mean it's darker here than in the printed version? The initial batch came out really off, I had to rework some of the colors to look right.
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