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Gwen Comic: New Tatoo

Ah, this is one of my all time favorites!!! .... even if I did screw up the dialog in a resizing issue.... Ph34r t3h t4t00!!!!
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Yes I will allow white-out.:D
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We were checking our homework, and, I think she was tring to grab some attion, my friend Katie starts smelling her sharpie, and starts to like get high! And so everyone in the room is like, "Mr. Walters, Katie is sniffing her marker, and getting high!" And he just said, "Well thats her choice." So I'm just like, What The Hell?!? But in the end I think her parents found out and she got in trouble, er something like that....T_T And that is my story, er...Her story!^^;
The moral of the story is: DON'T GET HIGH ON SHARPIES!!!(You can get high on anything ealse, just not sharpies!) Lol!
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LOl, so white-out is still okay? Whew!!
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Yeah! Lets get high on sharpies!!(A girl in my math class did that once during math, and the teacher didn't care!0.o)
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Heh, that's all they do in the teachers' lounge so she was prolly used to it!! :lmao:
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Haha, sharpies are fun to play with. I took a green sharpie and doodled all over my bookcover. It ended up covering most of it. xD

Keep up the great work!
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Why thank you Mitsy-chan!!! =D
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