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Final Fantasy: PoG Style

A Property of Gwen wallpaper!

Suggested by :iconyamidawn: and chosen by the PoG fans, I present, Gwen the Dragoon (one fan suggested I call it DraGwen... I'm sure karma will catch up to him) and Gally the White Mage.

Um...... that's ... really all I got...
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I loved this wall paper, by the way.

Had it as my desktop for about a month.
BoiledShrimp's avatar
Very nice, Scott! I love the design of the spear!
chaotic-chick's avatar
very nice idea

lovely colouring and outfit designs
OmegaRain's avatar
anjuw87's avatar
White mage for the win.
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
I figure commenting here would be redundant after having done so at the site, so I'll just fave.

...Seriously, Dragwen? :dohtwo:
crazykitty13's avatar
I love it.
Not gonna lie.

How are you?!!
OmegaRain's avatar
Whoa!! Kassy with the sneak attack! Haha, haven't heard from you in a looong time!! How's ya been!?
crazykitty13's avatar
Haha yeah, it's been ages.
I've been alright.
Drawing a lot actually.
But I don't have a scanner.

How about you?
NinjaGirlSango's avatar
The armor is so full of win it's ridiculous.

OmegaRain's avatar
Aw... there's not that much win is there? :heart:
NinjaGirlSango's avatar
Vgirl's avatar
That's so cool!
OmegaRain's avatar
DarkRinku's avatar
I love how you drew Gwen! Looks like she's ready to kick some major butt xD Love the shading on her armor :3

Is there possible there could be a ...guy version of this? 8D *loves the guys from PoG as much as the girls* x3
OmegaRain's avatar
Hmmmmm, an all male version...... an interesting concept..... Haha, I can't promise when it'll come, but I'll make ya one!
DarkRinku's avatar
Yeah! XD make a party AND an all male wallpaper 83 *gleefully dances around Omega in a worshipping manner*
OmegaRain's avatar
Hmm...... haha, now you're just trying to make me lose days off my life aren't you!? .... but I can't ignore dancing in a worshipping manner........ any particular classes you'd like to see the guys in?
DarkRinku's avatar
Well, heck I can always try to make you lose days of your life 8D *continues to dance and chants your name*

Uhm...nah xD Let your imagination run wiiiiiild, surprise me :D *giggles and continues the worshipping dance and chant*
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Why not make it both guys and girls? That way you'll have an entire party.
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