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::Commission:: Kotor Girls

Commission for :icondarksideniyokoso:

Mira and Handmaiden presenting a little gift to the Jedi Exile. There's a lesson to be learned here kids: The Dark Side has it's perks!
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my 3 sexy fav girls lol
If anyone one cares I found a group of people who are filming a live action trilogy for the Knights of the Old Republic. Does anyone one wants to know the site for this group
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live action you say..... tell me more
The fan page of the kotor live action page.


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Cookies and hot chicks? Sign me up for the Dark Side

"I am The Master, Lord of Time. My power is greater than you can encompass, just remember that."
Rauken99's avatar
Mmm, Mm, Mmm... Sith girl... Bounty Hunter girl... and Echani girl... Good deal!
City-of-Zeroes's avatar
Yes, yes it does appear to be perky.
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Fuck it, going Sith for the chicks.
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is nothing sacred?
AlaskanHighlander's avatar
Nope lol.
Is going Sith means you get the hot chicks for followers, you'd FUCKING GO. lol
Lost-Soul25's avatar
lol NICE! funny thing is all 3 will follow you down whatever path you choose! lol
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love this art look real in a way awesome work keep it up
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Why thank you!
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Come to the dark side, it is hot!

Just a bit of silliness. Excellent drawing.
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Well, who can resist a very hot blind - I mean, Miraluka chick? Come on, Exile! Get her!
4th-Riech's avatar
there needs to be more sexy stuff with Visas and Brianna.
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and fewer people who think going for shock value with nazi shit is clever. But hey, that's just my opinion
4th-Riech's avatar
ummm... look up Field Marshal Rommel, only Nazi officer that didn't commit war crimes. Even defied Hitler by not executing Jew prisoners. It isn't for shock value. Very successful and brilliant commander. The Third Riech also pioneered rocket planes, helicopters and electric weaponry. The fall was because of hitler and his bigotry, if I was like that I would have picked an alias like "Skinhead Extrodinare" or something.
Master-Kyle-Leeson09's avatar
Nicely colored and all that, wierd "gift" idea though. looks more like Visas is trying to corrupt Mira and Brianna.
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