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Arcade Gwen

Yeah... I kinda screwed this one up a little.... see that little white glow all around her? Yeah, that's a lame cop-out to a rookie mistake... I colored Gwen and was like "Wow, that looks good!" then after I colored the arcade machine... Gwen's black hair and dark pants blended right in with the black characters on the dark arcade machine..... so... instead of recoloring something.... I just made her glow....
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So I see.
Still, it's a nice drawing. Not to mention a sexy pose.
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woah thats really good ^^
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I want those pants. They match the shirt I'm wearing... :[

I'd steal them, but apparently you need pants to play DDR...
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Haha, yeah, apparently so
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ooh very stylish :D

u drew the arcade machine well too go the fighting silohuettes
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Haha, I can't take credit in this pic for the fighting silohuettes... I just copy pasted 'em out of an old comic. [link]
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but the comic is yours, isn't it?
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Heh... yeah... the comic's mine............................ you speak truth...
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