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Group Collab - Silver by OmegaQuadrant Group Collab - Silver :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 23 3 Group Project - Long Live the Blue Royalty! by OmegaQuadrant Group Project - Long Live the Blue Royalty! :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 12 0 Attorneys by OmegaQuadrant Attorneys :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 9 1 Group Collab - Shadow by OmegaQuadrant Group Collab - Shadow :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 15 4 Found my Ideal 'Client' by OmegaQuadrant Found my Ideal 'Client' :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 0 0 Turnabout Impressions: COSt by OmegaQuadrant Turnabout Impressions: COSt :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 0 0 Simply Preposterous by OmegaQuadrant Simply Preposterous :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 0 0 I-G-I-A-R-I! by OmegaQuadrant I-G-I-A-R-I! :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 0 2 Who's hidden in the picture? by OmegaQuadrant Who's hidden in the picture? :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 1 7 DC: We're 'kawaii' and we know it by OmegaQuadrant DC: We're 'kawaii' and we know it :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 2 1 Yo! G'mornin' by OmegaQuadrant Yo! G'mornin' :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 13 0 Logo Stuff - Dark by OmegaQuadrant Logo Stuff - Dark :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 0 1 Logo Stuff - Dawn by OmegaQuadrant Logo Stuff - Dawn :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 0 1 Group Collab - Sonic by OmegaQuadrant Group Collab - Sonic :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 15 3 Too sharp! Too sharp!!! by OmegaQuadrant Too sharp! Too sharp!!! :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 1 1 When Doubting Myself... by OmegaQuadrant When Doubting Myself... :iconomegaquadrant:OmegaQuadrant 2 0


Group collab: Sonic-Kingdom (Silver) by Ora-Allagis Group collab: Sonic-Kingdom (Silver) :iconora-allagis:Ora-Allagis 67 14 Canine v Feline Face Anat Tut. by Daesiy Canine v Feline Face Anat Tut. :icondaesiy:Daesiy 9,474 200 Designing a Unique Wolf by akireru Designing a Unique Wolf :iconakireru:akireru 364 54
A guide on how to make your first fursona!
EDIT 2017: Thank you so much for the wonderful support! This post has gotten over 190 favorites which is just absolutely amazing. I wrote this when I was 15/16 and although my advice is the same, I feel like I can add more info for people who are using this guide. Because of this, I am going to tweak this post to be more informative, I hope you enjoy!
Before I begin:
What is a furry?
"Someone who says they are furry is generally expressing an interest in anthropomorphic animals and/or creatures (and perhaps some affiliation to furry fandom). They may express that that interest in a variety of ways - through art and stories through to roleplay and performance. How deep or meaningful an interest in Furry is varies greatly from person to person." - Wikifur
What is a fursona?
"A fursona (pl. fursonas, rarely furson/fursonae), derived from the t
:iconruffimutt:RuffiMutt 256 130
~Hands Sketch Practice~ by DivineImmortality ~Hands Sketch Practice~ :icondivineimmortality:DivineImmortality 199 5 Skin Tones by Kreative-Confusion Skin Tones :iconkreative-confusion:Kreative-Confusion 2,408 81
Lineart Tutorial
Traditional Art Week
Hello everyone, welcome to my traditional lineart tutorial!
Some people prefer blending the lines with coloring but I like having strong and bold lines in my drawings. In this tutorial I use the so called one paper tactic, which means that you don't need multiple papers for sketching and inking or a light box for transferring your sketch because everything happens on one paper.
Here are a couple of finished works where I have used this lineart method:

So how does it work and what kind of materials do you need? Let’s have a look!

Preferably use rather thick paper (the paper I use is 160 g/m2) so that it can handle erasing. Also remember to take into account what kind of tools you're planning on using for coloring; if
:iconagaave:Agaave 147 64
Unique Character Design Tips
In my opinion, these are the most important factors in any character design: color, concept, shape, simplicity, cohesiveness, repeatability, personality and uniqueness.
Color: Any design with colors all over the place creates too many places for the eye to look. Keep your color design very simple and zen. Looking at the colors shouldn't be jarring or confusing. This isn't to say only use one color, not at all, but try to make sure the ones you use are harmonious. Avoid mixing and matching different saturations of the same color or picking colors that clash with one another.
My rule of thumb: Stick to no more than three base colors and some value variations.
Concept: Your design should have inspiration, even if the inspiration is just your intended character's personality or an interesting object that represents them. Your character could be a bookworm, and that would impact her posture, her clothing, her hairstyle...pretty much everything about her! You can design
:iconthundercake:thundercake 12,003 925
Wolf Face Tutorial by Naviira Wolf Face Tutorial :iconnaviira:Naviira 3,580 224 wolf anatomy studies by autumnalone wolf anatomy studies :iconautumnalone:autumnalone 1,021 46 New Paradox by KaiserTiger New Paradox :iconkaisertiger:KaiserTiger 179 20 Wolves by LetLovePrevail Wolves :iconletloveprevail:LetLovePrevail 1,554 326 sketch commissions - canines 2 by akreon sketch commissions - canines 2 :iconakreon:akreon 3,902 108 Sonic-kun! by Jumble-Cube Sonic-kun! :iconjumble-cube:Jumble-Cube 17 3 Something's Up by Ora-Allagis Something's Up :iconora-allagis:Ora-Allagis 158 23
''How do I art?'' - Expressions
I'm going to make a journal about expressions. If you have questions concerning the topic, go ahead and ask me down in the comments. Right now I don't really have the ability to draw because of the heat wave here, but I do have the mental capacity to help some learning artists.
"How do I art?" - expressions
Everyone struggles with expressions it seems when they first start. So, how do people learning expressions get it down?
Well, what I do, is throw the rules right out the window. That's right! No rules when it comes to expressions for me~! I just grab my pen and throw whatever looks half-recognizable! (this technique is only used when drawing super stupid stuff. Not really for serious things in comics)
When I drew this comic:  and this picture: 
I used animals as reference, actually. Silver's face in frame 8 (I think) looks much like a pelican. And in frame 1, he looks almost like a starin
:iconora-allagis:Ora-Allagis 12 3




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OmegaQuadrant's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Hey there! Welcome to my humble page of beginnings. Quite ironic for someone named after the last Greek letter. ^^"

I'm currently 16. A senior high school student here in the Philippines. I started out a traditional artist - more like a pencil artist, but i'm currently diving into the world of the digital arts. My works doesn't look like much as of the moment, but i try my best to improve my art every time i create one. I'm a huuuuge addict when it comes to furries for some reason who knows why, so most of the time i search for artists who draws canines and felines and such. I do too, but my art is really varied, depends on the situation. My goal right now is create a furry art that really shows the 'bomb' as they say. XD

Thanks for visiting! I hope one of my arts catch your interest. ^^
Oh, i also have another account: betaquadrant
Make sure to visit it too, ok? Good day to ya!


When a deviant you're looking up to favs one of your art...

AYIEEEE!!! =^O^=
Try memorizing all the 118 elements (with the number and all) in one night and then you'll recite them all the next day. HAHAHA Easy~
Group Collab - Silver
Whew...made it. ^^"
I barely made it...oh well, better late than never i guess. For Ora-Allagis's group collab, this is my "entry". Her collabs can be found SONIC-KINGDOM.

Lineart by Ora-Allagis 
Colored by me ^^
*stares at one of my favorite arts for two hours straight*
I'm gonna absorb your style to!!!
*evil laugh continues*
School started two days ago...and things just hyped up off the charts all of a sudden. It's not like anybody is expecting something from me, but i just wanna say that i definitely couldn't stay as active as i was last summer vacation.'s a pain in the butt...
Ah...2 days to go. By that time I'll be dormant once again...

Group Collab - Shadow
That was the fastest art I've ever done yet...and heck was it fun!!! XD

And here I am again, participating in another group coloring collab headed by Ora-Allagis of SONIC-KINGDOM, this time featuring our cool ebony black hedgehog - Shadow. For the first time in my life am I really satisfied with how it turned out. Very satisfied =^^= I've decided to "bold out" my coloring a bit...and viola!

Hope you guys like it!

Lines provided by Ora-Allagis 
Colored by me - OmegaQuadrant 
School started two days ago...and things just hyped up off the charts all of a sudden. It's not like anybody is expecting something from me, but i just wanna say that i definitely couldn't stay as active as i was last summer vacation.'s a pain in the butt...


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