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frozen hope chpt. 2
James blew fire onto the pipe welding it a bit until the hole was gone and wiped the soot from his forehead. "all done" walker went to him punching his arm "good job man" James climbed back to the service walkway and walker followed "hey I'll come with yah so you don't get in trouble up there" he motioned upstairs. "Hey! I don't get in trouble that often!" her rolled his slit eyes "you always get in trouble you are a blue dragon" James punches his arm hard "what did I tell you about saying racist comments " he hung his head as they walked getting into the elevator "never say it or you will lock me outside in the cold… again" James nodded "right". The elevator got up to the engineers floor aka the dragon's den because that is where they all live right next to the boiler, the place that only dragons can survive, they both clocked out and grabbed their cash and took the stairs up to the east commons where everyone but the dragons live, due to racism. They ran out of there quickly whe
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map by omeganeep map :iconomeganeep:omeganeep 3 2 visrs by omeganeep visrs :iconomeganeep:omeganeep 2 0 Wolf me by omeganeep Wolf me :iconomeganeep:omeganeep 2 3
Alpha squad intro
32 transports sped down the underground tunnel to the great undercity Great Rome. some were running against the sides to have room for the others but there is one of them that we will focus on because they are the one squad that went through hell and back, the Alpha squad. the squad leader, Jackson, hes main helmet visr (Video Information Screen Relay) showed the status of all squad members and their current orders. the heavy weapons expert, Micheal 'tombstone', his visr had the baisic status and scans local items and checks how combustable they are. the recon, Will, has a visr that shows the distance and location of enemies and can mark enemy vehicles he can headshot as if it is easy even if it isn't. the medic, Jerry, his visr can scan allies and show them their health and status. the pilot, Brian, has a visr that gives him full visual quality as well as exact locations. the enginer, corry, can hack any computer as well as enemy radio waves, he can also show an enemies full status fr
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friends lost to find anew
alone in a cell to greive
no help for the depression
cast as a nobody
a strange and wierd person
an annoyance
noone the same to be a friend
noone kind enough to lend a hand
noone will help the lowerman
the lowerman only wants to be accepted to be welcomed
he wants to be saved
he wants to be himself not anyone else
this is me
despises the odd
shuns the new
not knowing the pain they have
strikes the kind with the lash of harrasment
know nothing of anything below
holds the keys to the forgotten's hallowed cell
never releases them but
instead tortures them
this is them
stray away find kindness
open the cell
free the one trapped inside
one can make a difference
but this is a responsibility
you must stick with them through thick and thin
that is a true strength not muscles or appearence
be noble
be strong
be kind
help the lowerman
help me
:iconomeganeep:omeganeep 3 0
The Packe ep. 7
The R.V. was almost at maine when the it shook and I freaked out grabbing my seat and looked to see ryan open the door to the front "she is in trouble" we all got worried except nate he was out cold on the floor he was on the bed until the R.V. shook. I stood up "what happened?" ryan looks back onto the road "there are other wolves and they have guns and have takenthe hospital and have taken hostages. she's one of them." I shook my head "oh no. what are we going to do?" he sped the R.V. up "i'm going to ram that hospital and we will fight our way in" I sat in the passenger seat "not a good plan" he glared at me and i heared a groan in the back which i was guessing was nate "why isn't it a good plan?!" i tried to calm him down "nate could get hurt and they have guns. not to mention cops are probably surrounding the building. also they have guns so lets try to sneak in and take out the other ones one at a time" ryan smiled at me "this is why you are my beta" "thank you but I need to add
:iconomeganeep:omeganeep 3 7
the pack episode 6
The r.v. zommed down the small road hugging the speedlimit as I sit on the couch reading a book. i look up at jermy and richie wresteling eachother in the small space while the girls cheer them on and nate is watching them laughing. ryan turns around and yells at the two before they hit the table, "the two of you! calm down!" they stopp and give an upset look like a child being ounished and then they sit on the couch. nate looks back "he put you two into your place" then ryan looks at nate "you... back... now" nate looks down and goes to the back and ryan slams the door to the front seats isolating himself from the rest. nate walks over and sits on one of the chairs. "what is his problem?" I put down my book realising i won't be able to read without being inturupted. "well trisha is blocking him out and i guess that is making him go crazy" he thinks about it for a moment "what is it like to be linked?" i thought how to phrase it "well you can feel what the person you are linked to feel
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omg simpsonized by omeganeep omg simpsonized :iconomeganeep:omeganeep 3 5 chat with myself by omeganeep
Mature content
chat with myself :iconomeganeep:omeganeep 3 1


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plasma lord
United States
my tarot card

Favourite genre of music: comedy and country
Favourite photographer: don't have one
Favourite style of art: don't have one
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Favourite cartoon character: gir
Personal Quote: neep
NEVER EVER give me flowers i take it as a threat it is like going 'here take these flowers now watch them die. guess who's next'
  • Listening to: 70s music
  • Reading: My past stories
  • Watching: T.V.
  • Playing: Everything
  • Eating: Hotdogs
  • Drinking: Milk


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