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USF: Sega Characters 3
Name: Ulala (Apollo Smile/Mineko Okamura)
         (David Nowlin/Takashi Thomas Yuda)
Alternate Skins:
Cosmic Cutie- Ulala as seen in Luxury Spacecraft G
Space Suit- Ulala from the asteroid field section
Space Park – Ulala’s pink outfit from Part 2
Primary School- Ulala disguise as a student
Sneak Report- Ulala’s striped outfit from Part 2
Studio Disaster- The outfit from Part 2’s third section
Ballistic Love- Her outfit from Part 2’s climax
Channel 42- Outfits based of Pudding
Rhythm Rogue- An outfit based off the Rhythm Rogues
Voice of Truth- An outfit with a style similar to Jaguar’s
Eastern Venus- Outfits based off of Pine
Space Tribute- Outfits based off Space Michael’s
Smooth Tribute- Based Michael Jackson’s outfit from Moonwalker
Thriller Tribute- Based off of Michael Jackson’s outfit from the Thriller video
Evila- Based off of her evil doppelganger
Rescue Suit- The spacesuit she wore when rescued as
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 7 3
USF: Super Story Mode - Chapter 1 (Act 2)
(Chapter 1: Islands of Green Days)
BGM: “Marble Zone – Piano Mix”
We start with several tracking shots showing scenary of the Marble Zone above ground. It shows off an area reminiscent of the beginning of Act 1; right down to the background ruins with three Rings in front of it, a lake of lava with ground rising up on occasion, and mountains outstretched far beyond. Sally would leap across various platforms on the lava, which sink soon after each jump. She lands on solid ground, brushing herself off slightly.
Sally: “Splitting up for now might cover more ground. We need to find Bunnie as soon as possible.”
Sally is then startled as she heard a voice.
Scratch: “Ba-ha-haha! We really hit the mother lode on this one!”
Sally came over and peered over a slope down into a quarry going into the ruins. In there would be yet another prison capsule along with two familiar Badn
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 6 6
You Are Viewtiful! by OmegaMorph You Are Viewtiful! :iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 4 3
USF: Super Story Mode - NPC Bosses
(Egg Pistons)
Boss Intro: The player jumps in from below onto solid ground, they look behind as an electric force field blocks the way behind them. After running further to some extent the player stops and looks around as alarms begin to go off the spark generators begin to pulse. Pistons shoot in and out as the player avoids them. From a safe distance, Classic Eggman would be in one and Snively in another Snively chuckles as Eggman points. “Prepare to meet your end! This…is your final stage!”
Egg Pistons – The Final Trap at Scrap Brain
BGM: Final Zone – Orchestral Mix
Stage Layout: The area takes place in a 3-dimensional version of the Final Zone’s enclosed space from Sonic 1, right down to a similar background.
Attacks and Strategy: Similar to the original game, pistons come in and out from both the ceiling and floor to slam down. In addition to the piston containing Eggman acting as the weak spot, Snively joins in this time around. Spark generator
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 7 0
USF: Scenario - Cartoon Crossovers
(Out of the Deep and Into the Streets)  BGM: “Streets Sharks 2nd Opening”
Guy in the Sky: “This is your Guy in the Sky reporting in here in Fission City! There’s been no sign of the Street Sharks here in the neighborhood for quite some time. The streets are free of fins and Humungo Burger hasn’t seen a feeding frenzy in weeks. Dr. Luther Paradigm is working hard on some secret project to keep the shark attacks down, so our citizens can rest assured the Street Sharks won’t be eating out streets any time soon. Welp…our ratings are gonna be on a down time low unless something exciting comes along!”
Bends: “Man, what a load of shark chum! Dr. Paradigm or as we know him, Dr. Piranoid, is the bad guy working to take over the city and then the world! He makes those sharks look like the bad guys, but I know better! Hey, my friends call me Bends. The Street Sharks…they were good buddies of mine before Paradigm bedtrayed their dad,
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 7 2
USF: Super Story Mode - Chapter 1 (Act 1)
(Chapter 1: Islands of Green Days)
BGM: “Hub – Green Hill”
We get several panning shots showing off the overall scenery of the Green Hill Zone. Sonic would run over and skid to a stop close to where a pair of floating platforms were.
Sonic: “Everyone’s done gone their separate ways for now. I can just hope everyone else is okay.
He paces around and takes in the sights.
Sonic: “You know, no matter how many times Eggman pulls one over on rality, this place will always stay the same.
Some laughter is then heard as the shadow of an Eggmobile flies down into view.
Eggman: “Ohohohohoho!~ Well I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Sonic! Because it will be the past place you’ll ever see!”
BGM: “Boss – Sonic 1”
Sonic would spin around and point
Sonic: “Had a feeling I would be seeing you-!”
Upon getting a better look, we can now see that is is the Classic Segasonic version of Eggman straight out of his first
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 7 9
Alexander the Frigging Great by OmegaMorph Alexander the Frigging Great :iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 7 0
USF: Super Story Mode - Prologue
(Prologue: Genesis of the Combined Universe)  
BGM: “Event – Reflection”
There is a panning shot of the interior of the Sky Patrol. Tails and Rotor are seen discussing something though dialogue is actually heard. They are each standing next to a container of the ship’s Power Ring supply.
Sonic (VO): “Well…we had defeated Dark Gaia and Chip returned to the planet. He assured us that everything was going to be okay. But even with the planet restored, Eggman was still out there with the Death Egg.”
They then turned to see Nicole materialize no worse for wear in the center of the role. They run to her excitedly while she gives them a reassuring look.
Sonic (VO): “We had took our bruises for sure, but overall the Freedom Fighters were still intact and it was only a matter of time before the Egg Army started to come apart.”
The scene then goes to a panning shot of inside Castle Mobotropolis. Sally was packing
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 10 18
USF - Misc Crossover Scenarios
(Lego Word Adventure: Dimension Crisis)  BGM: “Everything is Awesome – Genesis Mix/Green Hill – Dimensions Mix”
CG Cutscene: Bigger Battles, Bigger Possibilities (BGM: “Here It Goes Again – Okay Go”)
A ring is seen spinning up and down. As the camera follows it down, it is caught by a Lego-styled Sonic standing in a blank space. As the music kicks in, he runs starts a Lego Dimensions style portal in the background, which eventually transitions into a Lego Brick style tunnel reminiscent of the Lego Movie. He comes out in a Lego city where he slaps hands with Emmet. The two then turn behind and run from a T-Rex reminiscent of the one from Jurassic Park. The two then jump on top of the Batmobile as it passes by and are thrown off landing next to Tails and Wildstyle respectively. The T-Rex meanwhile charges into a portal where it ends up in Middle-Earth, surprising Gollum who’s gathering up Power Rings under his
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 8 0
USF: Scenario - Sega Crossovers 2
(Running the Bassline)  BGM: “Funky Radio”
Professor K: “Yeah!! This is DJ Professor K, baby, the master of mayhem you know what i'm sayin' bringing you another Tokyo underground pirate radio broadcast from Jet Set Radio! I'm gonna bust into your head through your cute lil' ears and blow your minds with my sexy voice and out-of-sight sounds! Those of you prone to nosebleeds should keep those tissues handy, suckas! Once again, I’m bringin’ you the report on our hometown heroes, The GGs, down here in Tokyo-To. Though I have to give a shout out to a certain speed demon on the other side of the globe. That spikey fella who’s always stickin’ it the Eggman!  Never met the guy personally, though I dig that hedgie’s style overall. Buf nuff’ of that! I’m gonna give ya the live show report! Bustin’ some rhymes as the police are dealed defeat by our main man, Beat!”
“Here Come the GGs”
“With Onishi
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 7 2
Smash Bros: Game Over Themes
(Smash Bros: Game Over Themes)
Super Mario (Super Mario Bros):
Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country):
Yoshi (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island):
Warioware (Warioware Inc: Mega Microgames):
Legend of Zelda (The Legend of Zelda):
Metroid (Super Metroid):
Kirby (Kirby’s Dream Land):
Star Fox (Star Fox):
Pokémon (Pokémon Red/Blue):
*Except that it’s a darkers inverted version of it. Really I’ve got nothing here.
F-Zero (F-Zero):
Mother/Earthbound (Earthbound):
Ice Climbers (Ice Climbers): https
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 8 14
USF: IDW Characters
Name: Tangle the Lemur (Kate Micucci/Aya Suzaki)
Alternate Skins:
Classic- Tangle is done in a Classic Segasonic style
Feel- Wears rabbit ears, a bow-tie over her usual outfit, and the general color scheme of a rejected design from the first Sonic game
Star-Fan- Tangle wears a Ristar t-shirt
Resistance Gear- Wears a few accessories shared by the Custom Heroes
Rocket- Dressed like a notable sloth from a few AOSTH episodes
Lily of Steel- Dressed like Millia Rage from the Guilty Gear series
Houpa!- Resembles the French comic-strip character Marsupulami
OW Calvary- Dressed like Tracer from the Overwatch series
Intro Quotes:
“This is getting pretty dangerous.”
“Okay! Let me in on this!”
“All brushed up and ready to go!”
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
(Vs. Sonic) “Ha! You’re sweet not to notice a problem when you see one.”
(Vs. Sonic Super Forms) “Wow! So that’s what those shiny rocks do for you, huh?”
(Vs. Werehog/Dar
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 15 6
USF: Neo Metal Sonic
Transformation: Metal Sonic melts into liquid metal and then rises up into his new form. This can only be done after Metal Sonic’s standard form
Required Items: Hedgehog Data
Name: Neo Metal Sonic (Ryan Drummond/Junichi Kanemaru)
Alternate Skins:
Proxy- Metal now has some traits and color schemes of Eggman
Chrome Hex- Metal is now as a monochrome silver color covered with a hexagon grid
Shadow- Metal Sonic has Shadow's color scheme
Propaganda- Coloring resembles an alternate cover for IDW’s 9th issue
Captain- A variation of Metal Sonic's pirate version
Missing Link- Has traits of Justice from the Guilty Gear series
Dark Lord- His armor now resembles Darth Vader
Intro Quotes:
"All living things kneel before your master!"
"I'll give a fair chance, but it's not like you can win."
"Prepare for annihilation!"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
(Vs. Self) "All other copies will be destroyed!"
(Vs. Sonic) "We meet again, my loathsome copy."
(Vs. Super/Hyper Sonic) “Come to me.
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 15 1
USF: Scenario - Bandai Namco Games
(Dreams of the Wind)  BGM: “Huepow Theme/The Windmill Song”
Huepow: “Don’t you think that it is strange? How sometimes you wake up, knowing you’ve had a dream and yet you can’t remember it? Where do all those dreams…and all the memories of them go to? My name is Huepow. I suppose I shouldn’t have to hide it this time. I may look like a cute little ball, but I’m actually a prince from the moon kingdom of Cress. I’m going to tell you about the best friend I have ever had, Klonoa. He once saved my kingdom and the entire world of Phantomile from falling into darkness. Yet even then…the two of us were forced to part ways. See, my friend, Klonoa, is special. He is what’s called the Dream Traveler, a hero that travels to different universes each representing dreams. Each time he saves them from destruction and yet every time he’s forced to say good-bye to any friends he’s made along the way, including mys
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 10 1
2003 Teen Titans: Season 2 Terra Arc in a Nutshell
2003 Teen Titans: Season 2 Terra Arc in a Nutshell
:This is something inspired by a dream I had and just something I decided to have fun with:
*Terra is first seen running from a giant scorpion*
TERRA: “I am so OUT of here!”
*The Titans come in from over the horizon*
ROBIN: “She’s IN trouble!”
*Terra proceeds get yellow glowey eyes and smash said scorpion with a rock*
ROBIN: “…And now she’s OUT of trouble.”
*Slade peeks out from behind a ridge*
SLADE: “Oh, I am so IN to this.”
*Beast Boy zooms over to Terra with hearts in his eyes*
BEAST BOY: “Whoa! Far OUT!”
*Group shot of the team*
ROBIN: “We’re the Titans! We’re totally an IN thing.”
*Terra with sad puppy dog eyes*
TERRA: “I’m an OUT-sider…”
*Starfire zooms in with big hug*
STARFIRE: “You’ll fit right IN with us friend!”
*Scenery slides down to Titans Tower interior where Beast Boy zips over
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 0 0
USF: Scenario - Mania/Forces
(A Different Look at the Past)  BGM: “Main Menu – Sonic Mania”
Boom Knuckles: “Woooooooo!~ Alright! That was a good wrap party. Now…what are we going to do until the next show? I kinda have to wonder who’s going to fill in for Comedy Chimp now that he’s looking for work elsewhere.”
Classic Tails: “Knuckles is that you?”
Boom Knuckles: “Whoa, Tails! You got…extra tiny.”
Classic Tails: “…And you got…really big. What happened to you?”
Boom Knuckles: “Oh you know, I’ve always been pretty swoll. I’m always one to punch me a few rounds around the junkyard to keep the guns loaded.”
Classic Tails: “That’s nice and all, but don’t you have to watch over the Master Emerald over on the Floating Island?”
Boom Knuckles: “Oh yeah I did have an island a while back didn’t I? Think I last saw it when…”
Classic Knuckles: “
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 9 0


Fiona Fox 3 by Megamink1997 Fiona Fox 3 :iconmegamink1997:Megamink1997 289 59
USF: Joe Musashi
Name: Joe Musashi (Casey Robertson/Toshiyuki Morikawa)
Alternate Skins:
Classic- Based off his maskless look in Shinobi (1987).
Vengeance- Joe Musashi as he looks like in Revenge of the Shinobi and Shinobi III: The Ninja Master.
Red Ninja- Based off his design from The G.G. Shinobi.
Hayate- Resembles his son Hayate in Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi.
Sho- Resembles Sho from Shinobi Legions/X.
Cyber Shinobi- Based off his grandson's appearance on The Cyber Shinobi's boxart.
Jiro Musashi- Looks similar to his father Jiro Musashi in Shinobi (3DS).
Hotsuma- Resembles Hotsuma from Shinobi (2002).
Strider- Resembles Strider Hiryu from Capcom's Strider games.
Ninja Gaiden- Resembles Ryu Hayabusa from Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden series.
Intro Quotes:
"For the Oboro Clan!"
"Let's fight this with honor."
"Ready to challenge the Super Shinobi?"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Intro Quotes vs. Joe:
Victory Quotes:
"You fought well."
"Is that your best?"
Character Specific Victory Quotes
:icontonygameman:tonygameman 4 1
Persona Characters - Earthbound/Mother inspired by jak99 Persona Characters - Earthbound/Mother inspired :iconjak99:jak99 12 0 Mina Mongoose 2019 by esonic64 Mina Mongoose 2019 :iconesonic64:esonic64 40 18 Not the fastest thing alive.... but close by Jowybean Not the fastest thing alive.... but close :iconjowybean:Jowybean 232 17 Dragon Ball American Comics Golden Age style Cover by Tapdesuroproduccions Dragon Ball American Comics Golden Age style Cover :icontapdesuroproduccions:Tapdesuroproduccions 6 2 golden age harley quinn by m7781 golden age harley quinn :iconm7781:m7781 396 33 As I Walk Through The Valley... by JoeAdok As I Walk Through The Valley... :iconjoeadok:JoeAdok 152 16 Megaman Mettaurs (Parody Game) by ultimatemaverickx Megaman Mettaurs (Parody Game) :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 282 49 Todd Boys by SonicKnight007 Todd Boys :iconsonicknight007:SonicKnight007 34 1 Sonic Waiting Til the Last Second by SlySonic Sonic Waiting Til the Last Second :iconslysonic:SlySonic 113 13 Amy Super Smash bros Ultimate Cosplay by SonicAimblu19 Amy Super Smash bros Ultimate Cosplay :iconsonicaimblu19:SonicAimblu19 1,848 91 A Cycle Renewed by dragonmanor A Cycle Renewed :icondragonmanor:dragonmanor 6 1 Casual Freedom Fighters by ThePandamis Casual Freedom Fighters :iconthepandamis:ThePandamis 74 16 When Nature Calls by Niban-Destikim When Nature Calls :iconniban-destikim:Niban-Destikim 1,058 239 That Boys a Mean Machine by Linklyshow That Boys a Mean Machine :iconlinklyshow:Linklyshow 45 4


Okay, so a lot of peeps have been asking me very~ frequently if I'm ever gonna include characters from the Yakuza series into USF. The answer as of now is a big fat NO.

Don't get me wrong. I love the series. Kiryu and Majima are awesome and right now Yakuza is one of Sega's big flagship series in recent memory. The problem is me finding the drive for some creativity, playing more than just the first two installments, and the fact that besides being made by Sega; the series has no connection to the Sonic series. Let me go over why I picked my previous Sega characters.

Nights- Frequently crosses over with Sonic. Also, if Sonic is pretty much Sonic Team's Mario, then Nights would pretty much be Link in terms of importance.
Vyse- Pure favoritism. The moveset pretty much writes itself. Ended up in a total of two Sonic crossovers.
Ristar- Overlooked favorite that has some connection to Sonic in terms or common origins and themes.
Beat- Appears very frequently in crossovers and is a fan-favorite with Sega fans.
Hotsuma- Hotsuma had the most personality out of the Shinobi characters, has been in a few crossovers, and the Shinobi series as a whole tends to get references frequently in other Sega games.
Ryo- Kinda represents the real-life Sega fan, appears in the a good bit of crossovers, and I wanted to have fun with a more "grounded" moveset in the AM2 playstyle.
Ulala- Huge fan-favorite with Sega. Very high in crossover appearences.
Vectorman- Very little crossovers, but does have some connections. In common themes more than anything. Overlooked old-school Sega favorite.
Opa-Opa- Quite a bit of crossover appearances than most realize. Represents the classic pre-Sonic arcade era of Sega.

And~ the one technicality.

Joker- A small handful of crossover connections with Sonic. Sorta represents the Sega/Atlus partnership.

All that aside, I just wanna say to not get your hopes up on seeing Yakuza in USF, but know that I don't like the series any less.
Its come to my attention that there's some shakeup regarding the Sonic voice actors in Team Sonic Racing. Won't be changing the VAs in USF for the time being, but I will be keeping recent events in mind.
(Running the Bassline)  BGM: “Funky Radio”

Professor K: “Yeah!! This is DJ Professor K, baby, the master of mayhem you know what i'm sayin' bringing you another Tokyo underground pirate radio broadcast from Jet Set Radio! I'm gonna bust into your head through your cute lil' ears and blow your minds with my sexy voice and out-of-sight sounds! Those of you prone to nosebleeds should keep those tissues handy, suckas! Once again, I’m bringin’ you the report on our hometown heroes, The GGs, down here in Tokyo-To. Though I have to give a shout out to a certain speed demon on the other side of the globe. That spikey fella who’s always stickin’ it the Eggman!  Never met the guy personally, though I dig that hedgie’s style overall. Buf nuff’ of that! I’m gonna give ya the live show report! Bustin’ some rhymes as the police are dealed defeat by our main man, Beat!”

“Here Come the GGs”

“With Onishima, Hayashi, and the rest of the Keisatsu down for the count, the Guardian Nations are sending out some of their own troopers here to mess things up for our favorite Rudies. Man~, fancier robots don’t mean a thang for them! Hope you like the new paint-jobs we got in mind!”
Playable: Beat
Enemies: GUN Hunter x3
Stage: Shibuya-Cho

“Mischievous Boy”

“Well well, seems a new challenger wants to join up with the GGs. Course as usual ya gotta issue up a challenge first! Let’s see if our boy, Beat, can follow up with whatever lines that the ray boy is laying down!”

Playable: Beat
Enemies: Axel
Stage: Shibuya-Cho

“Noise Reduction”

“This is a dedication from up-street to Eggman’s goon squad. We want to thank you for being you. Slow…weak…clueless! We are free, Eggman! Keeping the soul of the city aliiiive!~ Hug and kisses, baby.”

Playable: Beat & Axel
Enemies: Egg Pawns x3
Stage: Shibuya-Cho

"Tag Challenge”

“We got another challenge to the GGs over in the city of daylight! Some out of towners are coming in tagging up the place on behalf of…Sonic?! Say what?! Say it ain’t so!”

Playable: Beat & Axel
Enemies: Predator Hawk & Lightning Lynx
Stage: Shibuya-Cho

“Sweet Soul Brother”

“In the midst of crisis, our newest GG, Axel, has invited a buddy of his along. Though of course he’ll have to pass the usual initiation and lay down a tag to follow first.”

Playable: Beat
Enemies: Iggy
Stage: Shibuya-Cho

“Love Trap”

“This catty fox is in with one of those fools who ransacked Shibuya-Cho! She’s said to have a broken heart and out to do some breaking of her own! Watch out for this psycho!”

Playable: Beat
Enemies: Fiona
Stage: Shibuya-Cho


CG Cutscene: GGs in New City (BGM: “Humming the Baseline/ Jet Set Station”)

The scene transitions scrolling along several still comic panels of the Destructix members spraying up several regions in Shibuya, Cho, Benten-Cho, and Kogane-Cho followed by a sillohette standing on top of a building resembling Sonic, outlined with a question mark.

Professor K:  “So that’s how it all started. A new gang, rumored to have been started by none other than Sonic the Hedgehog started roaming the streets of Tokyo-To, tagging up as much turf as possible.”

Several more panels are seen of Beat shrugging as he talks with Gum and Yoyo on a heated topic while Pots is sititng in the background of their hideout. The panel after that shows Combo and Cube on the run from Egg Pawns, followed by Garam, Jazz, and Clutch cornered in an alley by some other pawns. The last panel shows Beat, Gum, and Tab (or Corn if you prefer) skating down what looks like a hill down a road in Speed Highway.

Professor K: “The GGs are in disarray from the events. Not only is this new gang coming in to tag up turf, but there’s also been a series of disappearance from other members of the GGs. The events seem to be connected and the remaining GGs eventually came to their decision. They’re going to go out west, find their answers, and cut off the problem at its source.”

The last panel then animates as it shows Beat leading the three down as the Jet Set Sttation intro music sets in, eventually leading to them getting air off from a ramp and posing mid-air.

Professor K: “The streets of Station Square are ready to explode.”


“Graffiti Gear High”

“Jet Set Radioooo!~ GGs are new in town and already some punks are stepping into the ring! Show these punks what’s what and let them know who was around first!”

Playable: Beat, Axel, & Iggy
Enemies: Jet, Wave, & Storm
Stage: Metal City

"Station Grind Square”

“Time to terrorize you with tunes and turn the streets of Station Square into one big dance par-tay! Don’t let the heavy dury security scare you, GGs! Use the city as your canvas and paint us some vibes from the street!”

Playable: Beat
Enemies: Silver Sonic and GUN Hunter x2
Stage: Station Square

“Metal Scratchin’”

“Seems that someone’s been rounding up GGs in secret and fake ones are starting to be churned out. Leave it to your master and commander to get the word out! We don’t know if Sonic’s a back-stabber or not, but some of these imposters have already been ending up on blue boy’s radar!”

Playable: Sonic
Enemies: Beat (Zero Beat)
Stage: City Escape

"Get That Hell on Wheels!”

“GUN has sent out its top attacks dogs in the form of Team Dark! These anti-heroes show off the dark side of justice. Let’s blast away their gloomy blues with a wave of pure sound! Jet Set Radioooo!~”

Playable: Beat, Axel, & Iggy
Enemies: Shadow, Rouge, & Shadow
Stage: Mission Street

"Funky Dealers"

“Looks like some beast dude detectives have arrived attempting to clean up both the GGs and some cash. Please don’t feed the animals, folks. No payday for these guys today, so too bad, no bon appetit!”

Playable: Beat, Axel, &, Iggy
Enemies: Vector, Espio, and Charmy
Stage: Club Rouge

“Bringin’ in the Tanks”

“The head honcho from GUN is now set on bringing in the GGs personally! Unlike Detective Hayashi back home, this guy can talk a good game and means business. Take out this nasty iron behemoth!”

Playable: Beat
Enemies: General Tower
Stage: GUN Fortress

“Fight or Flight”

“Watch out GGs! A smooth stream of supersonic sound is comin’ your way! Blue hedgie’s heard bout the bad rep and he’s come to collect!”

Playable: Beat
Enemies: Sonic
Stage: Speed Highway

“Just Got Wicked”

“Whooooa! News flash! Turns out that Eggman arranged from some imposter from another dimension to set Sonic and the GGs against one another! Seems he wanted them in Station Square all along so he could personally round up the crew!

Playable: Sonic & Beat
Enemies: Scourge
Stage: Megalo Station


“Villians are revealed and Eggman’s trying to send the city a system crash! Now that the GGs and hedgies see the truth, they’re working together to bust some rhymes into their cute little ears!”

Playable: Beat, Sonic, & Shadow
Enemies: Egg Army Trooper x3
Stage: Twinkle Park

“That’s Enough”

“Get to the bathroom, bring out the electric toothbrush, and brush your teeth; boys and girls! Egg Army’s dishing out some more havoc and the heroes are making a stand against our foes! Bring our GGs home, Beat!”

Playable: Beat, Tails, & Knuckles
Enemies: Axel WB and Thunderbolt
Stage: Westopolis

“Not a Model”

“This is the last free voice is the cities reporting back in! Some freaks that look like Sonic and Beat are now making a mess ‘long with the Death Egg Robos. Even for someone who likes to play dress up, ain’t that just a bit weird? If they run around like this, the city’s done for! Somebody stop them!”

Playable: Sonic & Beat
Enemies: Metal Sonic and Beat (Zero Beat)
Stage: Park Avenue

"Grace and Glory”

“Your one-punch, knockout broadcaster is still alive down here! The final party’s started and the Eggman’s summoning out some mean demon onto the scene! Ow the edge! This powerful fellas been restored thanks to the brainwashed GGs going out to find Phantom Ruby replicas! Well in that case, you boys better give one hell of a welcoming party!”

Playable: Sonic & Beat
Enemies: Eggman and Infinite
Stage: Crimson Crater

"Final Groove”

The streets are in trouble again? Who's gonna rise to the call? Remember, the streets don't wait for no one! Mama Botnik ain’t gonna be sleepin’ much longer cause these speedies gonna send Eggface packing back to her! Making a last ditch effort to invade Tokyo-To to spite his defeat gonna backfire big time! Jet Set Radioooo!~”

Playable: Sonic/Wisp Sonic & Beat
Enemies: Dr. Eggman/Death Egg Robo and Beat (Zero Beat) X2
Stage: Shibuya-Cho

“Concept of Love”

“Whoa! Hold the phone! Before we wrap up, it seems the GGs got themselves one last invitation. Seems that anyone who’s anyone is gonna be there. No cops to spoil the fun either, so who’re they to refuse? I can only wonder if a certain “dude with the tude” put out a good word for Beat.”

Playable: Beat, Ryo, & Billy
Enemies: Vyse, Nights, and Reala
Stage: Race of Ages

Professor K: “Well that’s all folks! Tokyo-To and Station Square will be able to sleep a little more soundly now. Least as soundly as it gets with the tunes we got playing! Hahaha! Yeah, our main man, Sonic, turned out to not be so bad. Can’t help but wonder if the GGs stand a chance at keeping up with that lickety fast mach speed with just a pair of Radium charged skates. Let’s get some callers to get in on this. You’re on the air! Jet Set Radiooo!~”

Sonic: (Voice Only) “Oh hey! Yeah…honestly I think they’ve got a fair chance and I’m sure that Sonic could pick up a few tricks too. Just as long as they help clean up this city they tagged up after that initial misunderstanding.”

Professor K: “Hey, what you saying, fool! Last I checked, that’s been covered by city hall or wherever!”

Sonic: (Voice only) “I guess, though I would say the two can let bygones be bygones.

Professor K: “You heard it here, folks! Now all that’s left is for the GGs to issue out the challenge and we’ll see if the Blue Blur shows that he’s got the moves to go with the tude!”

Sonic: (Appears, blurring into the room) “Heh! Challenge accepted. I’ll be seeing you for a little downhill chase pretty soon, Beat.”

Professor K: “Whoa! What the what?!” *this is followed by the sound of Professor K falling over*

Sonic: “Ooops. Well….peace out then, Tokyo-To. Catch you on the flipside.”

(Faster Than a Whirlwind) BGM: “Revenge of Shinobi – Stage 1”

*Various still images from the 2002 Shinobi and other titles are shown as narration scrolls over it*

Narration: “A clan of warriors and mystics, the Oboro people have helped to defend the land of Japan for since times of old. Eventually they would study the covert arts of stealth, deception, and assassination arts of the Iga shinobi and with the combination of Iga shinobi arts and the Oboro's martial and mystical arts, the Oboro Ninja Clan was born. Hailed as Ninja of justice, this organization fought against conflicts and the evils that exploited them. The famed ninja clan is said to have organized all the active Ninja in Japan. However, through the evil machinations of the sorcerer, Hiruko, that the clan had nearly come to an end following the awakening of the cursed sword, Akujiki. The Golden Palace rose in Tokyo and Hellspawn ravaged the city. The Oboro were exterminated and their bodies were controlled as pawns by HIruko. All the remained as the head of the Oboro and sole remaining heir, Hotsuma. It is believed that he gave his life in sealing the cursed blade’s power in the process of defeating HIruko. However, no body was found at the scene and it was believed that Hotsuma had simply gone into seclusion. In spite of this, through the Shinobi organization the Oboro was contracted to as well as twists in time itself, the clan had somehow resurfaced. In addition, while its power had remained dormant, Akujiki had been reassembled. Its current user, Hibana, had gone missing along with Jiro Musashi, a Shinobi from the past who had helped reform the Oboro. Hotsuma had no choice but to take up the cursed blade once again and discover the mystery behind the clan’s disappearances. However, it is through an unseen hand that he would come across another lone hero. One who could only be described as the embodiment of the wind itself.”

“Restoring the Oboro Clan”

“Clan members were held in the city by an unknown faction. A factionw hose army consisted of strange egg-like machines. Hotsuma took it upon himself to liberate his clan members.”

Playable: Hotsuma
Enemies: Egg Army Trooper x3
Stage: Tokyo Rooftops

“Pursue the Terrorist”

“The leader of these unknown enemies has flown away to the warehouse district. Hotsuma begins pursuit, seeking resolution.”

Playable: Hotsuma
Enemies: Conquering Storm
Stage: Tokyo Rooftops

“Enter the Enemy’s Hideout”

“Believing he had cornered his enemy, Hotsuma is ambushed by mechanical soldiers. Steel would meet steel as enemies fell to his blade.”

Playable: Hotsuma
Enemies: Eggrobo x3
Stage: Oriental City

“Chaotix Super Shinobi”

“The faction leaders reveal themselves, showing animosity towards Shinobi. A kindred shadow reveals himself, but of what faction does he belong to?”

Playable: Hotsuma & Espio
Enemies: Lightning Lynx and Conquering Storm
Stages: Oriental City

“Iron Resurrection”

“The contracted Shinobi for hire reveals that he knows where the army had originated from. Hotsuma arrives, finding a noble beast enthralled by the enemy’s power.”

Playable: Hotsuma & Espio
Enemies: Iron Khan
Stage: Dragon Kingdom

“Iron Body and Iron Dominance”

“The warriors regains his senses and the armory’s masters reveal themselves. Justice will be done and Hotsuma will reveal nothing is stronger than his own iron will.”

Playable: Hotsuma & Monkey Khan
Enemies: Iron King and Iron Queen
Stage: Dragon Kingdom

“The Shadow Masters”

“The masters or iron were themselves merely pawns. The Eggman Empire sought the Oboro’s secrets for its own vile purposes.”

Playable: Hotsuma, Espio, & Monkey Khan
Enemies: Death Egg Robo and Snively
Stage: Dragon Road

“The Fighting Wind”

“The wind is faster than a hurricane, yet another is faster still. The enemy of one’s enemy becomes an ally to the Shinobi.”

Playable: Hotsuma & Sonic
Enemies: Eggrobo x3
Stage: Dragon Road

“Enemy Pursuit”

“The Oboro act in solitude. For now he parts ways with a potential ally. Others in Eggman’s employ may lead him to their master.”

Playable: Hotsuma
Enemies: Nack and Speedy
Stage: Speed Highway

“After Burner”

“Hotsuma goes by sea, learning of Dr. Eggman’s air base. One allied with Sonic arrives, attacking enemies with Volken Cannons and missiles, though the battle has yet to reach its climax.”

Playable: Hotsuma & Cyclone Tails/X-Tornado
Enemies: Gamma MK2 (Beta) and ZERO
Stage: Huge Crisis

“Shadow Dancers”

“Arriving at his destination, Hotsuma encounter enemies that like him rely on deception. Another solitary warrior clad in black soon makes his entrance.”

Playable: Hotsuma & Shadow
Enemies: Metal Sonic and Infinite
Stage: Wing Fortress


“The battles brings ruin and the ship crashes down. False Shinobis soon ambush, programmed with a pale imitation of the Oboro way.”

Playable: Hotsuma
Enemies: Ninja Hero Scratch x3
Stage: Scrap Valley

“Return of the Sonic Terminator”

“The metal pursuer arrives, intending to end the lives of his target. With every attack the machine endures, his synthetic anger only grows in strength.”

Playable: Hotsuma & Sonic
Enemies: Metal Sonic/Powered Metal Sonic
Stage: Scrap Valley

“All-Out Monster Attack?”

“Coming onto an enemy base with an allied agent, a monster emerges from the rubble. The mechanized king of monsters begins its counterattack.”

Playable: Sonic, Rouge, & Hotsuma
Enemies: Mongroun
Stage: Scrap Brain

“Unexpected Battle on the Railway”

“Shadows of the past emerge as Hotsuma boards a train to the Eggman Empire. The remnants of Neo-Zeed are allied with Eggman, attacking with artificial heroes turned evil.”

Playable: Hotsuma
Enemies: Spider-Man (Spiderbat) and Batman (Devilbat)
Stage: Radical Train

“Return of the Ninja Master”

“A rift in time brings another encounter as Hotsuma approaches Neo-Zeed’s base. The Oboro’s founder bearing the Oborozuki. The super shinobi, Joe Musashi!”

Playable: Hotsuma
Enemies: Joe Musashi
Stage: Seasonal Shrines

“The False Shinobi”

“According to Musashi, the clan members are being used in Eggman’s experiments, transferring their skills onto robots. These transgressions shall not go unopposed.”

Playable: Hotsuma & Joe Musashi
Enemies: Heavy Shinobi
Stage: Seasonal Shrines

“Body Weapon”

“Further experimentation lied within the base. Creatures from alien worlds were in Neo –Zeed’s captivity. A personal grudge is renewed as brother is put against brother.”

Playable: Hotsuma, Joe Musashi, & Shadow
Enemies: Eclipse/Monster Eclipse and Black Warrior x2
Stage: Oil Ocean

“The Electric Demon Amidst Destruction”

“Moving out from the base, an unexpected ally gives aid to the Oboro. The Raiju were themselves pawns, now seeking independence.”

Playable: Joe Musashi & Lightning Lynx
Enemies: Gamma MK2 (Beta) and Heavy Magician
Stage: Oil Ocean

“Burning Downtown”

“Eggman begins his raid, bringing destruction to many innocents. Such evil will not be unopposed. Akujiki will awaken, taking in the souls of those who would do evil.”

Playable: Hotsuma, Joe Musashi, & Espio
Enemies: Black Warrior x3
Stage: Westopolis

“Revenge of Shinobi”

“The final pursuit begins. Eggman flees to the stars, yet there is no where he can run when justice is unyielding.”

Playable: Hotsuma & Sonic
Enemies: Heavy Shinobi and Eclipse
Stage: Cosmic Angel

“Cruel Illusion”

“Eggman’s right hand reveals his cruel power. Allies are plagued with visions of fallen comrades. Let their souls be at rest.”

Playable: Sonic, Tails, & Hotsuma
Enemies: Infinite, Tommy, and Johnny
Stage: Death Egg – Sonic 2

CG Cutscene: Brother Against Brother                       (BGM: “Call”)

Hotsuma slashes through two of Infinite’s illusions. There is a momentary pause before the two fall to pieces. They split apart into Infinite’s cubes that are then absorbed into Akujiki, held out by Hotsuma. Infinite then hovers into view, Eggman just behind him in a control center.

Infinite: “Well done. You’ve impressed me so far, Shinobi.”

Infintie raises a hand as Hotsuma grunts, holding Akujiki which surges with energy similar to Infinite’s

Infinite: “Yet even still you’ve fallen prey to my trap!”

Hotsuma is forced back as another white-haired blur moves past him, now standing opposite from Hotsuma. Moritsune stands there, his body glitching similar to Infinite’s other illusions

Hotsuma: “I can’t be! You…do you believe I will fall for this illusion?!”

Infinite: “What I make becomes reality and you are now being confronted with the reality of your failures. One who has slain his brother and brought forth his own destruction!”

Infinite laughs as Moritsune draws his sword.

Moritsune: “It is time, Hotsuma. The pain I have endured by my hand. Which will you fall to? Your curse, my blade, or your own despair?”

He begins to approach, but stops as Hotsuma himself begins to laugh softly. Eggman quirks an eye and slams his fist down.

Eggman: “Hey! What’s so funny?!”

Hotsuma: “Is this all you have to show me? I indeed threw my life away when I killed my brother…and I once chose to due along with Akujiki’s curse, but there is still more to be done.”

Hotsuma holds his sword in front of himself

Hotsuma: “Whatever happens, the Oboro will bring swift justice onto their enemies once again!”

Explosions are then heard throughout the Death Egg as Eggman looks to several monitors.

Eggman: “What?! What is this?!

Sonic is behind Hotsuma and waving a finger.

Sonic: “Heh-heh! Our leet ninja here made sure to bring a few friends to the party. Hope you don’t mind.

Images are then shown of Hibana riding robot ships along the Egg Gate area, jumping from one to another and slashing enemies in mid-air. Hayate charges through the corridor as his dog tackles shielded Egg Pawn, stunning it for a moment as he slashes though the remaining Pawns. Jiro Musashi jumps off from a moving conveyor belt within the Death Egg, using the distorted gravity to his advantage as he slices several of the Death Egg’s Spike Bombers and Chainspikes into pieces. Joe Musashi runs with Espio and Lynx, running by and slashing at the sides of the Red Eyes boss. As the Red Eye comes loose, they spin mid-air and toss a synchronized storm of kunai at the center eye, the machine exploding soon after.  Back in the main control room, Sonic charges at Infinite while Hotsuma locks blades with Moritsune.

Hotsuma: “The revenge of the Oboro is at hand. Let it end here!”



“Infinite believes he has already won, revealing an image of Hotsuma’s fallen brother, Moritsune, slain by the Oboro’s own hand. Hotsuma’s resolve has been tempered and evil shall be punished.”

Playable: Sonic & Hotsuma
Enemies: Infinite and Hotsuma (Moritsune)
Stage: Death Egg – Sonic 2

“The Secret of the Shinobi”

“The final battle has come. Eggman will soon pay for his crimes. Even those of different clans come together for a common cause. The revenge of Shinobi!”

Playable: Hotsuma, Espio, & Joe Musashi
Alternate: Lightning Lynx and Conquering Storm
Enemies: Egg Dragoon and Egg Emperor
Stage: Death Egg – S&K

Sonic: “The battle has ended. The egg of darkness burns and shakes the earth as it lands. The silent wind gently surrounds…aw man, do I really gotta read this? It’s so corny and takes itself too seriously.”

Espio: “I can take over from here if you wish.”

Sonic: “Knock yourself out.”

Espio: “The silent wind surrounded Hotsuma and comforted his wounded body. In this world of confusion, evil will continue to thrive and will rise again one day.”

Sonic: “Well duh. This is Eggman we’re talking about.”

Espio: “Ahem…when history takes another turn, there will be a man running in the darkness. He will be a shadow. He will be….Shinobi.”

Sonic: “Okay, not bad. I take it that Hotsuma himself chose not to stick around.

Espio: “He leaves as quickly as he enters in silence. The very kind of Shinobi I would strive to be. I admire that he would continue to bear such a heavy burden.”

Sonic: “In the meantime, I’m assuming our other resident Shinobi here has the Detective Agency’s electric bill to worry about for right now.”

Espio: “Er…yes quite, but once all debts are made, I will strive to be…a Super Shinobi!”

Sonic: “No Chaos Emeralds required for that I take it. Well time for this hurricane to disperse! Nin-nin!”

Espio: “Where did-?! Hm. Perhaps Sonic has some latent ninja skills he hasn’t been telling me about.”

(Cast into a Dream) BGM: “Shenmue – Main Theme”

Ryo: “Often in my dreams, I see them. The mysterious mirrors that guide me on this long quest. My father and the man who killed him. Finally, there is a girl, that I have only just met, yet she appeared frequently in my dreams. She says this.”

“He shall appear from a far eastern land across the sea...
A young man who has yet to know his potential...
This potential is a power that could either destroy him or realize his will...
His courage shall determine his fate...
The path he must traverse, fraught with adversity, I await whilst praying...
For this destiny predetermined since ancient times...
A pitch black night unfolds with the morning star as its only light...
And thus the saga... begins”

“And yet…I feel as if it has been forever. That I have waited longer than I had anticipated when it comes to finding the man who had killed my father and that I will never discover the truth behind why he was killed. Yet somehow I feel I won’t have to wait much longer. I feel that I will soon find some actualization to this long self-imposed quest. I remember last when I was in Bailu Village in China. I had finally met that mysterious girl in my dreams, one who may have the answers I’m seeking, Shenhua Ling. Yet…for some reason I find myself now back in my hometown back in Japan. I didn’t know why I was back in Yokosuka. I looked to the familiar capsule machine outside the store and the miniatures inside. I think to one of my favorite video games growing up. About a blue hedgehog that always presses forward no matter the odds. I must steel my resolve and keep a similar determination close to heart.”

“Tiger Knuckle & Hawk”

“I walked through Yokosuka past the harbor area. I reminisced on my time working with Mark when I had to take a job working with forklifts…just before I met Guizang and Master Chen. I thought that I would find someone familiar, yet through the faces I couldn’t find anyone. Eventually I saw a man practicing martial arts near the corner. I had a hard time placing what style it was, but he needed a better place to practice, somewhere that allows him more room. He nearly stumbled into the harbor when a made a move to quickly catch him by the hand.”

*QTE Sound Effect*

Hawk: “Gee, thanks a lot, kid. I almost fell into the drink for a moment there.”

Ryo: “I saw you practicing just a moment ago. Is there any chance you could teach me some moves?”

Playable: Ryo
Enemies: Hawk
Stage: Yokosuka Harbor

“Like A Samurai”

“I thanked Mr. Hawk and said goodbye to him. I felt at home back at Yokosuka, but at the same time it felt unfamiliar. I half expected to see familiar faces like Goro or even Tom in spite of the fact that he had gone back to America last I saw him. Part of me wanted to let Nozomi know how I was doing, along with everyone back at the Hazuki Dojo. At that moment, I noticed I was being followed by someone.”

Tanaka: “Forgive me for imposing. I noticed you sparring with Mr. Hawk earlier. You have a magnificent style and a serious expression, not unlike a samurai.”

Ryo: “A samurai?”

Playable: Ryo
Enemies: Mr. Tanaka
Stage: Yokosuka Harbor

“Can’t Stand Bullies”

“I ended up sparring with Tanaka-san as well. I don’t use a sword style quite like the kind he admires, yet I feel I learned a lot from him. I turned a corner and…saw a strange sight. This creature with a long tail was fighting two fearsome beasts. I didn’t know what to make of the situation, yet regardless I can’t stand those who would bully others.”

Ryo: “Two against one isn’t good odds. Let’s see how you fight now.”

Rough: “Ehhhh?~ Bug out of this, schoolboy! Go home!”

Playable: Ryo & Tangle
Enemies: Rough N’ Tumble
Stage: Yokosuka Harbor

“You Must Play…Now!”

“This…lemur, I think, thanked me for helping her and left in a hurry. I didn’t know what to make of suddenly seeing animals on two feet. I looked around myself and suddenly saw others, not unlike the ones from earlier, walking around like everyone else. I almost reminded me of that one video game. I needed to clear my head. I looked to the video arcade as I passed it, but knew that I needed to stay focuses. Before I knew it, I bumped into someone. At first glance I thought it was my father, but…”

Segata: “True men play the QTE challenge! Play until your fists bleed!”

Ryo: “Wait, what?!”

Playable: Ryo
Enemies: Segata Sanshiro
Stages: Yokosuka Harbor

“The Arcade Expert”

“I felt as if I had been fighting for my life just then. Rather than anger Segata-san further, I went to the arcade and saw the familiar sight of Sonic the Fighters. It was odd given the situation, but I felt as if playing this would give me some clarity to what was going on. I inserted a coin and reached for the joystick. Before I knew what was happening, it was as if I was pulled into the game itself!”

Ryo: “What’s going on? Is that…Sonic the Hedghog?”

Playable: Ryo
Enemies: Classic Sonic
Stage: Canyon Cruise


“This was all too strange. I was fighting a game that I had often played. It wasn’t in the arcade last I remembered, but it was around back then. Back before my father was taken from me. Something about that felt significant. Before I could think of it any further, I got my next set of opponents.”

Ryo: “I see. I’ll have to keep fighting through the rest then.”

Bean: “Wow. So stone serious. Do you ever smile at all?”

Playable: Ryo
Enemies: Bean and Bark
Stage: Canyon Cruise

“Cat Punch!”

“It kept going on like this. I kept fighting from one opponent to the next. It was strange fighting characters that I had grown to admire, yet fighting as if they were real people. Near the end, I fought a character that I had never seen in the game I once played.”

Ryo: “Never seen this one in the game. It seems…kinda familiar.”

Honey: “Hee-hee. Better now focus too hard or you’ll get knocked for a loop.”

Playable: Ryo
Enemies: Honey
Stage: Canyon Cruise

“Ticket to Hong Kong?”

“I was almost expecting for me to fight the final bosses. That would be quite the challenge. Metal Sonic would put me through my paces, though Eggman in that particular game would be pretty disappointing. Before I knew it, the arena I was fighting in suddenly fell away and I drifted downwards. I had a feeling for a moment this feeling of falling into nothing would be like waking from a dream. Instead, I just fell upon a new scene entirely. It looked like I was back in Kowloon, except that I saw a scene I would have never expected.”

Ryo: “Is that supposed to be Sonic? But…it can’t be!”

Playable: Ryo & Werehog Sonic
Enemies: Dark Titan x2
Stage: Dragon Road

“Mad Angel”

“Indeed, this was a Sonic not unlike the one I had grown up with. Even after changing back from something out of Altered Beast, he seemed a bit different, yet still felt like someone I could relate to. Before we could talk further, another opponent came to fight. I had expected something like Metal Sonic, yet it was something different entirely.”

Sonic: “It’s Scourge! Looks like this will be trouble. Think you can handle it? Might be rough.”

Ryo: “He may seem liked your distorted mirror image, yet he doesn’t feel that different from any battles I’ve had back home. I should be fine.”

Playable: Ryo & Sonic
Enemies: Scourge
Stage: Dragon Road

“For One’s Father”

“This fight came to be tougher than I thought. This Scourge wasn’t one to fight fair and taunted me all the way. I had to invoke my own resolve, remember why I was fighting, and invoke them out loud.”

Scourge: “Really? That it? You’re fighting for the memory of your old man? Give me a break. My old man was never there for me. In fact, I got rid of him myself.”

Ryo: “That it! Someone like you is everything I was taught to stand against!”

Playable: Ryo
Enemies: Scourge/Super Scourge
Stage: Dragon Road

“Let’s Go Away!”

“Somehow in spite of everything I had won. I took in the new surroundings now that I had a moment to myself once we had gotten away from Scourge. I talked with Sonic almost has if he were an old friend. Apparently he really likes chili dogs. I think he would have liked a chance to try the ones that Tom used to sell. It almost felt strange talking so casually with him. Even stranger was that I saw a car…from an entirely different game. Out of nowhere he issued a challenge to us.”

Ryo: “Who are you? What do you want here?”

Sam Speed: “Whoa there, kid. I’m one to live in the fast lane, but take it easy.”

Playable: Ryo & Sonic
Enemies: Sam Speed (Hornet)
Stage: Oriental City

“Sniffing Around”

“Was I really just fighting a car a moment ago? I felt exhausted and felt I was about to drift off again. When I recollected myself I was suddenly at a higher point overlooking where I had just been. Somehow this city was above everything. For a moment I didn’t know what was real anymore. Instead of Sonic, I saw two other hedgehogs. They knew of Scourge and said he was working on behalf of a criminal syndicate. I immediately thought to Lan-Di and the Chi You Men. Was my search finally over? Before I knew it, we were suddenly attacked.”

Jimmy: “So this here’s the bloke that’s been sniffing round us like some kinda mutt?!”

Ryo: “What? I’ve never even met you before now.”

Stella: “Think he means Cosmic and by the looks of it, you’re the strays that need an attitude adjustment.”

Playable: Ryo, Cosmic, & Stella
Enemies: Jimmy, Melly, and Remie
Stage: Grand Metropolis

“Battle on the Rooftop”

“These hedgehogs seemed well versed in martial arts. It almost felt like I was fighting alongside Ren and Joy again back in Kowloon, though Cosmic seems more Japanese in terms of manners compared to the two. Suddenly the air became hazy. Stella suddenly turned to me and told me that nothing I was expiring was real. She said that I needed to focus back on my goal and that it would lead me back. Before I knew it, they were gone. A large, intimidating man would appear, but it wasn’t Lan-Di.”

Declaw: “You’ve done good so far. At this rate your memories should lead me right to where the Mirrors are.”

Ryo: “You’re ten years too early! Come on!”

Playable: Ryo
Enemies: Nathanial Declaw
Stage: Final Judgment

“In Dreams, Nothing Else Matters”

“This man, Declaw, I had defeated him. The moment I did, all seemed to fade away. I remembered Stella’s words. All this had been like a dream so far. The environment changed again. It felt like a Sega Saturn game I played back in 1986. Wait…that can’t be right. Declaw was there once more, but he was wearing some strange armor and alongside a being in strange clothes, like a circus from overseas. Another one was alongside me, willing to help. I couldn’t even begin to process what was going on, but I head to steel my resolve in spite of it all.”

Reala: “I’ve provided all I can to you so far, visitor. My master expects you to get what we need from this boy.”

Ryo: “My ideals are something you can never touch!”

Playable: Ryo & Nights
Enemies: Reala and Deus Armor Declaw
Stage: Nightmare Zone

“You’re My Number One”

“I had won, yet I felt I was losing myself. I had to hold on. In front of me was a familiar enemy further back when I was still a child. In spite of the challenges these games provided, I had never stopped. I had to remember Sonic. I had to remember this motivation. Even in the search to find my father’s killer, it still inspires me.”

Sonic: “Ready to roll, kid? Let’s go!”

Ryo: “Right! I can’t give up!”

Playable: Ryo, Classic Sonic/Super Sonic, & Sonic/Super Sonic
Enemies: Eggman/Death Egg Robo
Stage: Nightmare Zone



CG Cutscene: “Finally…The Journey Begins”                        (BGM: “Dream/Shenhua”)

The scene starts against a blank background in a scene not unlike dream sequences from the first Shenmue. First with a hawk flying towards the background as if gliding over a lake. Spinning into view is the Dragon Mirror, which spins around and becomes the Phoenix Mirror. Coming into view is Lan-Di, as the mirror move back into the foreground, the background takes on a red tint. Dread fills the atmosphere as the camera closes in to Lan-Di’s eye. The image of Lan-Di suddenly fades away like rippling water as the background then takes on a bluer tint. Vaguely seen far in the background is a Saturn-esque polygon of Sonic giving a thumbs up. It splits apart into triangular pixels as the background goes to normal. An image of the moon is shown and Shenhua comes into view, turning around to the camera.

Shenhua: “Ryo?”

We suddenly see Ryo stirring awake. From his point of view we see Shenhua looking over him. Ryo is in a house in the secluded mountains of Gulin back in China.

Shenhua: “I was worried for a moment. You were sleeping in pretty late.”

Ryo looks around, taking in his surroundings for a moment before sitting up to his feet. He sighs and looks around.

Ryo: “It’s alright. I just had another long dream.”

She nods with a smile, feeling reassured. As she moves out of view, we hear her speak.

Shenhua: “Well be heading out towards the caves near the quarry soon as soon as you have some breakfast.”

Ryo then looks to a table with his belongings on it. On it is a classic style Sonic figurine much like the kind Ryo won from gacha machines in previous games.

Shenhua: “If what you told me is correct, I think we might be able to find what you’ve been looking for once we get there. Do you think you’ll be ready?”

Ryo then reaches forward and takes the figurine in his hand, he observes it for a moment. Ryo then looks up with renewed determination as he clenches the figurine in his hand for a moment.

Ryo: “Yeah”

He sets it back down and reaches for his jacket as he stands up.

Ryo: “I think I’ll be ready to finally move forward.”

Ryo then walks forwards slipping his jacket on and slowly walking out of focus towards the door as the camera focuses on the foreground with the figurine on the table that has Sonic posing with a thumbs up.
USF: Scenario - Sega Crossovers 2
So I am of course focusing on narrowing down guest scenarios (and some OC ones later on) for the on-going future so as to lighten my load. Here's three in particular based around Jet Set Radio, the Shinobi series, and Shenmue respectively. As you can tell, I did things a bit differently than usual in an attempt to invoke the feel of each respective series. The Shenmue one in particular might come off as somewhat bizarre, though I tried to make it sort of a tribute to the development team at AM2 as well as the Sega Saturn era of Sega that preceded the Dreamcast. As usual here's a list of miscellaneous voice actors.

Professor K: Billy Brown/Hisao Egawa

Moritsune: Casey Robinson/Toshiyuki Morikawa

Shenhua: Akasha Scholen/Hazuki Ishigaki

Now I of course am welcome to suggestions on which scenarios I should focus on next. Should I do more scenarios with my OCs, focusing on story arcs for Team Dreamcast and the M Syndicate in particular? Should I do the cartoon ones with MLP and Street Sharks of all things? Should I move on to the comic ones featuring Marvel and DC or perhaps the anime centered ones with Naruto and Sword Art Online. I also have odd ones out with Viewtiful Joe getting a stand-alone scenario along with a scenario based on the Sonic story pack from Lego Dimensions. Whatever I choose, I will of course get them out in pairs, so feel free to throw me a bone here. Just try to narrow it down to one thing instead of saying "I'd like either "blank" or "blank" for the next one." I will of course try to get these running little by little.

Edit: Someone surprised me with Joe Musashi, who can be seen as below.

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Heya, my name's Morph, as some people know me on here.. I'm not much of an artist, I just come on here to check other people's works, keep in touch with peeps I know, and give comments on certain pieces I like. As of recently I'm trying my hand at fanfics, which I haven't done in forever. If I have anything to put up I'll be sure to put it up on here, so watch if anything comes up int he gallery or even the scraps. Also if anyone is good enough friends with me and I happen to put you on the number of accounts I watch, I highly recommend returning the favor and watching mine.

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Well I gotta tell you. These past few days have been well deserved for me in getting some time away from work. Pre-Easter traffic has of course been rough on me and I did at the very least get to take it easy on Easter Sunday where I got to spend time with the family. I of course have also been prepping up for a potential internship with a local software firm. At the moment I’m just practicing with a new software I will potentially be using. But I have to play a little confession booth in regards to here and there right now. For starters, my mom and I have been kinda talking about what I need to be doing for the future and how I should be approaching that internship. I am a little concerned whether I’ll have much time for affairs on DA as often, which you get down to it are just hobbies. Not to mention just how I’ll be arranging my personal schedule. In addition back at my current job, there’s been this one guy at work that just bugs the heck out of me. He’s just so bossy and rude to everyone in general, but I’m not gonna name names in regards to that. Seems that for every obnoxious co-worker that leaves there’s always another to take their place. Of course in general, I do my darndest to get along with everyone in my job.  

Back to the vacation, the ocean was of course a bit too cold since we’re still in Spring here, but it got better after the first time around. This trip was mostly just a chance to take it easy more than anything. The reason behind my little Photoshop from earlier was cause I had recently played Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble on DS. Basically it’s the only installment of the series I hadn’t played before now. Great stuff, though the touch screen gimmick can be a pain to work with. That said, it still had everything I liked about the series and now I feel slightly emptier since the series has been discontinued with no more installments for me to play. But I perked myself up remembering the good times it’s given me. As I mentioned, I of course saw Avengers: Endgame. Its long, but the length is very much worth it. I can basically describe it as a celebration of the MCU up to this point. Honestly, I really can’t say anything without giving away the whole movie since the trailers were very much deliberately hiding a lot. I’m just gonna say that Captain Marvel is not as prominent as you would think (though is pretty OP) and there’s less time spent in space than you would think. They still get to make use of those white and red outfits we been advertised with though. And yes, there is a “Professor Hulk”, “Smart Hulk”, “Nerd Hulk”; whichever you want to call him. That much marketing did give away. Also, Thanos is most definitely the big bad, there’s no surprise villains tossed in to supplant him. That’s it. That’s all I can say. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

So let’s talk about other movies and games. I did of course manage to see Captain Marvel just in time. I skipped out on Shazam and Hellboy for the time being. Gonna wait til DVD for those, though I hear the former was pretty decent. Captain Marvel is of course a movie filled with “nointies” stuff to balance out all the eighties throwbacks we’ve gotten in recent memory. You know, classic gray Game Boys and MP3s that took forever to download. The titular character’s pretty likable and generally cool. Again, pretty OP once she takes the “training wheels” off though. What about the Skrulls though? Well…the Skrulls exist to deceive you. I mean they’re shapeshifters after all, I’m not implying there’s some plot twist playing on our expectations. : P There’s also a bit of an anticlimax with the story behind Nick Fury’s eyepatch, but I’m fine with that. I also saw Bumblebee on Blu-Ray. Once on my lonesome and another time with my niece when she made a surprise visit. It’s not the best thing ever, but decent and generally an improvement from the Michael Bay films. Though the best thing I found about it is that unlike those films it doesn’t have an overextended runtime. Also, Bumblebee does speak in the beginning. I thought it was Johnny Yong Bosch reprising his role from recent takes on the character at first, but it wasn’t. I also gave a shot to a few sandbox games. I am currently looking at Arkham City though earlier I tried Shadow or Mordor, which is pretty much that with a little of Assassin’s Creed thrown in. I did play the glitch PS3 version, but I made the most of it.

Now in terms of other movies, my folks actually weren’t that impressed with the new Mary Poppins. I had some happy tears on revisiting childhood, though my folks and plenty others felt it “recycled” too much from the original. Though I hear the original sin for that came from the original book sequels that did the same thing. It’s still toe tappy peppy and has some memorable songs to it. A while back I also checked out the free first episodes on Dc Universe. Honestly…I’m on the fences when it comes to getting into streaming services outside of Netflix. Its frustrating cause stuff like Disney, DC/WB, and so many others are getting their own services after jumping away from Netflix. It kinda feels like major third party game developers jumping off from the big three console developers, thus giving said consoles nothing but their own stuff and maybe a few indie titles. We really don’t need some “steam service war” and feel like some stuff could easily be aired on tv. Like the time CBS showed a preview of their new Star Trek, but anyone who didn’t get the heads up beforehand get left more than a little disappointed that they needed to subscribe to see the rest when they were expecting to see a new Star Trek on tv after all these years. That said, the R-rated factor of some shows does factor into some not being on tv. Which brings us back to what I saw from DC Universe. From trailers, I lot of peeps wrote off Titans as being too grimdark and from first impressions on actually seeing it…yeah, it kinda is. Some of the violence got me going “Holy crap, Robin” given that it’s coming from the heroes in this case. Young Justice on the other hand picks up with the series you loved. I also really loved what I saw of Doom Patrol where the whole “anti-hero” deal feels less out of place. So that’s it for right now. It remains to be seen how much my schedule’s gonna change and how much time I’ll have for my projects on here. We’ll see.



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Feeling any better yet?
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Still sore, but hanging in there.
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hey what do you think is  the dumbest boss battle in the history of Sonic the Hedgehog?
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That's....kind of a hard choice.

Off the top of my head possibly Captain Bemoth from Sonic the the Secret Rings, mostly cause of the crummy motion controls.
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for me it's spring yard zone boss.
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