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2003 Teen Titans: Season 2 Terra Arc in a Nutshell
2003 Teen Titans: Season 2 Terra Arc in a Nutshell
:This is something inspired by a dream I had and just something I decided to have fun with:
*Terra is first seen running from a giant scorpion*
TERRA: “I am so OUT of here!”
*The Titans come in from over the horizon*
ROBIN: “She’s IN trouble!”
*Terra proceeds get yellow glowey eyes and smash said scorpion with a rock*
ROBIN: “…And now she’s OUT of trouble.”
*Slade peeks out from behind a ridge*
SLADE: “Oh, I am so IN to this.”
*Beast Boy zooms over to Terra with hearts in his eyes*
BEAST BOY: “Whoa! Far OUT!”
*Group shot of the team*
ROBIN: “We’re the Titans! We’re totally an IN thing.”
*Terra with sad puppy dog eyes*
TERRA: “I’m an OUT-sider…”
*Starfire zooms in with big hug*
STARFIRE: “You’ll fit right IN with us friend!”
*Scenery slides down to Titans Tower interior where Beast Boy zips over
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USF: Scenario - Mania/Forces
(A Different Look at the Past)  BGM: “Main Menu – Sonic Mania”
Boom Knuckles: “Woooooooo!~ Alright! That was a good wrap party. Now…what are we going to do until the next show? I kinda have to wonder who’s going to fill in for Comedy Chimp now that he’s looking for work elsewhere.”
Classic Tails: “Knuckles is that you?”
Boom Knuckles: “Whoa, Tails! You got…extra tiny.”
Classic Tails: “…And you got…really big. What happened to you?”
Boom Knuckles: “Oh you know, I’ve always been pretty swoll. I’m always one to punch me a few rounds around the junkyard to keep the guns loaded.”
Classic Tails: “That’s nice and all, but don’t you have to watch over the Master Emerald over on the Floating Island?”
Boom Knuckles: “Oh yeah I did have an island a while back didn’t I? Think I last saw it when…”
Classic Knuckles: “
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USF: Classic Segasonic Allies
Name: Mighty the Armadillo (Johnny Yong Bosch/Nobuyuki Hiyama)
Alternate Skins:
Classic- Mighty as he looks in SegaSonic arcade
Blockhead- Resembles Mighty's father from the Fleetway series
Worker- Mighty wearing overalls and a hard hat
Xtreme- A similar looking badnik from the unreleased Xtreme game
Prelate- Mighty's alternate self from Dark Mobius
Flex- Mighty wearing the clothes from the Chaotix Universe arc
Father- Has the beard and clothes of his father from the Archie series
New- Has his new post-reboot clothes
Monster- Mighty as seen from the Werehog's POV
Movie- Based off concepts from Ken Penders for a rejected Sonic movie
Old Timey- A retro style black and white toon version
Shinobi- Is dressed like Moritsune from the PS2 Shinobi, complete with a silver shell
Dillon- Has apparel similar to the main character from Nintendo's Rolling Western
Pango- Wears the same overalls as Pango from Klonoa Heroes
Intro Quotes:
"Did I miss anything?"
"Do we really gotta fight?"
"Don't go hurt
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USF: Scenario - Sony Guests
(Crash Landing into the Sonic Multiverse)  BGM: “Coco/Cortex– Hologram Themes”
Coco: “Crash? Crash, are you there? Crash!”
Aku Aku: “I’m afraid that Crash cannot hear you, Coco. He has once again wandered into a portal constructed by Dr. Neo Cortex.”
Coco: “Oh no! Not again! Well that’s what we get for getting so comfortable not having to deal with Cortex for so long.”
Aku Aku: “I’m afraid so. No doubt my brother, Uka-Uka, is also at the root of this in spite of any differences the two have had.”
Coco: “Yeah. Last I checked, Cortex had finally gotten tired of Uka-Uka and betrayed him. With what Cortex has to put up with at times, I really don’t blame him.”
Aku Aku: “The only reason I would think of the two coming back together would be if Cortex were to promise my brother something tantalizing that would be of use to his evil agenda. Wait!”
Coco: “Huh? What is it
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USF: Scenario - More Nintendo Scenarios
(Warp Zone to South of the Border)  BGM: “Main Theme – Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics”
(Pauline) “This is Pauline reporting in from 2016’s annual Olympic games, bringing together both the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and its neighboring regions together with different incarnations of Mobius. Things are heated up this year a per arrangements with Princess Rosalina, different incarnations of Team Sonic’s universe will be present and accounted for with a select number of special guests representing. Some in attendance come from the Sol Kingdom and Hedgehog Town just to name a few. As of now, though, outside of maybe seeing a Baby or Paper Mario running around, we’ll mostly be seeing the usual competitors on Team Mario’s end. The opening ceremony is set to be at Tostarena Town and from there warp zones will take competitors to the sites of various events. With me here are two young competitors from Mobius, originating fro
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Extended Smash Bros Crusade Soundtrack
(Extended Smash Bros Crusade Soundtrack)
Battlefield (Crusade)
Battlefield (Wii U/3DS)
Multi Man Smash (Wii U/3DS)
Trophy Rush (Wii U/3DS)
Main Theme (Brawl)
Battlefield (Brawl)
Battlefield Ver. 2 (Brawl)
Cruel Brawl (Brawl)
Multi Man Melee (Melee)
Battlefield (Melee)
Menu (Melee)
Polygon Battle (SSB 64)
Final Destination:
Final Destination (Crusade)
Final Destination Ver. 2 (Crusade)
Final Destination – Old Version (Crusade)
Master Core (Wii U/3DS)
Final Destination (Wii U/3DS)
Final Destination Ver. 2 (Wii U/3DS)
Boss Theme – Subspace Emissary (Brawl)
Tabuu (Brawl)
Final Destination (Brawl)
Final Destination (Melee)
Giga Bowser (Melee)
Vs. Master Hand (SSB 64)
The Beginning
Intro (SSB 64)
Credits (SSB 64)
Duel Zone (SSB 64)
Bonus Game (SSB 64)
Menu/Training Mode (SSB 64)
Character Introduction/How To Play (SSB 64)
Character Select (SSB 64)
Opening (Melee)
Target Smash (Brawl)
Subspace Medley (Brawl)
All-Star Rest Area (Brawl)
Credits (Brawl)
Master/Crazy Orde
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MVC Series - Capcom DLC Skin Music
(Marvel vs Capcom- Capcom DLC Skin Themes)
*Asterisks mark original theme versions, not remixed
Marvel vs Capcom 3:
Ryu (Street Fighter) -
Morrigan (Darkstalkers 3)-
Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)-
Dante (Devil May Cry)-
Felicia (Battle Circuit)-
Chun-Li (Street Fighter Alpha 3)-
Trish (Devil May Cry 4)-
Ammaterasu (Darkstalkers)-
Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe)-
Tron Bonne (Misadventures of Tron Bonne)-
Wesker (Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles)-
*Arthur (Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts)-
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USF: Scenario - Mobile Titles/Sonic Boom Season 2
(The Adventure Continues On and On)  BGM: Ambition – New Menu Theme
“Well that’s all settled. Now that there’s no loose ends, I think I can arrange to get some R & R. Though I think the Zone Cops as a whole will want a breather after helping fix the whole multiverse, so that might be hard.”
“Hey! Isn’t everyone forgetting a universe?”
“Well what else is there? I know by now new zones are developing, but after focusing so much on the Prime universe…wait, where did you come from?!”
“Oh, I’m an Omochao! I just wanted to let everyone know just wait the Sonic we started off with has been doing these days. All that focus was put into your so-called Prime zone along with that one where Sonic’s being all fashionable with the scarf.”
“Okay, okay. Fair point. I’ve been tasked to watch over one zone in particular so far that I almost forgot about all that came before it.”
“Well i
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USF: Comic Book Guest Characters
Name: Spider-Man (Josh Keaton/Shinji Kawada)
Alternate Skins:
Peter Parker- Spider-Man in his various civilian outfits
Spectacular- A silver-age “armpit web” look much like that seen in Spectacular Spider-Man
Scarlet- Various incarnations of the Scarlet Spider
Wrestler- The various wrestling outfits from the origin stories as seen in comics and film
Bagman- The Bombastic Bag-Man outfit provided by Johnny Storm following the original black suit storyline
Armor- The silver armored suit that was used to fight the Enforcers
Big Time- The stealth suit from the Big Time storyline
Identity Crisis- The four alternate identities from the Identity Crisis storyline
Fantastic- The Future Foundation suit and other outfits worn alongside the Fantastic Four
Ultimate- The Miles Morales outfit and other Ultimate incarnations
Spiderverse- Various alternate versions of Spider-Man
Insomniac- The version from one of the most recent video games
Film- The movie versions as seen in all three major
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USF: Guest Characters 4
Name: Viewtiful Joe (Dee Bradley Baker/Tomokazu Seki)
Alternate Skins:
Boss Fight- Joe wearing the face mask seen in various boss fights
Average- Joe as seen without his outfit
Phat Hat- Similar to above, but with a red shirt and v emblem on his hat
Another- Based off the Another Joe boss battle
Raging Stone- A rocky variant of the above
Blue- A more physically fit version of Captain Blue
Junior- Based off of Captain Blue Jr.
Alastor- Based off of Joe’s re-occurring rival
Jet Black- Based off the forms of Viewtiful Joe 2’s Black Emperor
Trouble- A depowered monochrome Joe from Double Trouble
Gold- A golden Joe as if transformed from Bloody Rachael
Lost a Bet- Joe wearing a yellow outfit
Tuxedo- Joe with and without his helmet wearing a white tuxedo
Sparda- Joe wearing Dante’s signature outfit
Quick Man- Joe’s outfit made to look more like Quick Man from the Mega Man series
Killer Hand- Based off the leader of the Mad Midgit Five from Godhand
Sonicman- Joe with a
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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Alternate Theme DLC
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Alternate Theme DLC
Captain America – Infinite Classic:
Spider-Man – Infinite Classic:
Iron Man – Marvel Super Heroes:
Hulk – Marvel vs Capcom:
Thanos – Marvel Super Heroes:
Venom – Marvel vs Capcom:
Thor – Marvel vs Capcom 3:
Hawkeye – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:
Rocket Raccoon – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:
Nova – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:
Ghost Rider – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:
Dr. Strange – Ult
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USF: M Syndicate
Name: Nathanial Declaw (Dameon Clarke/Norio Wakamoto)
Alternate Skins:
Battle- Declaw without his leather coat
Formal- Declaw wearing a fancy suit tailored for his size
Military- Declaw now wears a German-styled military uniform
Soleanna- Declaw resembles the Duke of Soleanna from Sonic 06
Admiral- Resembles Galcian from Skies of Arcadia
Shadoloo- Now wears the outfit of M. Bison from Street Fighter
Satsui no Hadou- Has Akuma’s various outfits and haircuts
Geese- Wears the hakama of Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury series
Omega- Now resembles Rugal from the King of Fighters series
Addes- Resembles Duke from the King of Fighters: Maximum Impact spinoffs
Mishima- Resembles different versions of Tekken’s Kazuya Mishima
X Syndicate- Resembles Mr. X from the Streets of Rage series
No Items Ever!- Has the hair and outfit of Barbatos Goetia from the Tales series
Dark Million- Declaw is dressed like Black Shadow from the F-Zero games
No Heart- Resembles various versions of Xehanort
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USF: Sega Characters 2
Name: Beat (Josh Keaton/Shinji Kawada)
Alternate Skins:
Future- Beat as he looks in Jet Set Radio Future
Wii- Beat as he would have looked in a cancelled Wii sequel
Cel- Beat looks cel-shaded with Dreamcast style graphics
Zero- Has some traits similar to Zero Beat
Police- Beat now has the riot gear of the Tokyo-To police
Corn- Has features and clothes similar to either version of Corn/Tab
Combo- has skin tone and clothes similar to either version of Combo
YoYo- Has the hair, glasses, and jacket of either version of Yo-Yo
Garam- Has the skin tone and apparel of either version of Garam
Slate- Has the features and jacket of either version of Slate/Soda
Clutch- Resembles Clutch from Jet Set Radio Future
Professor K- Now resembles either version of Professor K
Noise Tanks- Resembles members of the Nose Tanks
Poison Jam- Resmbles members of Poison Jam
Rhinos- Beat has the outfits of various Golden Rhinos members
Street Hunter- Dressed like Skate from the Streets of Rage games
Intro Quotes:
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USF: Guest Characters 5
Name: Reiji Arisu & Xiaomu (Matthew Mercer/Kazuhiko Inoue)
(Wendee Lee/Omi Minami)
Alternate Skins:
Past- Reiji has a theoretical image of his father, while Xiaomu has a different outfit
Wedding- The two dressed as a bride and groom respectively
Endless Frontier- The two are dressed like Haken Browning and Kaguya Nanbu
JP Ouma- Reiji wears an Ouma mask and uniform while Xiaomu resembles Saya
NA Ouma- Reiji is dressed like a Sword unit while Xiaomu resembles Sheath
Koryuji- The two now resemble Kogoro Tenzai and Mii Koryuuji
SRW Compact2- The two are dressed like Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning respectively
BravoMomo- The two are dressed like Bravo Man and Wonder Momo
Druaga- The two are dressed like Gil and Ki
DigDug- The two are dressed like Taizo Hori and Masuyo “Kissy” Tobi
God Eater- The two now resembled Soma and Alisa from the God Eater series
Sakura Wars- The two dressed as various Sakura Wars characters, including Shinjiro from V for Reiji
SegaSonic- The two dre
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SJvC Exceed Win Quotes: Kaguya (Final Boss)
(Kaguya Osutsuki) Stage Theme: “Lament of Kaguya”/”Syukusei no Megami”
(vs Goku) …Super Saiyajin God? You claim so much to your powers that has been proven false. What you see…is a true goddess.
(vs Vegeta) Prince of Saiyajin…you who have stumbled into my dimension, from the very beginning you were not worth my attention.
(vs Piccolo) “Hahahahaha! Did you truly think that even if your attempt to destroy my mother’s home would work, that it would mean anything at this point?”
(vs Frieza) Where you stand upon is my precious nursery. I will not let your destructive energy damage it any further.
(vs Luffy) “From the beginning you’ve been just as unpredictable just like that one Shinobi. Mother, we should just kill this boy right now.”
(vs Zoro) What is it that you seek? Is it simply…my defeat? There is no chance for you to possibly win here.
(vs Nami) “Oh…what is this? Your powe
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SJvC Exceed VS Quotes: Rathalos (Mid-Boss)
(Rathalos) Stage Theme: Rathalos Theme – Monster Hunter
(Goku) Now that takes me back! I used to get guys just a big as you for a nice meal, though I was a lot smaller back then.
(Vegeta) Was that all you have? Even as a child, I had far worse than you act as merely a warm-up.
(Piccolo) Not the kind of dragon I quite expected to be summoned. Whatever you are, you’re making way too much noise for my liking.
(Frieza) Hmm? It seems that you’ve yet to realize which of us is more terrifying. Shall I just kill you immediately with one shot or draw this out a bit more?
(Luffy) Alright! Not all we need is to find Sanji and cook us up some dragon meat! Mmm~…so tasty!
(Zoro) Cutting up a dragon like you is nothing new for me. I suppose something like you will beat out whatever Sanji’s brought in.
(Nami) Eyaaaaaaa!~ Getting the treasures and rewards we get for this had better be worth it! All this just for some dragon eggs?!
(Naruto) Holy crap! Is this the kind of mi
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Shim Sham's Bizarre Adventure Arcade Fighter OST
Shim Sham's Bizarre Adventure Arcade OST
Sunset Shimmer Theme:
Twilight Sparkle / Sci-Twi Theme:
Rainbow Dash Theme:
Rarity Theme:
Applejack Theme:
Pinkie Pie Theme:
Fluttershy Theme:
Bulk Biceps Theme:
Discord Theme:
Starlight Glimmer Theme:
Lightning Dust Theme:
Trixie Lulamoon Theme:
Gilda Theme:
DJ Pon-3 Theme:
Suri Polomare Theme:
:iconredrojo17:redrojo17 3 2
SU Vs. MMSF: Mina Mongoose by Burningmario234 SU Vs. MMSF: Mina Mongoose :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 5 1 Mina Mongoose by Samyluiz Mina Mongoose :iconsamyluiz:Samyluiz 8 1 Miles X Mina by MatheusSantos4
Mature content
Miles X Mina :iconmatheussantos4:MatheusSantos4 2 0
Bunny Power Blast 2 by LinkG07 Bunny Power Blast 2 :iconlinkg07:LinkG07 63 23 Blossom Power Blast 2 by LinkG07 Blossom Power Blast 2 :iconlinkg07:LinkG07 45 10 Buttercup Power Blast 2 by LinkG07 Buttercup Power Blast 2 :iconlinkg07:LinkG07 75 19 Bubbles Power Blast 2 by LinkG07 Bubbles Power Blast 2 :iconlinkg07:LinkG07 67 19 Sonic Reeboot (2016) - Group Image by Moheart7 Sonic Reeboot (2016) - Group Image :iconmoheart7:Moheart7 101 72 Sonic Leaves the Competition in the Dust! by SlySonic Sonic Leaves the Competition in the Dust! :iconslysonic:SlySonic 61 8 lovebirds by chicaramirez lovebirds :iconchicaramirez:chicaramirez 496 77 The music of our hearts by Sonicgirlify The music of our hearts :iconsonicgirlify:Sonicgirlify 28 3 You Lose 2 by JoeAdok You Lose 2 :iconjoeadok:JoeAdok 254 16 Lemon Twist - 1950s Tour (Live In Cleveland, Ohio) by StarWars888 Lemon Twist - 1950s Tour (Live In Cleveland, Ohio) :iconstarwars888:StarWars888 4 0 Honey Vs. Grace by the-Gitz Honey Vs. Grace :iconthe-gitz:the-Gitz 40 6


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2003 Teen Titans: Season 2 Terra Arc in a Nutshell

:This is something inspired by a dream I had and just something I decided to have fun with:

*Terra is first seen running from a giant scorpion*

TERRA: “I am so OUT of here!”

*The Titans come in from over the horizon*

ROBIN: “She’s IN trouble!”

*Terra proceeds get yellow glowey eyes and smash said scorpion with a rock*

ROBIN: “…And now she’s OUT of trouble.”

*Slade peeks out from behind a ridge*

SLADE: “Oh, I am so IN to this.”

*Beast Boy zooms over to Terra with hearts in his eyes*

BEAST BOY: “Whoa! Far OUT!”

*Group shot of the team*

ROBIN: “We’re the Titans! We’re totally an IN thing.”

*Terra with sad puppy dog eyes*

TERRA: “I’m an OUT-sider…”

*Starfire zooms in with big hug*

STARFIRE: “You’ll fit right IN with us friend!”

*Scenery slides down to Titans Tower interior where Beast Boy zips over to Terra with wiggling eyebrows*

BEAST BOY: “Wanna go OUT-side?”

*They’re outside now smiling at each other while sitting with legs folded in*

BEAST BOY: “I am so IN to you.”

*Terra is suddenly seen sulking to the side, back-turned, and with rocks floating around her*

TERRA: “My powers are OUT of control.”

*She turns around with a death glare*

TERRA: “Don’t tell anyone…or I’m OUT.”

*Comically shocked Beast Boy*

BEAST BOY: “Whoa! We’re IN a pattern break now, yo!”

*Cut to later where Terra is grappling in battle with Slade*

SLADE: “Throw your lot IN with me.”

TERRA: “Whoa! Get OUT of my space!”

*Cut to Titan’s leading Terra to training area with sign that says “For Unadjusted Powers”*

ROBIN: “You’re officially IN with the Titans now!”

*Terra storms off in a sulk*

TERRA: “I’m so OUT of here.”

*Beast Boy glaring at Robin with sheepish look*

ROBIN: “Uh…was that OUT of line?”

*Cut to episodes later with the Titans playing volleyball

CYBORG: “Whoa! OUT here, man! I’m open!”

*Volleyball gets spiked towards Raven meditating just outside*


*Raven floats to the side, letting it go off the edge*

CYBORG: “Aww! OUT of bounds!”

*Terra floats up on a rock holding the ball*

TERRA: “Wanna deal me IN?”

*Happy expressions from Starfire and Beast Boy*

STARFIRE/BEAST BOY: “Terra’s back IN!”

*Terra walks by Raven, who gets a shiver, then suddenly zips in front of Terra*

RAVEN: “You’re not cool IN my book.”

*Terra shoves her back lightly*

TERRA: “Hey. Get OUT of my face."

*Robin nervously inches in*

ROBIN: “Uh…get IN to some training?”

*Terra has back turned ominously before turning around with a suspiciously bright expression*

TERRA: “I can get IN to that!”

*Terra is in her room whispering into a communicator*

TERRA: “I’m IN.”

*Word bubble with Slade giving an “a-ok” hand sign*

SLADE: “Over and OUT.”

*Terra suddenly poofs in front of the Master of Games along with Starfire and Raven*

TERRA: “Huh? Where’d we get IN to?”

*They poof right back to the tower as if that never happened*

RAVEN: “Never mind. We’re OUT.”

*Terra slides over to Beast Boy while the other Titans are sleeping*

TERRA: “Wanna go OUT with me?”

*They slide out and ninja robots slide in ominously around the other Titans*

SLADE: “Time to move IN.”

*On a ferris wheel, Terra and Beast Boy look like they’re closing in for a moment*

BEAST BOY: “I’m so IN love with you.”

*Slade peeks in from the side just when they’re about to kiss*

SLADE: “Ut! Back OUT!”

*Beast Boy turns around angrily*

BEAST BOY: “Hey! Get OUT of here!”

*Slade points to Terra*

SLADE: “She let me IN to your base.”

*Beast Boy tackles Slade as a gorilla and the two spin around grappling with each other in mid-air*

BEAST BOY: “You’re OUT of your mind!”

*They crash right into the House of Mirrors where Slade is suddenly gone and his reflection is everywhere*

SLADE: “No really. Back me up, Terra, and no backing OUT.”

*Beast Boy turns around to see Terra with a pleading look*

TERRA: “Uh…are we still going OUT?”

*Beast Boy’s head inflates into an angry expression towering over Terra*


*Sad Titans in the tower are suddenly interrupted by Larry floating in and making them look like their Titans Go versions*

LARRY: “Wanna GO for a bit? It’s the IN thing right now.”

*Robin is seen shredding the scene in two with a furious expression*

ROBIN: “No one is IN to GO!”

*Cyborg slide up behind Robin and thumbs back to his car*

CYBORG: “Well we can go OUT to town.”

*Robin does a nonchalant hand wave*

ROBIN: “Sure. I’m IN.”

*Everyone is in the car now and it suddenly gets flipped over by the earth shifting up. Terra floats in with a new evil costume*

TERRA: “Hi, guys. I’m IN with Slade now and you’re OUT of luck.”

*Starfire is in front of Cyborg and Beast Boy with a pleading look*

STARFIRE: “But…you were IN with us…”

*Terra nonchalantly throws a rock on top of them one-handed using her powers*

TERRA: “Nah. I’m OUT.”

*Raven bursts out of said rock which melts into a pond of mud, having an angry red-eyed expression*

RAVEN: “OUT-cast!”

*Terra has a similarly angry yellow-eyed expression*

TERRA: “IN-bred!”

*The two pounce at each other and feral cat sounds are heard as they move around in a dust cloud that eventually sinks into the puddle of mud. Terra eventually standing out of it and sliding the mud off herself all at once*

TERRA: “Well…she’s OUT.”

*Robin suddenly tackles her as he gets Terra in an arm lock*

ROBIN: “Are you IN or are you OUT!?”

*Terra pulls a reversal on him*


*They keep doing this over and over until they roll off a cliff. Terra floats back up to reveal a ruined city with an army of Slade’s robots*

TERRA: “Titans are officially OUT of here.”

*Said robots are all suddenly knocked over as the Titans come out of the mist*

ROBIN: “Hey…mind if we butt IN?”

*Terra runs off and starts banging on the door to Slade’s base*

TERRA: “Let me IN! Let me IN!”

*Slade opens the door and grabs Terra by the neck, lifting her with one hand*

SLADE: “You get back OUT there.”

*He drops Terra who has a defeated expression*

TERRA: “I am so not IN to this.”

*Slade side glances to her while pressing a button*

SLADE: “No backing OUT now.”

*Terra is suddenly shocked as her costume activates. As they move inside, Beast Boy kicks down the door as a bear*

BEAST BOY: “Terra you get OUT here! We need to talk!”

*Slade is seen holding an RC controller while Terra’s arm is forced up*

TERRA: “No! He’s IN control!”

*Beast Boy is knocked down by a hail of rocks before suddenly sitting up in default form*

BEAST BOY: “Well get OUT of control!”

*Terra yells out as she turns her head upward and has a DBZ style power aura, lava erupting around her. Beast Boy peeks in nervously*

BEAST BOY: “Whoa. Dial that back IN just a pinch.”

*Slade is on a teetering platform suspended over lava before suddenly falling in*

SLADE: “Well…peace OUT.”

*As Terra is surrounded by pillars of lava and overflowing with power. Beast Boy tries to rush back in, but is held back by the other Titans*

BEAST BOY: “Let me IN! We’ve got to help her!”

CYBORG: “No! We’ve got to get OUT of here!”

*Lava suddenly dies down as Terra explodes into a pillar of light, emerging as a statue soon after. The Titans then gather around with sad expressions. Starfire blows her nose on a hanky, Beast Boy leaves some flowers, and Raven levitates the inscription “Titan and Friend” into place*

ROBIN: “We’re all IN this together, Titans.”

*cue Terra’s whistling leitmotif*

2003 Teen Titans: Season 2 Terra Arc in a Nutshell
So~ this is just something I made on the fly. I had this dream where The Titans during said events of Season 2 kept going back and forth with sentences that included the words "IN" or "OUT". I started thinking about it as I woke up and started thinking back to many a humorous abridged recap out on the internet.'s "30 Second Bunny" sketches come to mind along with others that slip my mind at the moment. Pretty much an attempt at rapid-fire comedy that would likely be imagined as some Flash vid with a loose animation style that doesn't take itself too seriously. This is just a one-shot so don't expect anything else like this in the future.
On a lighter note, I gotta say....these are some dang good looking Poke's.…
So I heard just today while at work that Stan Lee had recently passed on. I knew it was coming eventually and like the loss of any elder figure it still hits you bad leaving you thinking in the end. I almost had a chance to meet him once at Dragoncon though sadly schedule conflicts didn't quite work in my favor. Here's one of the first "cameos" I saw of the guy along with maybe the old Muppet Babies toon which kinda helped me learn of Stan the Man's relevance. So basically, Excelsior.…


United States
Heya, my name's Morph, as some people know me on here.. I'm not much of an artist, I just come on here to check other people's works, keep in touch with peeps I know, and give comments on certain pieces I like. As of recently I'm trying my hand at fanfics, which I haven't done in forever. If I have anything to put up I'll be sure to put it up on here, so watch if anything comes up int he gallery or even the scraps. Also if anyone is good enough friends with me and I happen to put you on the number of accounts I watch, I highly recommend returning the favor and watching mine.

Also...NO REQUESTS. I know others see that I'm good at what I do and I'm willing to give tips on how to appraoch your own works, but as of now I'm way too busy with real life and my own personal projects.

Current Residence: Georgia
Favourite genre of music: Rock in general, but classical is fine too
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, manga or comic styles
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, the Straw Hat Pirates, most Marvel/DC chars
Personal Quote: "Better saved than sorry" "Anyone can be beat if you know how"
So I’m getting just off a few premiers. First off, in the midst of watching the new Doctor Who. It may be a lady Doctor, but still seems to have most of what I like bout the Doctor in general. Probably won’t be cosplaying as her anytime soon, but thus far liking. Ah who knows, might do it anyway. I mean I see girls dressing as guy doctors all the time anyway. ^^; Also seems to have a more “junky” looking Sonic Screwdriver at first, but that could be improved upon later. Decent companions thus far and an interesting monster of the week I have a feeling we’ll see more of species-wise. I also saw Venom just yesterday. Much like Suicide Squad I saw it in a special kind of theater setting, but don’t go thinking that’ll leave me biased at all. Basically I went to a theater with office recliner seats where you’re served restaurant food while watching. The down side is that you can potentially do that in the dark if you come in late, which I did. Also, my order got partially fudged up and I didn’t get the milkshake I ordered til near the very end of the movie for some reason. I’ll probably just keep it simple and just have a burger combo next time. Anyways, Venom. People are going to see it and liking it spite of the reviews. I am of course one of those people. It starts slow fleshing out Eddie Brock, but half an hour in things get kicking when he’s bonded with the symbiote. Like some of the older incarnations, Venom’s main appeal is feeling powerful/creepy while saying over the top stuff as much of a crazy-awesome beast as possible. Save for a few versions, I feel that’s been missing with the more recent incarnations from various media. Voice is hard to understand at times, but still sounds cool. Also, yes, they saved Cletus Kassady AKA Carnage for the post-credits scene. I think Woody is a good pick for the role so I hope it’s not wasted potential like other sequels hooks that went nowhere. Looking in the direction of SInestro and Rhino in particular as I say that. I think box office sales should determine some good results though.

Now while it is getting cooler where I live but still a bit warm. Seems I have to wait longer til I’m at the point where people stop saying “Hey, its hot outside, huh?”. We have had some rain though. Bad enough that I had one of the usual Fall camping trips cancelled. Sometime in September though, we went to see my uncle and aunt over at Lake Hartwell. I hadn’t seen them in forever, so it was good to see that house they had built up there. They always had a good sense of “feng shui”. I had some fun around the lake while my uncle showed up his collection of boats and skis to us. I also passed time playing Persona Q on 3DS. It’s fun to play and cool to see the cast of two Persona games together…but boy is this game a hard one! >_< Not to mention long. I’m putting it down for a bit until I can come back to it later. Also for that one infamous part everyone remembers, I ending up getting Naoto in particular. Just FYI. Wouldn’t have been my first time, but I guess my IRL habits drew me to the party’s brainy introvert. I also saw the live-action Bleach on Netflix. The tone feels just right and I’m happy with who they got for Ichigo in particular. They got most of your faves here, though I feel casting’s been more focused on “ability over appearance” such as with Rukia’s hairstyle being different amongst other examples. I like how it turned out, but do feel the transfer to live-action did kinda dumb down the series’ signature fight sequences. It did a decent job of leaving the movie self-contained for this particular arc from the series while still leaving things open for sequels. I’ve also gotten a look at the new Jurassic World from Redbox. In spite of the reviews, I liked it. I’ll always like this series. Heck, I’m one of the few people that still give the third movie a chance. The ending for this one raises a lot of questions I wouldn’t mind seeing explored in sequels. I do think that this movie doesn’t “skirt” the pg-13 rating as much as previous installments though with some of the suspense and violence feeling dumbed down at times. I like the intimidation actor with the Indoraptor though.

So a few dreams to go around. See there was one time when my parents were out of town I decided that I was going to give their bed a shot. I had a dream where I woke up, but instead of being at home I was in some vacation spot with a log cabin feel. Then I woke up again and I was back in said bed where my folks had gotten home early. Then I woke up again…and again all while the dreams seemed to remember what bed I was sleeping in to begin with. I like to call these kind of dreams “wake outs”. Another dream had what looked like it was some sci-fi tv drama from either the 80s or the early 90s. Basically it featured this teenager who was on the run from some overtly evil corrupt executive who just so happened to be his stepdad. The reason being cause he had become attached to a special watch that can “save” a particular point in time and then “load” back to it. Also anyone he’s in physical contact with when he loads takes any memories they have back to the past as well. Interesting premise. Also it all took place around my neighborhood. That’s kinda all I’ve got for now. Looking forward to the premieres of the new Jojo and Daredevil season as well as this Queen biopic coming out. Hopefully the Halloween season won’t be too rushed.


  • Listening to: Led Zeppilin
  • Reading: Bible Study
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Azure Striker Gunvolt 2
  • Eating: White Twix
  • Drinking: Fanta


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megawing Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
hey what's your favorite episodes of Sonic X?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
I would guess the last few.
megawing Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
I like Techno Teacher, Unfair Ball, Beating Eggman, Fast friends and How to catch a Hedgehog.
megawing Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
hey not counting the Pennder's Lawsuit what annoyed you about Archie Sonic comic?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
Oh, I actully do have a list stashed away, though cutting said lawsuit out my list as you said.

The Tossed in Space story arc

Early writers just not knowing what to do with Shadow who was clearly pushed on them by Sega

The Genesis arc cutting in right when we were panicking on whether Sally was dead or not.

Lots of minor characters killed off screen during the Return to Angel Island arc (likewise Endangered Species and the Gen Wave though those relate to the lawsuit)

The Good, Bad, and Unknown arc

Tommy Turtle, just...Tommy Turtle.

The "love dohecahedron the plot had going, that was escalated further by pre=Scourge version of Anti-Sonic.

The infamous "Sally Slap" breakup.

So yeah, I had a whole list stashed away in case I get not-lazy enough to blog on it.
megawing Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018
besides the Love Dohecahedron and the Sally slap I hated how underused The Anti-Mobius/Moebius was.
megawing Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
hey do you why the N. Sane trilogy was ported to the Switch and the Xbox one?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
Activision basically wants to keep the series multi-console.
megawing Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
one dedicated developer decided to take the first level of the first game and port it over to the switch over the weekend, on his own Time.
AliceAcorn6003 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank u very much for the fave:) how r u doing today?:)
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