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Queen Chrysalis by amy30535 Queen Chrysalis :iconamy30535:amy30535 602 37 Gothic Purple by weling2010 Gothic Purple :iconweling2010:weling2010 18 4 MLP 4koma plus 6 by shepherd0821 MLP 4koma plus 6 :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 1,442 192 JINGLE JANGLE MF by Slugbox JINGLE JANGLE MF :iconslugbox:Slugbox 2,741 144 Punkin chase by GreedForGreen Punkin chase :icongreedforgreen:GreedForGreen 27 9 Types- Queen Chrysalis by shepherd0821 Types- Queen Chrysalis :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 7,425 591 OC types - mariah wolves by shepherd0821 OC types - mariah wolves :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 2,623 199 Renamon by ss2sonic
Mature content
Renamon :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 968 47
Isabelle by Slugbox Isabelle :iconslugbox:Slugbox 2,792 190
Troll Blood Color Calculator!
Edit (9/9/2013)
Hey! Just letting you all know that every-now-and-xen made a tutorial for using this Calculator! So if you're having troubles with my wording for it, please check out her tutorial at this [link]! In addition, she also provided a site and a how to for finding the actual color at the end, so please do have a good look there too!

Edit (11/17/12)
OKAY GUYS, HERE'S THE DEAL WITH CONTACTING ME ON TUMBLR, don't send me an ask there about this calculator unless you honestly can't figure something out. Also, if you have a question, check the second link below (which has answers to questions) to see if someone else asked something similar to what you want to ask.
On that note, please realize that I made this OVER A YEAR AGO (back in early 2011) and that NEW INFORMATION has come out since then in the comic and that Hussie has also released information
:iconsilver-lunar-eclipse:silver-lunar-eclipse 478 1,538
Awyeah by Zilleniose Awyeah :iconzilleniose:Zilleniose 942 55 Dolorosa and Child by physicks Dolorosa and Child :iconphysicks:physicks 690 19
what y0u l00k like- SolKar
    Sometimes you like to pretend you aren't blind.
You like to close your hollow eye sockets, take deep breaths, and imagine that you are on Prospit, with your friends.
    Sometimes, instead, you just lapse into memories. Like that one time you and Karkat laughed hysterically, slumped over one another after Eridan stepped on a horn, tripped over the one-wheel device and fell on his face.
    You remember back to fun days spent excavating with Aradia, back when you were just barely five sweeps old. You remember finding the skeleton of what you both instantly assumed to be an ancient scalebeast, but ended up being regular troll remains.
    You remember when Karkat came over to your hive for the first time and you kicked his ass at every game you owned, laughed through his tantrum, and gave him a big hug when he apologized for almost wrecking your mainframe. You liked this memory the best, because you alway
:iconwwhatevver:Wwhatevver 698 283
Wendy by shepherd0821 Wendy :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 2,035 135
Robert Rodriguez Presents Project Green Screen
Robert Rodriguez

Robert shot an action-packed short film called Two Scoops, starring twins Lola and Lucia who operate an ice cream truck by day and happen to also be monster-slayers. Fans contributed to the project by submitting films, Tweeting their ideas for super-weapons, creating the fiercest monsters, and sending in their photos to appear on Missing Person posters.
We're excited to announce that the collaboration is now complete! You can see the finished film right here, along with the best contributions from fans, and documentary footage to tell the story of the project.

:iconayame-kenoshi:Ayame-Kenoshi 1,746 9,883
Water-Color 02[Fanart] by 10h Water-Color 02[Fanart] :icon10h:10h 99 14



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Gamer, Brony, Homestuck fan, Annalyst.

I am willing to do comissions for MLP:FiM style ponies as well as Homestuck Sprites and sprite ID's (such as my own here… )

For Homestuck sprites I need a basic image (hairstyle and color, keep in mind most canon is black or white on the sprite with a few having alternates, face and clothing) I will also have (in time) a form for you to fill out describing your character in their basest form (if you want me to add specifics from certain stories then add that in) the form will be posted here instead of this. You will also need a link or image referencing your representative image (I will NOT use canon's unless that character is specifically connected) I will also ONLY DO OC's. Pricing for all commissions will be at bottom (I'm not charging much for a standard ID or sprite. If you want more it will cost more)

Ponies (as of now I don't have any posted, will fix that in a minute), will be more expensive than sprites for the simple fact that they are hand drawn then scanned in and finished on the computer. Again, I will ONLY DO OC's for the simple fact that using other peoples characters for profit is ILLEGAL! And I'm not getting thrown in jail for it. This is the same as the Homstuck characters though, I need reference images as well as a basic description (if you can't think of things like a name I WILL HELP YOU! It's fun for me to do, and I do this free of charge). Again, I will have a sheet for you to fill out and send to me.

Also, if you play Minecraft, I am more than willing to make you a skin for your character. Homestuck characters will always get a human sprite, but for ponies, if you use the mine little pony mod I can also make pony models (information on this will be added on the order form)


Please do not expect instant items. Give me anywhere from a week to a month to get your product finished. I am a college student after all. If, after a month and a half, you have not received your product, you will get it free of charge (yes I'm charging after the fact), however I will NOT give the item to you until you pay (meaning I won't post it anywhere). You will be messaged upon completion of the product and payment will be expected. If you do not pay after two weeks of receiving notification of completion, you will be banned from commissioning me.

To those who also do commissions, you have a chance at a special deal. If I desire a commission from you (I will message after recieving your request) you may waive my fee IF you provide me with a commission at reduced price (suggesting minus what you would be paying).


-Single basic character sprite: $3
-Full Sprite ID (Standard sprite, dead sprite, god tier sprite, God tier Pose, Talk animation, Troll Lusus, baby/grub): $6
-Additional sprites to the ID (alternate clothing, etc): $1 per item
-Minecraft skin of character: $1


-Pony lineart: $8 (I personally get picky about details so this takes a while)
-Pony Color: $12
-Minecraft skin of character (Human): $1
-Minecraft skin of character (Pony): $2



There may be more after this list, but I will only show the top five priorities.


1) I hope this list stays empty
Hello, while my username is Omegafoxlord, I would prefer you call me Corian Wornen, or Cori for short. Many of you may know the webcomic/game named Homestuck (found on And many of you may also notice that my Icon is character akin to that of a Troll from that series. Well here's the deal. I can make ANYONE one of these characters (Human or Troll). And I'm also willing to help you flesh out their profile, FOR FREE! But here's the catch, I get to post both the character and profile here. You must also give credit if you use the character somewhere. I feel this is a fair price for this, as you are not receiving anything physical and I like going through this process.

If you desire to have me design a character, message me and I will add you to the cue: I will hold a total of 10 people on my cue, after that, I will close down till I'm finished (this does not mean I will ignore you, I just won't proceed with you till later).

The process proceeds as follows. I have a profile template for you to use, as well as all the links needed to have a proper profile. The link to it is here(at the current moment I have yet to make it thus no link). There are also character making programs that will allow you to make a generic character. Make one of those, send me the image and give me any specific details that are different (Things like hair or glasses or horns need image references so I get the details right). Also, keep in mind that every Homestuck character has an emblem on the chest of their clothing, you need to include one of those as well.

Once I have all these details (images, and completed profile) I will proceed to not only make your character in standard outfit but I will also make their God Tier sprite.

Please note that this is only for sprites. I am not capable enough in my drawing capacity to get a decent sketch, however if you have had someone else sketch your character (our you did so yourself) I would be more than willing to use that as my reference image (attributing the artist as well).

The Cue:
  • Listening to: some weird music


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