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M41 Pulse Rifle

The famed M41 pulse Rifle as seen in the movie Aliens. The web site [link] had several variations other than the M41A1 seen in the movie, so I made those too.
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Interesting I remember this pic what was the one on the top left again I can’t quite remember if it is what I think it is a Compact carbine I’ve seen another one similar in fact a replica…
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Looks really great but the link is already expired. Here's a list of updated versions, including the Weyland Storm rifle:…
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Your link lacks at least 2 rifles from this pic
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all diffrent forms of the Iconic gun from one of the best SI-Fi sequal
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On the viral marketing site for Weyland Yutani prior to the release of Prometheus, they had this pic hidden away which is now on the AVP wikia:…
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i saved these guns and put different textures on them, if you want to see I can E-mail it to you
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freaking epic!!!
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Love the one with the foregrip. Call me old fashioned.
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Did you know the M41 was made from the shell of a Thompson submachine
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Surprised the hell out of me when I found out; I always thought it was based off of the H&K G12.
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Right? Also the machine gun's yah the know the big thing the size of a ironing board, was based off of the mg42
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I see a light machine gun, a carbine, a designated marksman rifle, and the base line rifle wgrenade attachment. Very unique ideas, i'll admit, but most likely not practical.
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Never thought about a silenced one, thats pretty epic!
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Nice,lovin' the Tommy Gun of The Future top left
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Haha Tommy Gun of the future top left
Ahahahaha! The best one is the "Typewriter" Variant. What makes this so cool is that the prop M41 was built from the receiver and grip of the real Thompson SMG, and the grenade/shotgun was a SPAS.
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how ecatly does a pulse rifle work

no one ever told me
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With a 95-round magazine capacity of 10x24mm cartridges, you know it's a movie prop.:nod::XD:

The M41 is my favorite prop gun; the Auto 9 Custom from Robocop comes as a close second.;)
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XD I haven't seen that movie in forever, but damn that is a badass pistol! I'll have to make it in 3d.
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The Auto 9 Custom = awesomeness! Customized Beretta 93R with a large compensator and all sorts of decked-out custom parts, definitely!:nod:

You do that!:w00t:
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This very good, I can't wait to use that weapon in Aliens Colonial Marines like it was used in AVP 1 and 2. Great job
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One more thing the regular M41 Pulse Rifle from Aliens and Alien versus Predator has a maximum ammo capacity of 99 rounds.You still did a good job though.
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Ahh... The Aliens was one of the first scifi films to use futuristic projectile weapons instead of "rayguns" depicted in previous scifi films. Those pulse rifles are actually some of the coolest scifi-weapons ever.
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