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Just a friendly reminder to told you that if you enjoy my artwork and characters, there's a whole webcomic dedicated to them over there!

It was about time I posted something new in this journal thing.
Heh. I just purged all the "Stored Deviations" from my favorite gallery. There were so many of them.
It's kinda sad that I can't even know what those drawings were and why I faved them in the first place. :(

That has to be the thing I hate the most about DeviantArt and I really wonder why artists choose to do this. Rest assured I'm always gonna keep all the old shit at the beginning of my gallery, even though I can barely stomach to look at it nowadays. But it's part of who I was, and some people DID fav that crap.

Rant of the day. :P
I received enough Guest Strips to last a while. But I can't possibly take such a long vacation, so I'll have to show more than one comic a week. :)
It should be fun.

Thank you to all of those who drew something for me.
And thanks to all my readers and watchers too. :)

I love you guys.

So yeah, Frivolesque has been running for almost two years now, and after the 100th strip hits the website, I'm gonna take a month off in order to write new material (and hopefully, funnier stuff), and simply enjoy some time for myself.

And this is where you talented people come in. I would LOVE to run a few guest strips on the website in the interim. Anybody interested?
  • Roughly respect the website's vertical orientation so I can display your strip properly. (it doesn't have to completely stick to my vertical 4-panel format, though)
  • You don't have to stick to my formula too much and you definitely don't have to try to imitate my drawing style. Do whatever you're comfortable with.
  • Obviously, use the Frivolesque characters and try to keep them somewhat in-character.
  • Email the strip(s) to me before February 14th, 2015.

Just notice me in advance, so that I know someone's actually drawing me something. I need to plan my comic accordingly. And thank you for ever considering helping me!

And without any further ado, my new webcomic is finally live!
I've been working on this for months now. And I'm really proud to finally have my own dedicated website for it at long last.

So please, go pay a visit to Chloé, Flore, Gaia, Marie-Neige and Saki at Frivolesque as soon as possible. :)
I really hope you enjoy it!
It just came to my attention that I've been teasing my webcomic for a while now. Not that surge of random inspiration I got last week, but the actual thing with Gaia, Flore and the others.

I was hoping to make a proper webcomic out of it with a website and everything, but... I'm not sure I can commit to all the serious business just yet...
So in the meantime, I decided to upload the whole thing on my Tumblr. :)

So if anyone's interested in knowing what I've been up lately... Please take a lot at my comic. (which remains without a title fo far. :(  )
I'd really like to know if you guys like it. :)

The Dez Comic :…
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So I finally started making a webcomic.
Only, it's not online yet.

I was wondering... does anyone know a nice free host supporting WordPress and MySQL and everything?
It's about time I start working on getting this little comic out there to the masses, even though there isn't much to show.

Maybe then, I can work hard on finding a nice update schedule and stick to it.
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Seems like I've been able to stay focused rather nicely in those last two point five months, and I hope this can last. I'm trying my best to become a much better person on every level, artistically, physically and emotionally, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm going somewhere with these resolutions.

This is what the new Dez is all about :

An hour of daily exercice every noon.

A daily dose of Vitamin D.

Doodling whenever possible.

Lots of proteins!

Spending more time alone to draw and work on other projects.

Getting to bed earlier.

Trying to read a little.

Less procrastinating.

And finally, thinking about important stuff instead of zoning out.

To quote what a great man once said :
"Dez, you sound like chapters from a self-help booklet"

Thank you all for always being so supportive. :)
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I'm wondering who, among you, is still paying attention to my updates after such a long hiatus.
Drawing was never something I was really good at, but it's a good outlet for channeling my creativity when I'm feeling lonely.

Most of the people I was following don't even update their galleries anymore. My online friends have moved to better things, and I'm wondering if there's still somebody out there. My e-life seems so barren nowadays. The internet is a much different place than it was in the very community-focused days of old.

So I'm wondering. Hello? Anybody still out there? :)

I'll try to keep updating this little DA page of mine whenever I feel inspired, no matter how lonely it gets. ^^
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Been a while since I uploaded anyting so nobody will read this, but still.
I'm just coming out of my shell in order to make a few shameless plugs.

If you have any interest at all in art and Fighting Games, please buy Skullgirls. It's amazing. Really. It is. Buy it. Now.

:iconoh8: Alex Ahad (the artistic force behind Skullgirls) is a new favorite artist of mine. Visit his page. Go.

:iconwill-ruzicka: William Ruzicka also happens to be ony of my favorite artists on DA as of late, and I command you to give him more hits. Also, the man is mad nice. And he sure knows how to draw curves that catch my attention.
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Journal entry.

Seriously. I don't have much to say. Enjoying the summer. You should too! :)
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Heya guys!

Just dropping by to wish you some happy holidays! (for those who are into that sort of thing)
See you guys again in 2011! (Time flies, it's incredible)

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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Popsicles come in THREE colors. Orange, Purple, and Red/Pink. Sometimes, if you're adventurous, you can find Yellow ones in convenience stores.

But one things's for sure. THEY'RE NEVER BLUE, you fucking weaboos!

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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I'm back from Anime North, where I got to meet some new artists I now admire, and not meet favorite artists I was hoping to meet there. Oh well. It was a blast, as always, even though it really feels like the attendees are getting younger and younger every year.

...or maybe I'm the one getting too old for this.

PAX East, AN, what's next? I was thinking of hitting Otakuthon in Montreal this summer. Just to check it out. Or Cape et Kimono, in Québec City this fall, although the event will probably be crummy, being their first time and all. Also, you can't trust a convention organized by people who didn't include Street Fighter IV in their so-called video game tournament, yet featured Soul Calibur IV. /personal rant.

Or maybe I could actually haul my ass southwest and attend the SDCC for the first time. It's like the mecca of geek conventions, after all. So many options, so little cash...

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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I'm going to Anime North 2010 in a few days.
Once again.

And it's probably gonna be awesome. Like it is every year.
Heh. If you guys can't tell, I'm really feeling like AN is now part of my yearly routine. Maybe I'd need to do something different this year to spice things up.

Like... sitting at the artist's alley and selling my stuff?
Umm... maybe next year. Or maybe not.

See you there, if anyone's going! I'd love to meet some of my fellow canadian deviants there.

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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This is probably a well known fact for most of my watchers here, but my two main passions in life are art and video games. And what better bridges the two than Penny Arcade?

I'm writing this journal entry from the the main theatre at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston where PAX East 2010 is taking place. I am having such a blast here that I had to post something about it. I met a few "celebrities" from the gaming community during the weekend, which was rather inspiring.

But the best part was getting to discuss Photoshop techniques with Mike Krahulik better known as Gabe, the artist behind Penny Arcade itself. It's moment like this that make me feel like picking up my pencils and my tablet as soon as I get back home.

Boston's such a pretty city. It kinda feels weird to be among the very few frenchies here, the usual conventions I go to in Canada tend to feature more of my fellow compatriots. Gotta represent!

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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I feel overly patriotic today.

I just wanted to write a little something here to celebrate Canada's outstanding performance at the Winter Olympics. It feels good when your country is finally kicking ass.

Winning 14 gold medals, setting a new world record, ain't no small feat. And beating those evil Americans in the hockey finals was utter bliss. I watched the whole thing. Best game in the history of modern sports.

Justice does exist.

The following rush of happiness helped me finish a small picture I had laying around for a while. I'll try to draw more this week.

(If you're reading this and happen to be American, don't get your panties in a bunch. Even though I do believe you are evil and deserve to lose to Canada at everything, I still like you guys. ;)  )

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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My DA account is in shambles, after neglecting it for so long, so I've been doing some extra effort to find new artists to watch. Half of the folks on my watchlist aren't updating at all anymore, so it's a bit sad. (Not that I'm any better!)

Gawking at :iconomar-dogan:'s art all the time is fun, but I needed to find new stuff to watch badly.
My travels led me to :iconangryangryasian:'s page, and to my surprise, I saw the guy was working on a comic called Megane Moe. True to the name of the comic, it features one of the cutest meganekko I've ever had the pleasure of seeing on DeviantArt.


All bias aside, (quite a feat in my case) Megane Moe is probably the best looking webcomic I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. I'm also critical when it comes webcomic art. But here, the art is gorgeous, the pages are filled with detailed backgrouds, and everything is fully realized in glorious grayscale. I can tell just how much work is going into it, so please check it out!

And tell if it really looks good, or if it's just me! :)

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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Just like I said I would last week, I finally updated my DA. And what an update it was. Six deviations and a bunch of scraps were laying around my desk for me to finish. I just decided to get busy last night and sorted everthing I accumulated over the last year.

I kept some nice things I made that I never thought I'd ever upload anywhere. And I made some new Maki pics for the heck of it.

Because I like Maki. And I want her to know I do. Even if she's just a figment of my imagination. ;)

Thanks for the support, guys!

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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It's hard growing up and realizing you suck.

When I was a kid, I kept drawing all the time. Back then, people told me I was really good, so of course I believed them and tried to show off my mad artistic skills whenever I could. They I became an adult and went to that new internet place all the nerds were talking about.

I bought a scanner, and for a while, all was good. I'd draw all the time and post the stuff on my website, and DA too when the new millenium came around.

But then I realized there was a ton of talented artists on DA, and that I wasn't anything special. Heck, most of those talented artists were at least 8 years younger than me. (And of course, the gap only got worse with time) So it hit me in the face. I sucked, plain and simple, and most people in real life really didn't know better.

So I mostly lost my motivation. What's the point in drawing if nobody really care about it, and those who do will eventually get better than you are and laugh at how they once thought you were talented. (The Egoraptor story)

But then again, I enjoy drawing, and even though my lack of motivation made me not upload anything substantial on my DeviantArt account for at least two years, I've been doodling little things in the dark. Those make me happy.

So I'll try to get back into the game. I know I'll never get any better, but it's still something I like to do when I'm bored. I should have something new posted here soon. I hope.

And to all of those who actually genuinely like what I do (the three of you! :)  ) I'm sorry. I won't let apathy take over like it happened to so many artists I was following, who just gave up, or became way too pro to even care about us normal folks anymore.

Maki misses me, I think. I need to take care of that first.

This wasn't intended as some emo tirade. I'm not complaining about anything, and I'm not feeling down in the least. Just felt like having a new journal post up there, and trying to share my state of mind. :)

Pay a visit to my friends! I love them ^^
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