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Backyard Pano

Home for spring break, so I threw this pano together. I need to do this again in the summer, when the grass isn't so patchy... Also the weird halo effects were caused by inconsistencies in exposure.

Stereographic projection of a 360x180 panorama.
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Love it!
The colours are so pretty, and the whole piece is just awesome!
Nice work =D
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this is just mind-blowing

wonderful shot
it's hard for me to even imagine how your camera got this shot and made it turn out like this
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amazing work!

working on a shot similar right now myself :P but its gonna be huge!.. :D 140 pictures lol

great work
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Dang! 140 pics is a lot!! Good luck stitching that thing. :P
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lol yea it says im gonna need 400GB of temp file space for it.. :P lol

im gonna have to use my desktop to do it.
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awesome, great concept :D
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That is freakin' incredible!
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Why thank you!
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I always wanted to try this, but couldn't figure how. It's fantastic, really <3
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Just a stereographic projection of a 360x180 panorama. :]
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looking great. and /me likes the halo :)

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Yeah I was still figuring out exposure stuff when I took this. :\
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glad you like. :]
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thats pretty awesome
looking at it reminds me of king Kai's planet from the original DBZ seiries :D
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