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Totoros and Ocarinas

My favourite part in My Neighbour Totoro, I just love the ocarina and everything. ahhh~

I was listening to the Totoro OST while drawing this, so that was really enjoyable, I felt the magic, oh yeah.

Hope you guys like it!

texture: Texture 21 by ~JadedReality
My Neighbor Totoro © Studio Ghibli
drawing © Omega-Sigh
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© 2012 - 2021 Omega-Sigh
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beautiful work, i love totoro :happybounce: 
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This is so amazing~~~~ I love this!
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Ahh this makes me feel like watching Totoro again... Thanks :D
vinsky2002's avatar
cool, so cool an artworks! :-)
feldrand's avatar
zears? of course not, but tears (it's true)...
feldrand's avatar
also defintely my favourite part, it almost brought the zears to my eyes...

i sort of collect ocarinas (i even got one from an artist here on dA) since the 70s and play them here and there in my song recordings - so this scene from totoro really hit me - thank you for sharing this wonderful picture...
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Such a funny plot of picture!!! Nice work))) :happybounce: 
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Aww how cute! They each have their own little ocarina! : ]
roxi18's avatar
are you sure its an ocarina though?
Hollandlop92's avatar
Adorable  ^-^ And love the colors/shading
Omega-Sigh's avatar
huggaholic's avatar
Heheh, love it! Very well done :D
Omega-Sigh's avatar
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Watched Totoro on the big screen for the guzillianth time this week - Now searching pics with nostalgia and THIS is one of my favs xx
Omega-Sigh's avatar
aww that sounds awesome : D
thank you!
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Wow, I'm loving this! The style!
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cheers, thanks man : D
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