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TDW - To Infinty (Part 1)
File Island. The famous home of creatures know as Digimon was under the influence of a terrible device.
Throughout the forest of the island, there was movement. As a branch was removed, a 19 years old blonde boy appeared between the dense vegetation.
"So, that machine, the... Transmitter?" Michael asked himself, as he looked up at Infinity Mountain. "Is on the top of this island?"
"Time to do some hiking!" Umbramon spoke, tails wagging with glee.
Loreto and Miramon would make it into the forest, and a bit of wandering around later, he'd spot an older and taller man and some strange digimon near him. Not wanting to be with Miramon alone, Loreto and his own digimon ran over- the ginger boy stopping while Miramon flew close. "Hey!" Loreto would call out, clearly jolly despite what was transpiring.
Michael jumped a bit from the sudden shouts, the situation was making him so nervous that anything could scare him. Umbramon tilted his head.
"A child?" Umbramon examined, soon looking up at his
:iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 1 0
D-CloudZone commission#2 by Omega-Knight-X97M D-CloudZone commission#2 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 6 0 Vusby Trade 5 - Kuremon by Omega-Knight-X97M Vusby Trade 5 - Kuremon :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 9 4 Vusby Trade 4 - Iramon by Omega-Knight-X97M Vusby Trade 4 - Iramon :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 11 0 Vusby Trade 3 - Scottimon by Omega-Knight-X97M Vusby Trade 3 - Scottimon :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 8 0 Vusby Trade 2 - Bernamon by Omega-Knight-X97M Vusby Trade 2 - Bernamon :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 10 2 Vubsy Trade 1 - Geistmon by Omega-Knight-X97M Vubsy Trade 1 - Geistmon :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 10 4 DTJ-A Event1 pg16 End by Omega-Knight-X97M DTJ-A Event1 pg16 End :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 5 2 DTJ-A Event1 pg15 by Omega-Knight-X97M DTJ-A Event1 pg15 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 3 0 DTJ-A Event1 pg14 by Omega-Knight-X97M DTJ-A Event1 pg14 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 3 0 DTJ-A Event1 pg13 by Omega-Knight-X97M DTJ-A Event1 pg13 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 3 0 DTJ-A Event1 pg12 by Omega-Knight-X97M DTJ-A Event1 pg12 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 3 0 DTJ-A Event1 pg11 by Omega-Knight-X97M
Mature content
DTJ-A Event1 pg11 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 3 0
DTJ-A Event1 pg10 by Omega-Knight-X97M DTJ-A Event1 pg10 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 3 0 DTJ-A Event1 pg9 by Omega-Knight-X97M DTJ-A Event1 pg9 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 3 0 DTJ-A Event1 pg8 by Omega-Knight-X97M DTJ-A Event1 pg8 :iconomega-knight-x97m:Omega-Knight-X97M 3 0


Save it by Grypwolf
Mature content
Save it :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 1,637 40
Gry's updated brush settings by Grypwolf Gry's updated brush settings :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 1,424 24 Pokedex 724 - Decidueye FR by Pokemon-FR Pokedex 724 - Decidueye FR :iconpokemon-fr:Pokemon-FR 132 1 Pokedex 727 - Incineroar FR by Pokemon-FR Pokedex 727 - Incineroar FR :iconpokemon-fr:Pokemon-FR 116 5 Pokemon Rim - POKAEGERS by Pokemon-FR Pokemon Rim - POKAEGERS :iconpokemon-fr:Pokemon-FR 122 19 Pokemon Rim #2 - Golurk Danger by Pokemon-FR Pokemon Rim #2 - Golurk Danger :iconpokemon-fr:Pokemon-FR 115 19 If you scream - collab by GobboKilla If you scream - collab :icongobbokilla:GobboKilla 10 16 Dark Ina - Halloween by GobboKilla Dark Ina - Halloween :icongobbokilla:GobboKilla 12 10 Lena Character sheet by Seonidas Lena Character sheet :iconseonidas:Seonidas 87 9 Super Shoujo Girl Sheet by Seonidas Super Shoujo Girl Sheet :iconseonidas:Seonidas 110 18 Splash Woman by Seonidas Splash Woman :iconseonidas:Seonidas 149 22 Vixen santa TF 5  by Seonidas by Seonidas Vixen santa TF 5 by Seonidas :iconseonidas:Seonidas 82 8 Vixen santa TF 4  by Seonidas by Seonidas Vixen santa TF 4 by Seonidas :iconseonidas:Seonidas 62 7 Vixen santa TF 2 by Seonidas by Seonidas Vixen santa TF 2 by Seonidas :iconseonidas:Seonidas 71 4 Vixen santa TF 3  by Seonidas by Seonidas Vixen santa TF 3 by Seonidas :iconseonidas:Seonidas 65 4 Vixen Xmass by Seonidas Vixen Xmass :iconseonidas:Seonidas 75 6



The EU link taxes and meme ban.
We won, we stop them, for now...
The war is not over. They will try it again in September. Be prepared my friends.

More info here:…
I had to make a new account on Skype.
If you follow me on Skype and want to add me (again), Note me, please.
AUTHORS NOTE: I notice I did wrong the previous journal so I remade it in order to complete this TAG properly.

Tagged by :iconcometgazer379:

-Old pictures and unfinished WIP in chronological order:
Salmarg by Omega-Knight-X97M

Scythe Duel - OC Contest by Omega-Knight-X97M


1. Also known as The Demon Mirror, Wicked Glass and Deadly Reflection. 

2. His powers are mirror based: he can control mirrors, their reflections and can pass through them.

3. He is a very passive character, he prefers to watch in silence never noticed (like a mirror).

4. You can say he is afraid of the darkness since there are no reflections, making him vulnerable.

5. Curious by nature.

6. When attacking he uses his mirror powers, the scythe is only used as a last resort.

7. His powers won't work if the reflective surface has no clear image or is blocked. E.g.: Moving water, dust, covered mirrors, no light.

8. He's very quick and flexible (inhumanly flexible) when comes to physical attributes.

So that's that.


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What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
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Your dragon name is: Ksold Chaos-Snout The Fire Stone

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He is a chameleon dragon with scales that change colour depending on mood.
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Human Lie-Detector – You can instantly tell whether someone is telling you the truth or lying!
The Stare of Death – Your mental powers give you the ability to kill anyone you see, merely by looking at them!
Now, with the aid of your trusty henchman Monsieur Rabbit and your army of jazz musicians, you bring terror and chaos to the streets of Appleville!
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King Regent of the Poison Town
He began his journey as a doubtful herald.
He made his way to the Poison Town after many catastrophes,
one of which involved a hard-working snake and a dancing sundial.
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:icong3drakoheart-arts: Mi mejor amigo draconiano.
:icontherosa10: La lobita hypeada.
:iconhronawmonstamer: The ever angry doggo-demon person.
:iconcci545: Master Derek
:icondeiviz23: The hot girls of Deiviz.
:iconpaumol: Woo inspired me to draw.
:icond-cloudzone: Nice guy. ;)
:iconalice-werehog: A greast artist
:icontoni987: A good "hero" friend
:iconalpha-pain: Mi ototo
:iconsuga1313: Kawaii
:iconichiroadm: Un gran artista
:iconzerozwarrior: Bro B)


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For Tips Comic Strip: By AliceDiceRoll by Pettyexpo

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Wish In One Hand: Karen by Alicediceroll by Pettyexpo
Wish In One Hand and Hope In the Other
Popularity for certain teenage girls is everything so the idea of being left behind physically is a terrifying thought. Pretty girls are more popular. Well-developed girls are more popular. So for Karen she was horrified by her lack of physical growth and endowment by her late teens.
Sure she was a pretty young lady and she had, had a good circle of friends but she suffered from an acute need to be popular, and in her mind she knew that what was holding her back was the fact that she did not really have a chest to speak of.
She had begged for breast implants since she was fourteen but her parents squashed that request without any real discussion. So she had tried everything else that she could get her hands on creams, pills and massages. And now as she was getting ready to graduate and go to college the next fall. Her desperate attempts at social climbing were rubbing her last remaining friends the wrong way.
She was being promiscuous and was taking silly risks to make boys like her mo
For Tips
The waitress was a fairly attractive young latin girl. She couldn’t have been much older than her early twenties. She was busy working several tables, ours was just one among them. She caught my eye before I even knew that she would to be our waitress.
All the wait staff wore the same outfit. White button up shirts and black dress pants. Under normal circumstances her outfit would have never caused me to give her a second look. However this day it was cool and rainy out.
As a result her white button shirt was a bit on the wet side due to the rain. So it tight and clung to her figure. It was see through enough that anyone who wanted to see could tell that she was wearing a black bra underneath her work shirt.
As she took orders from a table across from ours I couldn’t help but look her over from tip to toe. I wasn’t sure if she noticed my eyes on her. I certainly hoped my coworkers who I was there with didn’t notice my eyes staring at this young woman.
I felt a b
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