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Stylin Shadesbots.
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Be aware that you will see very dumb and/or dumber art here. Tread carefully, people.


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Best Advice I can give:

Don't go into the Hetalia, Pokemon or Stuff for Me Folders, you'll get lost. EASILY.

Other then that, have fun.




Omega-Elec has started a donation pool!
30 / 500

Rules for Art:
I Will Draw:
Canon Characters
Battle Scenes
The occasional Porn
sometimes Yaoi/Yuri

I Will NOT Draw:
Characters that do not go together
Furries(I know NOTHING on how that works)

5 Points: Sketch
10 Points: Inked and colored
20 Points: Colored and Shaded
50 Points: Best you can get

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Inked Marker
Pretty much the best you can get, usually takes longer due to schedule.
Flat/Pen Color
Drawn in Pen and Colored in Pen. (Most likely done at school.)
Basic Sketch, No Coloring except if told part is black.
The big news:

I'm moving accounts. I kinda can't handle people talking about me behind my back as this account. I'll update the journal when my new account is up and running. Only watch me if you're not going to be an insensitive asshole. And DON'T spam my messages with offers to RP, I'm done with RPing openly.

The Meme:

8 OC Facts:

Tagged by: :iconunstablereactor:

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

I won't be tagging anyone and I'll more than likely do this again on my new account.

Facts about Mavis:

1. Mavis is a Machi Electrica, which is a subspecies of the Microscopium people. This species is named after the obsolete constellation, Machina Electrica.

2. Mavis' headphones are actually hearing aids. She has a hearing problem and needs the headphones to help with balance and hearing.

3. Mavis' face markings are actually based on Electabuzz and Electivire.

4. Mavis has a tendency to shock people when she's nervous or afraid. This is due to the electrical sacs in her body, she has one sac in each hand.

5. Speaking of her electrical sacs, she hates being tickled. She uses her stored electricity to her advantage to keep predators away.

6. Her scarf is a present from her mother who knits. She was so ecstatic that she was accepted as a recruit for the Space Base, her mother knitted that scarf especially for her.

7. Mavis is quite intelligent compared to most people. She's been able to fix most robots, she's created a mode of personal transportation, and is at the top of the recruitment academic charts.

8. Mavis has big ambitions, she really wants to be an engineer or a Space Base Captain.


My new account is :iconspacebase-betelgeuse:

Watch my new account if you wish.


Omega-Elec's Profile Picture
Mega Man's Trash Woman
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Prepare yourself for a mountain of OC's and lots of Art not even relating to them.

Sometimes Fakemon are better than real Pokemon. But what do I know, I've played Pokemon all my life!

There's lots of things I need to stop doing, but then again, why stop and be normal, huh?


"Love isn't something you find, its something that finds you."
"Then I must be fucking Waldo." ~IFunny

"Honestly, I could REALLY care less about your problems at the time because I HAVE MY OWN FUCKING PROBLEMS TO WORRY ABOUT." ~My Sub-Conscious

"Really. Yeah, does it look like I give a shit?" ~Me

"Tell you the truth bro, you'd wanna stay away from people like me. We're what you "normal" people call "different." I've been discriminated by you and your strange species. And now you want to be friends?! No, no thanks. I have my own group of friends and they accept me for who I am. Now go, GO THE FUCK AWAY." ~My input on life.

"The reason that I seem to be sad or emotionless all the time is because my emotions are fractured and broken. If you can find a way to get them back to normal, well some of my problems would be fixed. But lets face it, my emotions have been played, fooled and other crap. Good Luck trying to fix them." ~Me

"Try again! If all that fails, at least fail with a nap." ~Bubz (mah twin)

"Perhaps you should try again. FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT OF THE INTERNET!!!!!" ~Bubz

"There's somethings you never grow out of. Somethings include: Pokemon, The Internet, Video Games and your own stupidity." ~Me

"Wait, hold on, my train of thought just hit a cow." ~Me

"Whatever this "Normal" thing is, look else where, I'm far from it." ~Me

Stamp: Please do not RP with my Characters by Boltonartist <-- all I ask if you RP with me

Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Slow interwebz by prosaix Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino Nintendo Fan Stamp I by darkdisciple-stamps Fanart stamp by katthekat Fakemon 4 Fun by JESGRAD07 I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Drawing in math class stamp by lizabey Wishful Thinking by whispwill Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Character Stamp by Arpie Gamer Stamp animated by TheHylianHaunter Voices Stamp by TheHylianHaunter Art Block Stamp by Khrinx Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx Disconnected Rage Stamp by Khrinx TV Crap Stamp by Khrinx Sports Fail with Bowser by Metadream Mythbusters, Adam Savage Quote by orian-stamps And now for Something Stampy by turkeycreaux This is How I Feel by Mr-Stamp : Team : by KarolinaNoumenon:thumb117859739::thumb117962119::thumb177578153: Procrastinator by fear-the-brilliance Saturday by fear-the-brilliance my dream job by digiNinA Echo, echo, echo. by Snuf-Stamps Stamp_MK_Death if I win, death if I lose by Chivi-chivik Sarcasm Stamp I by darkdisciple-stamps Echo, echo, echo. by Snuf-Stamps:thumb70980953: Where To? by odindesign I'm a Quiet Person -Stamp- by Zaper3095 Stamp_It IS an art style by Chivi-chivik FOOOOOOOD by stampsnstuff

I'll be back, I'm making more characters and making more fan art.



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I've seen bits and pieces and I know what movie you're talking about.
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