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Dragon Ball Z Commission - OC Lettusa by ghenny-illustrations
Dragon Ball Z Commission - Gothic Clover OC by ghenny-illustrations
Super Saiyan Blue by AubreiPrince
Future Trunks Arc - T Shirt Design by ghenny-illustrations
DBZ me and goku and piccolo by gukassj32014
Yesterday me and Goku ,piccolo happy new year 202 by gukassj32014
Blue DBS by HelvecioBNF
Goku Super Saiyajin 3 by arbiter720
Super Saiyajin 2 Vegeta by arbiter720
Vegeta Super Saiyajin Blue by arbiter720
Vegeta SSJ4 vs Broly LSSJ3 (DB Deliverance) by AlphaDBZ
Vegeta Super Saiyajin Blue [Evolution] by arbiter720
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Dragon Ball GT: A New Era Chapter 38Gohan took Vurke home. At the door a boy around her age was waiting for her. "Hey, Vurke. How did your date with that Pow kid go?" He asked. "Leave me alone, Vuro." "What did I say?" Vuro asked. Vurke went inside. Gohan went to Goten's house to tell Valese the bad news. Chi-Chi was there too. "Hey, mom." Gohan said. "Hey, Gohan." Valese opened the door and let them both in. Gohan told them about Pow dying. They both started crying. "I can't believe my little boy is dead." Valese said. Gohan hugged her and then hugged Chi-Chi. Trunks fought Sprout for a little bit. Goten tried to get up, but couldn't. "I've failed you, Pow." Goten thought to himself. Pow heard that. "Is something wrong, Pow?" Goku asked. "I just heard my dad say he failed me." Pow said. Pow put his head down. "I wish there was a way for me to stop Sprout now." Suddenly, the Dragon Balls in Goku's body started glowing. He then put his hand on Pow's head. "Now you know how to use the Spirit Bomb." Goku said. "Thanks, grandpa." "You're welcome." "I'm sorry to take the easy way out, but I've got to stop Sprout." "Don't be so hard on yourself, Pow. When I was a kid I couldn't even turn Super Saiyan." "Really?" "Yeah, really. I had to defeat villains the old fashion way." Goku then looked at Pow's clothes. "I'm also giving you a new outfit." Goku used his powers to change Pow's outfit to one that looked like Goku's orange gi. "Wow, thanks." "No problem." Goku then put his hand out and Pow's orange bandana appeared. "Can't forget about this." Pow put it on. "Will I ever see you again." "That I can't really answer." "Okay." Goku put his hand up and Pow started glowing. Suddenly, his halo disappeared. "You're alive again." Pow smiled. "How can I ever repay you." "You don't have to repay me. I wanted to train you." "Okay." "Oh, and those clothes will grow with you. You can sort of say they're magical." "That's awesome!" I thought you would like that. I have one more thing to tell you." "What is it, grandpa?" "I'm Kami now." "Wow, that's awesome!" "I promise that the Dragon Balls will return someday." "I'm looking forward to it." Sprout was fighting Trunks and ended up knocking him on the ground. He walked up to Goten. "Looks like it's time to finish you off." Sprout said. "Hey, Sprout!" Vegeta yelled. "What?" Sprout asked. "Did you forget about me?" "I guess I'll fight you too." Vegeta then turned Super Saiyan 5. "What is that?" "Super Saiyan 5." "Super Saiyan 5? I didn't know there was more than one level of it." Vegeta smiled and they started fighting. Pow showed up and healed Goten and Trunks while Vegeta and Sprout were fighting. "Pow, you're alive." Goten then hugged Pow. "I was dead, but Grandpa Goku brought me back." Goten smiled. "I'm glad you're back." "Is it okay if I tell Vurke I'm okay. I promise I'll be right back." "Yeah, that's fine. You might want to tell your uncle too." "Thanks, dad." Pow flew away and went to Vurke's house. Vurke saw him through a window and rand outside. "You're okay!" She said excitedly. "I'll explain everything later." Pow said. Vuro walked out. "Hey, Pow. I'm Vurke's twin brother Vuro." "Nice to meet you." They shook hands. Pow then went to his house. Valese, Chi-Chi, and Gohan were happy to see him alive. "You had us worried, Gohan." Chi-Chi said. "No, I really was dead. Grandpa Goku brought me back." Pow said. "Are you feeling okay, Pow?" Valese asked. "I'm fine. I have to help dad and the others." "You can't leave. What if you get killed this time?'" Valese said. "I have to." Pow then ran outside and flew away. Gohan followed him. "Do you think Goku really brought him back to life?" Valese asked. "Stranger things have happened." Chi-Chi said....

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mirai Trunks DBS Redesign by HelvecioBNF
Trunks grows up to be swords man by NickNinja02
blue boiii by dbz-senpai
SSG Trunks by NyaTanni
SANGOHAN by Dragoon-Rekka
Gohan Future (ssj2) 001 by diegoku92
gohan future (UI) 001 by diegoku92
Gohan ssj2 003 by diegoku92
Goten Mystic 001 by diegoku92
Goten Ssj2 001 by diegoku92
Goten Ssj 001 by diegoku92
Goten kamehameha 002 by diegoku92
Majin Buu
Multiverse Buu / Boo Bra Absorb Lineart Farbig by WallpaperZero
Buuble Gum by NickNinja02
Majin Buu - Hit Absorbed by AlphaDBZ
Kid Buu by SerpentKS
Bad Guys
Chaos Janemba by venjix5
Moro by arbiter720
Jiren by arbiter720
Towa Redone by Son-Niku
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Beerus by arbiter720
Ethernet Vignettes by darkchapel666
Bulma Stiff by darkchapel666
SSJ3 Gotenks (DBZ) by Africa2000
Ultimate shenron ritual card by NickNinja02
Ronin DBA by HelvecioBNF
Kefla Super Saiyajin 4 Limit Breaker by gonzalossj3
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Bran DBA by HelvecioBNF
Funny characters
Arale 51 by darkchapel666
Dragon Ball GT
DBGT goku tumbs up by NickNinja02
Dragon Ball Z
Kaos Theory by darkchapel666
Dragon Ball
Monchhichi by darkchapel666

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Showtime? by Nega-arts
Hit's counter by DinBenZo
Dragon Ball Super: Broly- Lineart by Anorkius-TheNERX
Goku vs krillin by NickNinja02
TMNT-DB by joshdancato
Isaac Kale Kiss by SuperSaiyanI9000
Death Battle ~ Sora VS Nappa by 4xEyes1987
HappyHalloween From Raditz J.R by Nintendoisforme
Saiyans and Great Apes
SuperSaiyans 2 by DarkVoid700
Death Note Crossover by RobertoVile
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YO DBZ 2013
Dragon Ball Super
Beerus and Whis
Dragon Ball Multiverse

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Hello Omega Dragon Ball Z Members! I'd like to Officially Announce that I have Added three New Folders to the Group
Dragon Ball Super, in honor of the New Series, Beerus and Whis, Also in Honor of the Recent Movies/Series, And Dragon Ball Multiverse For any one who is a Fan of the Web Comic. And if there is any New Folders you'd like to be added to the Group Just Let me Know! And Lastly I'd Like to Wish everyone A Happy New Year!
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