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Quilling pendants

Three paper quilling pendants
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10/2500 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
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Great pendants!  I really like your choice of colors, and the designs.  They look very sturdy and durable.
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Thank you so much :)
Elendrya's avatar
Very special! Congratulations!
Love the pendants! Not easy doing tight rolls!
ChristyReserva's avatar
These are so sweet!!!! Is this still paper or some other type??? (don't know much about quilling except how they "roll" XD )
OmbryB's avatar
Hi, thank you :) I used normal 80g/m2 paper sheets
Kasyblack's avatar
Looks interesting.
What did you cover it with?
Or is that a trade secret?
OmbryB's avatar
I covered the pendants with a glossy water varnish for decoupage
RoseThornGirl's avatar
What did u do to varnish it?
OmbryB's avatar
I use a brilliant water-varnish for decoupage
RoseThornGirl's avatar
Danka, merci, arigato, gracias
galacticpink's avatar
Ooh, do you sell these anywhere?
OmbryB's avatar
Not now but you can look my e-shop on Etsy. Probably in January I will update the shop with these pendants :)
OmbryB's avatar
Thank you ^_^
angelzsong's avatar
Beautiful I love the purpleish one! :)
zvrn's avatar
This is awesome, it look just like vector circles!...What did you use to make it glossy?
OmbryB's avatar
Thank you :) I used a water-varnish for decoupage
zvrn's avatar
NP. Thanks for responding. :D
JRollendz's avatar
How do you do the circles with multiple colors? Do you glue the strips together before rolling them?
OmbryB's avatar
No, I roll the first one, then i glue the second strip, the third strip etc.
JRollendz's avatar
Oh, ok. So you don't use the tool after making the first one, and just roll the others with your hands? I haven't gotten a tool yet, so I'm not sure what they're capable of. I've been using a toothpick.
OmbryB's avatar
I don't use tools, only my hands :)
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