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Haha. Fail story. I'm running on four hours of sleep, so that's why this sucks. Herpaderp.

Anyway, a gift type thinger for :iconblack-and-friends:. I wanted to write the conversation between Arti and Elesa where they made up. For this comic: [link]

Oh, and Arti is Burgh for those of you that don't know his Japanese name.

I hope it's not too OOC for how they act in the comic. I fail at writing other people's characters :c

I tried to include the names the best I could and I know I failed. This is probably serious mood whiplash as well. It's probably overly sappy when it should've been a shouting match. :c

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spagoogs-universe's avatar
gif type thinger lol
Mystia-Katsuragi's avatar
YEAH I like this pairing owo
artist-black's avatar
Interesting take :y

It's RuPaul, like the drag queen;;
Ombreon's avatar
I couldn't remember since I'd been running on like less than six hours of sleep when I wrote this. >>;
SaitoKeita's avatar
cute~!! I laughed at how they made up in the comic, but this is good too.
Ombreon's avatar
I'm Mrs. Srsface, so this was how I envisioned it. I can't write comedy very well.
SaitoKeita's avatar
you did better than I would...I was having issues trying to actually picture the "bitch"/"whore" scenario. You gave them a good atmosphere <3
Ombreon's avatar
Thanks <3 I was kind of having issues writing because I was tired, but I think for running on little sleep, I did all right.
:iconmoemoekyunplz: Whoo random xD
SaitoKeita's avatar
yay, random~ <3
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