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August 19, 2017
The one who greeted the death as an old friend by ombobon is a touching and emotional piece
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The one who greeted the death as an old friend

"Death searched for the youngest brother as years passed but never succeeded. It was only when the third brother reached a great age, he took off the Cloak of Invisibility and gave it to his son. Greeting Death as an old friend, they departed this life as equals."

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Beautiful, I love the lighting and textures :)
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OMG! I love it so much... such amazing color and detail ❤️❤️❤️
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Wow, I love the color contrast in the clouds!!
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This is gorgeous! I love the symbolism in it
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It's beautifully drawn, but why share messages of accepting death, when our Creator is offering life?
It's so sad that many have rejected learning the truth about God, and assume lies instead. Of course many misguided "Christians" have taught false things too. 
People reduce the phenomenon of their existence to so little, to something random, and think they are better, smarter for it...
But if you really take the time to learn, and not take everything for granted, you will realize there is much more to life than this, there is an amazing truth
that people are replacing with the lies of a broken and corrupt world. We know this world is corrupt, we know the men running the country, the world, are liars. We know
even the things we are taught in mandated schools are skewed to one belief. 
But there is more to life outside of these boxes, it's not new age, hippy, or conspiracy theory, but reality.
But imagine you are in the Matrix.... no matter how much those outside might try to tell you differently, you will see them as crazy unless you take the steps
to learn the real truth too... if you are tired of holding onto things that only lead to death.
This broken time is temporary for a reason, and even if you are unaware of how things are playing out according to God's word, it is reaching it's climax before it all comes to an end.
God wants to save all, but it's our freedom of choice of what we want more.... Do we want a broken world more, or life?
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It's not a death message, just Harry Potter fanart.
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Right, but the message is one of death.
Romanticizing death in a "fictional" way, is still in reality promoting it.
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Awesome speech. I may not have a religion, but I totally agree that God has bigger plans for ALL of us, and that we should all we can to live our lives to the fullest.
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If you believe in god, that's religion.
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Oh hey, I'm glad you found it positive :)
What I would say though to you about God is... that while it's good that you are considering that God exists and has bigger plans,
it's important to realize what those plans are.
Because this time right now, it's not about "living life to the fullest"...
Even many "Christians" are mistaken about this, and seek to live a happy "Christian" lifestyle.... They seek success and happiness during this time, and while we should enjoy certain things, that is not what this time is about.
Without more information though, everyone just decides random things about what this time is about...
For those who don't believe in God at all, it really is about getting the most happiness before you die...

However, Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the life, NO ONE comes to the Father, except through him...
So, while every path will lead to God in the end, there is only one path that leads to salvation.  And when we know the truth, and have accepted salvation, then we are to preach it everywhere too, even in the face of a world that wants to reject you and hate you for it because they're still blinded by so many things.
Jesus didn't come to bring peace, but division, between what is true and false, and what leads to life and what leads to death.
And I could share a ton of things to prove that the bible is true, but it won't help anything, if you may have decided to disregard it.
There are many things called "religions" simply because people rejected God and went their own ways. Even Jewish people went their own way, rejecting the Messiah they've been waiting for.
God loves us, so he did give us plenty of information to know what is going on, to know what his plans for us are... and how to be prepared for what is happening now and what is to come shortly...
If we do not look to God and put our trust in what he has revealed to us, then we will be blind to the deception, as we are swept along with it with everyone else who never took the time to look to God for the truth.
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Oh,so that's what you meant. Awesome.
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He. There was supposed to be a do between should and all. Misspellings, amy I right.XD
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Congrats on the DD! Love this!
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