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Donkey Kong Country Returns

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EDIT: Now Diddy´s here too!

A fanart of the next DK´s game, Donkey Kong Country Returns! I wasn´t waiting for a new game of this classic saga, so I´ts been a big sourprise for me when Nintendo showed it on the E3 conference.

Hope you like it!
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I'm playing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze right now. I love these stages. They are so mesmerizing. This is a beautiful piece!

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One of my favorite levels in the game. Not only that, but has one the best songs in the series, besides stickerbrush symphony.
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That was beautiful and amazing !!!  
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haha awesome! (I totally played this level today)
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I love that stage!
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Oh what a joy
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Hey. Would it be okay if I used this the background for my main title in an upcoming YouTube video with about 40 minutes of Donkey Kong remixes? Don't worry, I will credit you, and I also will post a link here when I'm done. Just search up "Jac0Frost0" or "s0c01da116utz31dav1d" and you'll find my other videos. 
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Yeah sure, you can use it! thanks!!
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Very cool!! Keep the good work!!
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This picture strikes a cord in my heart. Beautifully done I must say. Well done :)
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I want play this game ^^
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i like the game
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this level is what inspired me to get working on my own level and game art designing for animation projects. you did a wonderful job capturing the bright reds and oranges from the level. Very good color combinations for the various layers.

Fantastic work.
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Thanks so much! I´d like to see your works!
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I really like the artstyle of this :D
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Wow, amazing art you've got here !
I'm doing Let's Plays, and I'm planing to do a Donkey Kong one, can I use this for my videos, please ?
Of course, I'll give you credits and I'll link your deviant page in the descriptions of my content.
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Ok, do it if you want! And send me a link to watch it!
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I haven't played this game yet. Mostly because I don't have a Wii... :[
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