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Made this skin while i was bored, i felt like i wanted new and i like to make my own stuff since i have in mind what it sohuld be, it was inspirted by a website layout i am doing. Hope you enjoy and its easy on the eyes and not bulky.

Notes: *Uses same origin shellstyles*

Includes vertical and normal taskbars, 3 taskbar types and small font substyles or normal tahoma 8 which is default; Also slim shellstyles full and compact start panels, and custom colorization support... Y'Z Dock backgrounds can be found [link]

Any comments on it would be greatly appreciated :)
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:ahoy: este archivo contiene un Virus llamado: Oversized.Zip :threaten:
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Very stylish, and calm. I really enjoy this!
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this is super cool!
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OMG I love this!!!!! The only beef that I have is that it's for WB... do you think you can convert it to a shell for those of use without Wb? That would freaking rock because I would def use this! Awsome!
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Thanks, but i wont personally convert it, and no one has asked to do the job :-/
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that means I'll just have to find some one to do it then :D - but thanks!
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:) this is totally awesome skin. want a msstyle port badly.

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This is a FABULOUS theme....the classiest I have seen, to be honest. I love it :)
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wow, this is a really nice skin. i'm going to try it out when i get home. i'm not too sure i like those thick beveled outlines on all the dialog boxes, though. well see :)
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those borders arent part of the skin...
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ok, i've tried it and i decided. this is one really pretty skin. i'm going to use it! :)
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ohh, ok, i'm about to try it, i'll let you know what i think :)
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Excellent work, nice to see a minimal WB in the sea of chunky over-the-top skins. :+fav: :)
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You need windowblinds, and then open the .wba file from zip, and use it, the white boarders are fake to make people focus on them and the wallpaper is from but since i cant find it i uploaded here: [link]
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and that wallpaper is too good which you have in your screenshot can you provide that wallpaper
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what iz that trasparent shape with every windows in your screenshot iz it any other effect or you did just for screen shot or....
at the total itz nice skin can you tell me that that transparent shape also with this skin............
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if i knew how to use this, i SO would. but i don't. so i'm going to stare at it and think it real pretty.
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That is awesome, just downloaded it, and I think I'll have to fav it!
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Excellent looking theme. Temps me to go back to the world of WB.
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err... sorry bout the ^ empty post.

anyway.. SPLENDID theme, i love its minimal beauty with a very polished look and usability is excellent.

dunno why DA has seemingly missed this completely, but i grabbed this from customize a while ago, and a neowin post led me here so i have to post!

people get this theme! it convinced me to download windowsblinds!
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i got this from customize, and i just saw the link from neowin... how come everyone missed this?

this is a FANTASTIC theme... it's so smooth and minimal, actually convinced me to install windowsblinds. was worth it for sure =)

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