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Marina VS

Here it is, the VS version of the fantastic Windowblinds skin "Marina" by Koop. This is as close to the original as msstyle permits. It features 3 start menu variations, 7 colour themes to choose from and 3 font variations.

+ Original WB skin @ [link]
+ Matching YZ dock backgrounds @ [link]
+ Additional Start Logos @ [link] (if you know how to mod and make the TGA into PNG's)
+ Wallpaper Set @ [link]
+ Winamp Skins @ [link]
+ White Visual Style @ [link]

Port done by Matt0 @ [link]
Thanks for making this possible

Adding it to Favorites greatly apreciated (+Fav) :D

Update: Major stuff updated :) everything fixed, dont forget to reinstall some fonts.

*The file is a self extracting RAR, therefore it's an EXE
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I like this a lot and more so the colors! Thank you!
thanks for share
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i agree about the zip or rar- people for the most part are just uncomfortable with self extracting exe. Anyway- beautiful VS- and i really like to download the wallpaper pack but the link is broken (it takes you to that grey "file not found" page.) Do you mind looking into what's wrong there so i can get the beautiful wallpaper to go with the VS? thanks much :boing:
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It's really nice, however I would like to ask you what icons did you use in the Start Menu? They are very compatable with this theme.
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I used it on this work [link] , of course you're credited, thanks very much for your work :hug:
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been using this since release and still love it
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amazing VS, nothing more needs to be said
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nice VS. very clean. I like it a lot
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hey how to use the additional icons in the non window blind version ?? thx in advance
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The buttons in the title bars are a bit too small for my taste. Other than that: Well done!
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ooooooo VS version just what i needed since i got rid of WB +fav
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Hey, looks nice, but how do i install this style? What tool is needed? :)
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argh dude i wish this had a roll up feature. I would use the WB one but i just hate that it has no restart button built into the skin.
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Dont take my ignorance personaly, but im having some trouble installing this... I dl'ed the .exe, and i installed it, but the skin doesnt show up neither in style xp, or the display properties of windows. I am doing something wrong?
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but where do i get the start menu icons from !!!?!??
he he he. . .. . . . the rest is gooooooood
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The icons are part of the Alienware Suite. Love this skin though, im using the black version right now.
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where can i get these icons youre using?
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do you have a zip version? for some reason the exe isn't doing anything for me. pm me if so
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I've been looking for something like this for ages..! It's unbelievably hard to find a good looking VS style that boasts such a range of different colours. My desktop looks really good now, thanks to you :)
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simply beautiful ;) *tear...sniff*
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