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Based the whole theme on light, the whole idea in the concept of “How can you see?”, the word foton comes from ancient greek, meaning light particle, all the mixes of colors generate white, therefore why the theme is mostly white, and the black comes from absence of light.

It consists in a beautiful white and black style with futuristic look and small pixel usage in your screen, perfect for designers and such, everything was done and worked pixel by pixel and some slight gradients were applied to it to help it create a solid and very attractive theme.

+ MsStyle Port @ [link]
+ Antimatter @ [link]
+ Winamp @ [link]
+ Additional Start Logos @ [link]
+ Matching Y'Z Background @ [link]
+ Wallpapers @ [link]
+ Samurize Config @ [link]
+ ObjectBar @ [link]
+ Rainlendar @ [link]
+ Trillian @ [link]

Don't forget to check out the FAQ in the readme before asking for bugs! or read about firefox [link]

Please comment and add it to favorites (+Fav) :)
© 2005 - 2021 OmART
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Aha~~U know what~~“FOTON” is also the name of a great AUTO company that i am serving.Thanks for your work!
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from where do i down load this theme
AltaSilvaPuer's avatar
Love it and can't wait to put it in my shortlist of preferred blinds!
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Great! This is one really well thought out and well executed design. Congratulations!
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Wow... this is one really well thought out and well executed design. Congratulations!
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When did there is a black version? :p
(sorry for my english x) )
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thanks anyway.. :D
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man.. I couldn't download the foton's start logos..
it said the file not found..

would you mind if u give me another link..?
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ive been trying to install the horizontal shellstyle for this skin and ive been doing what it tells me in the faqs 'install to foton directory in windowblinds' but i just can't seem to get it to work. Is there some program i need? it works for glitch but not for the clueless?
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I can't seem to get this to work with Windowsblinds. I bought it just so i could use foton in it. What must I do to get it to work?
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It keeps screwing up for me, the styles there and everything, like the small fonts for example but nothing sleek, it just looks like a smaller default version o.o
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it's very nice
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I love it!!!

I'm not quite sure whether this is the right place to ask but I used this skin on windowsblind and I decided to change the skin to a white one but since this skin required white text, I can't see any of the texts on windows... for example I can't see the text of the file names or I can't see the text I'm typing right now and i want to change the font color to black... does anybody know how to do this?
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Look`s wonderfull, great Job.
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very good. I like it.
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Very nice!

I iwould like to give you a greek advice:

Try to replace φοτον with φωτον (which is the correct spelling) :)

p.s. I hope you can see the characters!
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Well, this is quite a good looking Visual Style, just remains a few bugs there.

Styled scrollbar will disappear on "Add/Remove program" window and middle seperator at normal explorer windows. The scrollbar will go off.
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Well, it's quite a good visual style, just minor bugs there. :D

Styled scrollbar would disappear on "Add/Remove programs" windows and Left side "Common Task" (middle seperator) at normal Explorer windows.
OmART's avatar
That's common with windowblinds...
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This is a great theme! Superb!
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just thought i'd let you know that its a "photon" of light, not "foton". i do physics, so i know the correct spelling and stuff.
i'm not attacking, just trying to be helpful. i also dont expect you to change the name (i quite like it that way), but i just thought it would be something you can remember for future reference.

oh, and its a very good WB skin. love it ^_^
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It's photon in spanish
phoenix-v02's avatar
oh kool. thats all kool ^_^
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