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Delta VS

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Accurately Port from my own design with:
// 3 font variations
// 2 Start Buttons
// Full & Compact
// 3 Types of Shellstyles

:star: Take a look at Tour.htm {Inside *.Zip} and read!

:flame: Original Windowblinds @ [link]
:flame: Styler Toolbar @ [link]
:flame: Objectbar @ [link]
:flame: Rainlendar @ [link]
:flame: Wallpapers @ [link]
:flame: MSN Messenger Skin [in Progress]
:flame: Winamp Classic [in Progress]

To use with >> [link]
Appreciation and comments are greatly welcome :)
*Modules only work for windowblind version

Wallpaper: It Will Rain Again >> [link]
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Realy its great work Hug
Dj-Maz's avatar
awesome concept !
ficod's avatar
Delta is great!

A really unique shellstyle, my compliments...
However, do you allow releasing mods? I'd like to have bigger titlebars and buttons and different fonts choice.

kim-beLIEve's avatar
the link to the wallpaper didn't there anyway i can get it?
qizemli's avatar
awesome work bro
Loli-Battle-Machine's avatar
I love it, but is anyone else getting that firefox error where all the buttons are spaced out badly?
YalovaLee's avatar
Hi, very good gallery ;)
MissPride's avatar
Still my favorite VS. Have you decided not to release the Winamp skin for this VS? I was really looking forward to completing the look of my desktop with it.
Detron's avatar
awsome dude! can you please make it run with Windowsblinds?
roQuish's avatar
this is great :)
vlady2Cope's avatar
I love it!
awesome work!
MegaMechZX's avatar
wow!! I love this theme!
Great work =D
moritz90's avatar
Wow, very nice work, I love your Skins.

What are the Icons you use on your screenshot?
Dizaztor's avatar
amazing artwork my friend!
shemgwapo's avatar
fix the wallpaper link please >_<
Babyfac3's avatar
One Question...Where Can I get that wallpaper pls????????????
adryan's avatar
muy bueno !!
Sal101's avatar
Mathii's avatar
BEATIFUL! Using ur styler toolbar, VS and foobar2k buttons

BlooH's avatar
I love this theme! Only a slight problem, does anyone know how to fix it? Image below.

OmART's avatar
That's a limitation on MsStyles, since this is a port of the windowblinds, That's as close as I could get it :|
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