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So I have been getting a lot of notes asking me for these brushes :)

Here they are for you to download and use as freely as you want!

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Ack I should have said thank you before I used this!! I've been using the tip of this brush with a slightly different engine for a long time, and I like how soft it makes my art look. Thank you for making this!!
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I have to say thank you before I use this :) 
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I'm having trouble downloading/uploading them to firealpaca. Usually you go to new bitmap brush and open up the file once you unzip it, but it's not working?

I'm using firealpaca btw~ is it even compatible?
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I'm nt sure if it is compatible or not D: I made them in photoshop, so they should work only on photoshop (my guess)
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se ven muy buenas las probare gracias man
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:D glad you like them!
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I am going to have to try this!
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tsss muy agradecido, señor don Omarito :3
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hasta que descubri como chingados subir el zip xD
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