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self portrait. lately I have been playing with the rendering and trying to make it look like 3D.

let me know what do you think :)

and don't forget to visit my FB page
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TheSphinxThinks's avatar
Amazing! Really looks 3D.
omarito's avatar
hahahahaha thanks :D
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I saw the thumbnail, and I actually thought it was 3D.
haha so amazing work. You look like a really smiley person ! :D
omarito's avatar
I'm always smiling hahaha I'm a very positive guy who thinks everything is possible hahahaha
suiatsea's avatar
Eso es genial ^^  felicitaciones, no mucha gente logra ser de esa manera !
Walyco's avatar
It sure look like 3D and that's impressive. I also love the textures ! And it's sooo cute :) 
omarito's avatar
Thanks hahaa it was the point xD but if you zoom in enough you can se the brushstrokes hahaha. thanks a lot!
AngHuiQing's avatar
It's really adorable! And although it looks rather 3D (especially the face) I like how it has some organic painterly textures like with the hair. :)
omarito's avatar
hahahaha It was just because I'm to lazy to render it all the way through hahahaha but I think It end pretty good :p
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permanentlow's avatar
OMG You are very cute Heart 
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el Pshrawmar D:

vato, ya dominas el 3d bien cabrón y sin un sólo polígono! o:
omarito's avatar
ya tu sabe jajajaja
lcill's avatar
It looks so cute! XD
IVbenjamin's avatar
Your style is gettin cuter!
omarito's avatar
I know right? is like.... let's do Disney stuff!
SalamanderArt's avatar
Loving this! Great work my friend!
omarito's avatar
SpectorKnight's avatar
Good one. The coloring almost makes it look 3D. I think you look a lot like a hobbit. :D
omarito's avatar
I'm a hobbit actually xD 
ArsonDadko's avatar
Looking pretty effing good! Love the texture on the hair :)
omarito's avatar
thanks :3 that was actually the most... challenging part and I didn't like it that much at the end, but I think it serves its purpose
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