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"We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?" and Albright replied "we think the price is worth it."

Madeleine Albright may have thought it was worth it but I would ask the very people that have lost everything for the price of black gold 'Oil'

A war that was never about 'operation freedom' it was never about giving people freedom otherwise why put them under sanctions for so long that it was said 1 in 5 children died at birth because of the lack of food, why would you bomb milk factories? electricity? foot supply chairs? destroy a country once had perfect education systems, health systems, agricultural systems... Look at it now, look at what you did to it? look at what state the people are in with poverty, illiteracy, orphans, graveyards everywhere! look at the current political power and how corrupt they are... This artwork is for the Iraqi children who lost their childhood to war
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