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Wario Daisy Shipping 01

By Omar-Dogan
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Yeah, I know this is going to ruffle some feathers.  Here's the back story on this : I tell my daughters bedtime stories that are made up on the spot. Numerous times we ship Mario characters in odd combos. Many a time Daisy ends up marrying Wario, poor Luigi couldn't get it together in time. Daisy is a bit impetuous and doesn't like a pushover, Wario is a man's man with the muscle , success , and is not afraid to break wind when and where he will.

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WileECoyote-GeniusHobbyist Traditional Artist

The virgin Luigi vs the CHAD WARIO!

gaaraxel-13's avatar
Man, you made me ship them... Damn you
TomboyJessie13's avatar
TomboyJessie13Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Luigi :-( 
lonerpx's avatar
damn wario looks like my uncle

Congo303's avatar
Congo303Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah he looks like my uncle t- ..... Holy crap. 
WoodenDollie's avatar
WoodenDollieHobbyist Traditional Artist
I get Popeye and Bluto vibes from this.
nickolaseu's avatar
nickolaseuHobbyist Traditional Artist
sad wuigi
IDK6400's avatar
I am amazed that this was done on paper no joke
thekiwiitree's avatar
thekiwiitreeHobbyist Traditional Artist
PLEAS3 PLEASE PLEASE do more daisy and peach <3
Ignition44's avatar
Its always the sweetest guys who get cucked, hopefully Booette will be of assistance
Daddybiscuit's avatar
DaddybiscuitStudent Artist
Poor luigi :(
Chapstickxx's avatar
ChapstickxxStudent Artist
i love your art 
also poor luigi XD
Rebokdaisy's avatar
I feel like one fart by Wario Daisy is out of their? Wario must be garlic fasting?
Rebokdaisy's avatar
I don’t know how I didn’t see this relationship coming? But in Mario golf toadstool tour Wario spanks his butt saying he’s hot stuff vs Mario strikers Daisy touching her butt with her finger saying she is hot stuff. Awesome drawing by the way and I can’t help but feel sorry for poor Luigi missing out on hot cocoa with marshmallows.
MarianoGoldheart's avatar
MarianoGoldheartHobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Luigi. By the way, amazing drawing!
RegularMarioGalaxy12's avatar
RegularMarioGalaxy12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I simply prefer LuigixDaisy, but I like how you drew Daisy :thumbsup:
LuigiKittyKat's avatar
LuigiKittyKatHobbyist General Artist
Wario and Daisy? That's a first. Awesome artwork, btw!
CaptainPrower's avatar
Wario can't help it if he's a pimp.
GranTheAn's avatar
GranTheAnHobbyist Digital Artist
wario and daisy are both gay and you know it
nintendogamerdude13's avatar
nintendogamerdude13Student Traditional Artist
Woah, awesome art! Now I ship these two. XD
LadySionis's avatar
LadySionis Writer
whoa....not that i stare at this...wario and daisy are kinda cute. :D
Starbonsai's avatar
Wario looks cute for once what
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