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For the folks here, please follow me on @omardogan1976 on Instagram for the latest! I only post there and answer messages there!

I have sketchbooks and all sorts of goodies occasionally on my site but you have to be patient! Join the email list!

Thank you for all your comments on my work throughout the years!!

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this is really really good drawing

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So nice to have you back!

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Excited to see you posting again!

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beautiful fun piece

Burhenn63's avatar

Her uvula is defying gravity. LOL. Very cool pic though, thanks for sharing. I don't go to Instagram though.

lyaksandra's avatar

I don't know why I find it erotic when mouths are drawn in such detail, outside, and even more so inside. I'll show myself out now. xD

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Started following you on Insta, but glad to see you posting here again.

DarkerEve's avatar

Woaa long time no see in these waters XD, awesome work as always.

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This is really cool and well done! Wow!

TheHatboxGhost84's avatar

glad to see you pop back on here

mxrxtopher123's avatar
I so love that expression on her face, Toga himiko?
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