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Sakura Legends Tribute 2

This is my SF Tribute piece, i decided to make it for Sakura Legends Tribute in my case.

The idea is towards celebrating the very random nature of the series. In this scene we have Sakura with Kei (presumably) walking in a shopping district somewhere in Tokyo when all of a sudden all of her advesaries decide to show up at the same time!

R Mika just happens to be there too. I wanted very much to add Rival schools characters but since this was a Street Fighter Tribute, we weren't allowed to do any onther characters !

This is another print i will have available for sale at cons coming up this summer in 2008. It is limited to 200 prints.

BW : 2H Pencil, and then Inked with Micron 005 pen
Colours: Corel Photopaint 8
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Sakura sighs: "No movie tonight."
Good stuff Omar!;)
Zzewen's avatar
Dan jumpin' top of there :)
Candy-Meow's avatar
Amazing details, great work~ :iconkawaiipinkukokoroplz:
quinmchale's avatar
Who cares about fighting when you're eating pocky?
Jaikoooojung's avatar
I love it!! very cool!!!
WingedDivinity's avatar
lol at Zangief madly bursting through :P and Sakura's just not minding any of this at all haha
otaking3582's avatar
Sakura, you should look at what's in front of ya........
Sakura: Not now, I'm eating my Pocky!
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Once again. An epic picture has the scene stolen by Dan.

First I'm drawn to Sakura and I'm like "oh yay! Sakura! Shes one of my favorites! She looks cute in casual wea- OMG ZANGEIF IS TOTALLY BUSTING THROUGH A WALL- WHAT!!? DAN HIBIKI!?!? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?!?! BEING AMAZING OBVIOUSLY!! WHY ISNT THIS WHOLE SHOT FRAMED AROUND HIM!?!?"
Bigmass1's avatar
so awesome now i want to be able to rock colors like that in my pics so awesome
Thrythlind's avatar
Sakura is a girly version of Ryu....underneath all the naivete is a fully accredited blood knight
Estonius's avatar
Very cool and cute. I particularly dig Sakura's expression and Zangief busting through the scene.
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shimoyaki's avatar
I love this!
Sakura is my fav sf/rs character
indescriptible super bien tu dibujo !!!!!!!
JuicyBean's avatar
So awesome! I'm glad I got the last print evarrrr from the Calgary Comic Expo! Thanks so much!!! She's hanging with care in a nice little frame! ^_^
bartix64's avatar
in soviet russia people are not on the ground, ground is on people!
this looks really epic
HTAdiktusAriel's avatar
Yeah a Rival School character would be a great add to this too! XP

Hinata and Natsu are Sakura's friends too in the series! Though I like this, cause Mika's gonna help her and beat them! XD
p3rsh1ng's avatar
She haz pocky :dummy:
SaMuRai-YaTTaRo's avatar
Never fear! Dan Hibiki is he-- *POW*
shushuwafflez's avatar
I'm so glad I got the print at Anime Evolution last year. It's my fav!!
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