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Sakura Legends Cover 3

Sakura Legends cover 3, man, this cover took some time. I was at UDON HQ in Toronto working on this. Erik was just laying into me to come up with a better pose, better composition etc etc. I had to go for a walk i was getting so frustrated, but once the rough was layed out it was smooth sailing.
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oh ,nice !! :wow: Go,go Sakura :XD: :love:
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love the pose,i love those "clash" poses were each of the fighters are clashing so to it
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The similarities between the girls and Ryu and
Ken can't be coincedence, Karin's super rich,
and Ken is rich too, Sakura is a not quite
innocent girl-of the -world, Ryu is a well traveled soul and definately worldly, I don't
believe Sakura is rich what i know of her,
The old sterotype: Poor kid/Rich kid "Natural
Enemies!" comes to mind. At any rate this is
a great work OD! My moneys on Sakura, She'll
beat Karin eventually, Sakuras still in training.
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Well the big difference is that Ryu and Ken are best of friends and their rivalry is more of a friendly competition. Karin and Sakura cannot STAND each other. More so Karin has a beef with Sakura. So their rivalry has a lot more heat behind it.
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I'll have to find out just what that
beef is between them, Course with a
snooty butt like Karin, anyone who
doesn't have as much money as she does won't get anything but the sight of her ass going down the street!
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i Made a Base Out Of This: [link]
If You Don't Want It Up Let Me Know :aww:
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Great dynamics! <3
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Dude. This is my fiance's favorite card from UFS. He adores the artwork and how you rendered the characters.


Also, sorry about a comment on a relatively old piece of {excellent} work. I was wandering through =Rikyo's journal and remembered.

You're my favorite artist from Udon Crew too <3
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thanks a lot for that!
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Cool i like! ^_^b
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WOW !!!!!!!!!!

Karin is my favorite character, I should like to see, as she has beaten Sakura!
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oh ho man this amazing
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Hehe I really hope I'm not the only one to think those two resemble the relationship between Ryu and Ken, even if it is a slight resemblance. I'm serious, it's like Sakura is the female version of Ryu, while Karin is the female version of Ken. Kicks ass, that it does.
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Ooo... Karin's hair... very nice :clap:
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you are awsome!!! me encantaria aprender a hacer algo como asi

Ohh sensei!!

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Lovely StreetFighter art, very nicely done.
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Wow, i love the work over the Karin`s hair, what a details!!
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Haha o wow! I just happen to stumble on your page and see that your a Street fighter artist, an official one at that! Sakura and Karin are one of my favorite rival sets. You've done great justice to this set.
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I saw it in a PSM cover!
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Heh, I dont even think i have seen it in PSM. Which issue?

My first ever published work was in PSM back in 1998, it was a fanart of Karin.
AuraRinoa's avatar
I'll look for it.
But it was too many times ago... in the frontpage of the magazine.
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