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SF School

I did this sketch at the last NY Comic Con in March 2006. it started out as just sketch and then I had the notion to take it to the next level. Usually Con sketches stay just that, sketches.

This was done for the SF Devotion Website, it might still be there if you look. I enjoyed this piece, it reminded me of on particular pic that was in one of the Capcom Art books.

Karin is a punk, and yes I know her outfit is supposed to be red, but it made more sense that the two girls wore the same uniform for this pic.
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Chun-Li-sensei is NOT happy.

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Professor Li is not pleased.
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Weird I would have expected it to be the other way around 🤔 but very funny 😆 
Gooaba's avatar
That Teacher is going to beat that other girl's ass
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Actually, Karin's early design was almost going to be exactly like Sakura's, just with her own gloves and shoes. But i can't think of a logical reason why school students would have different colored uniforms if they were in the same year lol
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Watch out it's Ms. Chun-li!
ViniciusTheVile's avatar
Don't be a cheater, Karin. Honest competition is everything in life.
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Is Karin's Uniform supposed to be red?
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better watch out karin because chun li will ko you with her lightning kick move :3
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You do not wanna get caught cheating on this teacher's watch. Cause she's a whole new meaning of "Kick-Ass Teacher".
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Chun-Li the home room teacher?...That sounds scary beyond words.
jaxhunin's avatar
-sees Chun-li enter the class- ......Nope! -leaves-
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Ya done goofed, Karin.
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Get the dunce cap ready cause the teacher looks PISSED!
Traumkratzer's avatar
Never cheat with that teacher.
Schoolgrades going down will close some doors.
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Well shit. Who knew Chun-Li can be a pretty tough school teacher.
Choflis-Sofi-770's avatar
The face of Chun Li reminds me of Satsuki Kiryuin for some reason...
StellarFairy's avatar
She's not supposed to cheat, so she's busted for that. XD
Nightmare-Nikki's avatar
Ms. Chun-li is not amused XD
TylerNarrator's avatar
Interpol School, I guess.
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